Friday, July 03, 2009

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone Freemason Handshake

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During the 2007-2008 U.S. and Australia Papal trips Bertone made Masonic Recognition Signs at the airport arrival ceremonies while standing immediately behind Pope Benedict, joining the Head of Vatican Security in his 'Shepard One' Airbus and Airport Tarmac Masonic Sign Show.

First Things: 28:19, 28:42, 29:08, 30:05, 30:11, 31:53, 33:22 & 33:33

Masters & Jesters: 43:07, 44:20 & 44:40

The most disturbing event connected to Bertone that the F.·.W.·. Blog has been able to observe during the short time he has spent as Vatican #2, after being appointed by Pope Benedict, must be however the 2007 St. Peter's Nativity Scene Scandal when under his authority and area of responsiblity as Secretary of State the Nativity Scene of Our Lord's birth was placed in Nazareth instead of Bethlehem - a stunning act of Anti-Christ - as every Christian knows and accepts the Gospel account of Jesus being born in Bethlehem in a manger, an event which is considered an important and necessary fulfillment of messianic biblical prophecy.

After the scandal broke in the Italian & Catholic Press the Pope ordered the official description of the Nativity Scene changed but the broken column, a symbol used widely in Freemasonry, remained on display as part of the Nazareth House Bethlehem Manger scene. (Note: Article with photographs again bizarrely claims that Mathew places birth of Jesus in Nazareth - it most certainly does not, Mathew clearly says Jesus was born in Bethlehem).

See also The Hans Kung X Files and St. Peter's Squared for an attempt at an accounting of some of the activity of the Masonic Network that has been seemingly bedeviling the heirarchy of the Catholic Church for over forty years - at least.


  1. That is NOT a masons handshake.

  2. You are a crazy person. I saw a toddler give my son this same handshake at daycare.

  3. what are u talking about! the guy whom bertone is shaking hand with is the Albanian president B.Topi

  4. You're a milkshake...

  5. Yes, the evil in the world is only in our very vivid imaginations

    Do not allow anyone to tell you the masons are a benevolent organization, They murdered Captian Morgan for revealing their secrets and claimed he had agreed to his death by his blood oath to the organization (which only proves he did reveal their secrets/rituals and furthermore, that they are satanic in nature, since they are willing to murder anyone in dissent).

    "When a brother reveals any of our great secrets, for instance, he tells anything about Boaz, or Tubalcain, or Jachin, or Mah-hah-bone, or even when a minister prays in the name of Jesus Christ in any of our assemblies, you must always hold yourself in readiness, if called upon, to cut his throat from ear to ear, pull out his tongue by the roots, and bury his body at the bottom of some lake or pond. Of course, all this must be done in secret, as it was in the case of Morgan, for both law and civilization are opposed to such barbarous crimes, but then, you know you must live up to your obligation, and so long as you have sworn to do it, by being very strict and obedient in the matter, you'll be free from sin.

    Such a wonder absolution of murder... don;t you think?


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