Friday, March 20, 2009

Barack Obama Secret Freemason Handshake on Tonight Show

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During the entrance, at 24:31, of his appearance on the March 19th NBC Tonight Show U.S. President and 'Prince Hall' Freemason Bro. Barack Obama exchanges a Masonic secret handshake with band leader Kevin Newbanks and moments later at 24:14 throws the coy Freemasonry secret recognition handsign employed by Sis. Sarah Palin & Sis. Laura Bush and more recently by Bro. Jay Leno.

At the end of the segment, at 00:07, while shaking Bro. Obama's hand Bro. Leno can be seen pressing the knuckle of Bro. Obama's index finger with his thumb, another secret Masonic 'Grip' method .

NBC hosted clip no longer working, clock times for this copy are different, masonic handshake/handsign 'events' still occur at entrance greetings and end of interview.


  1. this is insanity at it's utmost best sies!

  2. u ppl no dis is true just 2 stubborn 2 believe it

  3. Before you type nonsense, do your homework.

  4. everybody remeber this a brother knows another brother in the dark as well in the light so trust u all would not no a masonic handshake from a regular one with your naked eye. SO MOTE IT BE!!!! Sincerely another Bro!

  5. Thanks to people around the world like you, we end up getting fed with nonsense, speculation, and waste of time tit-bits. Do your research and reading before you post such nonsense.

  6. this world is coming to an end very soon

  7. that just looked like a normal quick hand shake to me.

  8. are you a mason because you happen to know alot about the secret handshakes and things of that nature..,

  9. dat man really is one ,also involved in implementing new world order

  10. the freemasons control the world its real you they know whats has been going on and whats gonna happen and they know its gonna be big and theyre ready..

  11. Both sets of my grandparents were freemason (men) or shriners (men or women plus my mother is a shriner)and on their bible is Satan's symbol even how they bring new members in the secret society their alter in in the symbol of Satanic purportions. But you can only be a freemason if by blood or adoptions and for a woman who is not within a freemason family she can be in the shrine by marriage.

  12. World War 3 will begin in 2012 but it won't b a war between countries, it will b war between the people & Nature. Soon nature will b viewed as being of the same importance as humans if not more important. The U.N. will call for every nation to combine as one governing body "The New World Order" will begin. All the signs r right in front of our faces everywhere but we choose not to see them.

  13. Freemasonry, how it influenced and changed my life and the people around me.

    When I turned 14 on 14-02-2004, my dad anonymous got involved with this cabin meetings they held randomly and he was away from home late nights and I did not know at the moment what was going on.

    Suddenly everything turned to gold whatever my father did was successful and we were financially very strong, stayed in the best areas biggest houses, drove the best cars, etc. I was enjoying the attention from all the kids at school and I was a popular boy, teachers adored me and even the headmaster became good friends with my parents.

    Everyone was waiting for my next big house party and always invited the best people and 100s of them to join my house parties. I started drinking on the age of 16 because my situation allowed it, alcohol was the cool thing to do and there were always alcohol at my house parties and I mingled with the higher grades at all schools in my area.

    At the age of 17 on my birthday my dad called me to his office in Portugal, bought me a ticket and made reservations to stay in the best hotels, eat at the best restaurants and entrance at all the VIP clubs. I thought that it was a vacation during school and that it was some Father and son time, but I was wrong.

    My father’s whole intention was to influence my decision on whether I accept freemasonry or not, and he clearly forced it down my throat without me knowing. I was living 2 lives at that time, the one life was me, all alone and sad not ever seeing my dad and when he returned home he thought that gifts and lots of money will solve everything. But I still wanted to spend some time with my dad and I did not care about the gifts, the money, the high life and the popularity. I just wanted my father to be there when I played rugby, to be there when I sang choir, to be there when I had debates and just to be there to talk to. But he was always too busy and his excuses was that he was making a better future for our family.

