Saturday, December 27, 2008

Masonic Election (Admission) Notice

Came across this Lodge notice posted on the Liberal Mormon Blog, it was from the Freemason Applicant's Prospective Lodge Secretary, with his full name and signature, home, business and cell telephone numbers (that I have now removed). I find the use of the word 'elected' quite illuminating. Manipulative Flattery. Cultish Love Bombing. Wrap the member in a cocoon. Your New Brother. Your New Sister. Your New Masonic Family. You were in darkness but now you have the light. You are special. You are chosen. You are Elect and Elects Lead. Go forth in zeal Brother annointed. It goes a ways towards explaining some of the psychology behind the huge number of Masons who swarm into political life and government.

Also a day after linking to the six month old post the 'Mormon Liberal' removed the image and 'asked' that I remove the link to his blog. The Mormon Church doesn't approve of Freemasonry, does it? Even though the founder Freemason Joseph Smith ripped off Secret Masonic Ritual for the Mormon Temple's Secret 'Endowment' Ceremony, telling folks it had come from 'the Angel Moroni' and 'the Golden Plates' he found by dowsing and digging.

Freemasonry Leadership.


I know you have somehow linked my blog post that I was accepted into my local lodge on your lame website. Please remove it and stop sending people here to look at my blog. I am asking nicely.

Update 28.12.08

The Liberal Mormon Blogger has started a thread on a Mormon Board frequented by apparent Mormon Masons about his blog being linked to by Freemasonry Watch.

Update 31.12.08

I guess Brethren since I replaced the original direct link to your Bro.'s blog with this post you are now technically unlinked, or unblacklisted as he 'Masonicly' put it...

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