    On the age of 19 turning 20 I know the exact date and time, it was the 7th of July 2010 11pm – France, Paris... Family holiday. We were staying in the Hiltons and my father had a business meeting with some Arabians in the same restaurant, where we were having family time.
    I was miserable I wanted to spend this time with my dad and the rest of my family but he brought his work with him on our family holiday. I stood up, took my plate and threw it straight at the table where they were discussing business. I busted one Arabians head open with the plate and upset the whole restaurant but nothing happened to me, so I walked to the entrance and there was this huge window I guess it was about the size of a three story building and covered the whole front Entrance of the restaurant. I took a chair made from a heavy metal of some kind, and through it straight through the window. There was this silent awkward and uneasy feeling inside the restaurant, but still nothing happened to me, not even the manager of the restaurant did anything to solve the problem. People were screaming, children were crying and no one stood up and did anything. That s when I realised that my dad was high up in the freemason organisation... 28th degree.

  14. I then walked out of the restaurant climbed into a taxi and took off. My mother was trying to convince me not to go, but I just needed to get out of there. I disappeared for 2 days. I was sleeping in public bathrooms and eating leftovers in nearby restaurants. I hid from every policemen and odd looking people that could be bodyguards or inspectors of some kind.
    I was furious and never wanted to see my dad again, I attempted suicide 3 times during that family holiday... and every time there was this voice inside my head saying not to, that there was a bigger meaning in my life and that it is not the time to go yet.

    When some highly trained professional people found me after 2 days I was sitting in a restaurant awaiting them with nothing more than the clothes on my back. In that time that I disappeared I decided to change my life and that I want nothing to do with what my dad is involved in. I wanted them to find me so that I can begin my quest that I believe God sent me to do, to prevent this cultic organisation to take over the world.

    At the age of 21 I started joining this cabin (Lodges) meetings to see what was going on and how I can infiltrate their organisation. They say, know your friends but know your enemies better. I reached the 6th degree in freemasonry, when I had to go through the initiation of being reborn into their organisation where they tie you to a chair and shoot you with a revolver, blank bullets 5 times in the head. I sat through the whole thing.God was with me during that initiation, holding my hand and shared the pain of uneasiness and frustration, letting go. Just to know what this whole thing is all about so I can start my quest in bringing the house down.

    As the initiation commenced I blacked out and in this state I saw a demon like figure of some kind and a very bright light keeping “it” away from me. It’s as if Jesus the Archangel and his army were there to protect me against this demonic initiation.

    My life changed drastically as I stopped joining this cabin meetings, there was no money to pay for my studies anymore and I survived on the income I made at restaurants like Spur and Dros. Nothing was working out anymore, no one knew me anymore and my popularity disappeared down the drain. But I knew I had God on my side and he bared with me the pain and anger and frustration of not completing my degree and reaching success in my life without the help of this organisation. I know that I am never going to reach the success that I dreamt about when I was young because it will always be a never ending battle against this organisation. I will suffer the rest of my life just because I disagreed on this organisation’s cultic and demonic ways of taking over.

    I have not spoken to my dad in over a year and haven’t seen him in 6 months. He tried to contact me but I refused it. He said that if I ever struggle or anything he had opened an account in my name and all that, is mine in that account. I have not looked at that money and I haven’t had the urge to see what and how much it is. I will not use it to complete my degree or buy myself a house and a vehicle or anything. My flat is empty, I have only a job and that is why I am giving it my best to obtain the permanent position.

    I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me because I am actually starting to live the real life than some fake and meaningless overrated way of living.
    I do not want to use this story to get me into a permanent position anywhere and I do not want you to share this with anyone. I trust that you will respect my decisions and I believe that you will keep this to yourself.

    If God is with me, who can be against me?

    I hope you enjoyed the read, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    It is a growing army against Satan.

  15. I come to you with brotherly love, for those who are veil in darkness please don't profane the name of the craft for we are not the reason that problems exist.
    We are not bent on no world conquest or new world order, I understand the jealousy and curiosity but don't let it be the reason that you base your judgement on the craft.
    They are no different then, the fraternities/sororities and associations.
    Somethings are not meant to be known by prying eyes.

  16. Well, if a business man is discussing business in an orderly manner, and a spoilt brat is throwing tantrums in a restaurant, assaulting people and running off...pray tell, where/whom is the problem here? This fellow claims to be the 'normal' citizen...(is insanity the new normal?)...well then, society does need change.

  17. Are you aware that there are Freemasons for White as well as black? Without going completely off track has anyone checked into this?

    My husband is a Freemason & he confirmed that the handshake that Obama gave was indeed a handshake that a Freemason would make. (We are white, for what good that does us.)

    I have been trying to get hold of my b-i-l in NC b/c he quit the Freemasons as well as the Shriners. With the economy today the way it is, few of us can afford to pay dues to many Freemason Posts as well as the Shriner Post.

  18. I forgot to mention that my b-i-l quit the Freemasons & the Shriners b/c he felt as though they were taking in too many blacks. Being from NC, I believe this is b/c of him growing up there & being surrounded with blacks. Of course, down there they are not so polite to call the blacks. My husband has spent some time with him & his b-i-l would just as soon push a black man off the sidewalk into a street than walk around him. I know when my husband was in the Army & was stationed in Ft. Polk LA. He would hitchhike back to his hometown in IL & in several cases if he went into a restuarant in the some parts of the south, the resturant would have a line down the middle of it. One time he sat in an area which he felt he would get the best service in & was told that he was in the black or negro area & if he wanted to eat, then he should move to the other side of the restaurant. We both grew up in the same town & we have never had an preconceived ideas about blacks vs. whites. However, I guess down south, there are many folks who are very negative when it coems to black people.

  19. Sorry, I have to call BS on that one.

  20. You are a total nut bag.whoever you don't like is the's sad how little we've changed over the past thousand years.

  21. I have spent decades doing hyper-intense research into the ideological orrogins of, and men behind, hitler, stalin, mao, etc. This has led me to the most unbelievably obscure and excruciatingly detailed reports, books, etc., that one could ever begin to immagine. ALL ROADS lead to the Eastern religions, especially the one known as Freemasonry. British naval commander Wiliam Guy Carr revealed quite a bit about such things in his book Pawns in the Game, a book which has been validated by various intelligence agencies and people, including the head of British Naval Intelligence at the time. The amount of information that I have aquired on Freemasonry and their role in the rise of Nationalist Socialism (China, Germany 30s and 40s), Regionalist Socialism (European Union, Soviet Union, East Block), and Internationalist Socialism (UN)is beyond staggering. The average Mason is driven by emotion, not facts. The Masonic owned Media makes sure that even if Masons wanted to do such research, it is almost impossible to find unsencored information on such subjects.

  22. I am privy to somewhat sensitive information on this matter. Has anyone of you even bothered to mention the fact that Freemasonry is one of the biggest charitable organisations on the planet.People talk blindly of what they do not know. Some of Americas gretest leaders were Freemasons and they helped shape the world as a better place.

  23. They might be charitable, but it's only so other people will think they are doing good while actually they are not. It's also to attract more people to join their brotherhood. My cousin joined Freemasonry exactly because they are so "good and charitable".

  24. My fathers is a freemason 32 degree but is not rich or powerful. So it depends on the time,place, country and people associated.

  25. US Senate has passed the 'Obama Health Care' bill into law & the implementation would commence on 23/03/2013.This bill would require all Americans to be implanted with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip in order to access medical care. The device will be implanted on the forehead or on the arm.

    This is to fulfil the prophesy in the Book of Revelation 13:15-18 concerning the MARK OF THE BEAST! Are you still in doubt concerning the ENDTIME?

    GET READY! The rapture is near! Be prepared so you are not caught unawares.

    Live a good life, pray more, preach the GOSPEL to others and save souls.
    Revelations 13 is being played out right before us. Many are still unaware..

    (1) Why is the chip being implanted exactly where the Bible says it would be. Why on the hand and forehead. Why not anywhere else?

    (2) Why is it being connected to your bank account?

    Remember the Bible says you won't be able to buy or sell without the mark. And guess what ! The chip is connected to your financial details.. What breaks my heart the most, is that many people in the church will not make it if Jesus comes now. Many are unaware that the end is near.. Don't tell me that its a developed world process, technology or something fancy.
    If any area of your life is not in sync with God's word, its time to make a quick u-turn NOW.. Hell is not a pretty place..the worst part is that it is for eternity...please rather than post and forward Boko haram's devilish accomplishments, join me and sound the alarm. Send to everyone you know.. PLEASE play your part in this!!

  26. I don't know what to believe I just believe in myself

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