Sunday, February 25, 2018

Today I Learned: Freemasons Caught Trying to Blow Up Sears Tower in Chicago in 2006

CNN's Bro. Anderson Cooper's attempt to misdirect and cut off the report about Florida Freemasons involved in the Sears Tower Chicago Terrorist Plot in June 2006.

Sears Tower terror trial collapses

Dan Glaister in Los Angeles

Fri 14 Dec 2007

The trial of a group of alleged plotters who prosecutors said wanted to blow up Chicago's 110-storey Sears Tower collapsed yesterday after a jury found one defendant not guilty and failed to reach verdicts on the remaining six. The mistrial represents a setback for the Bush administration in its self-proclaimed war on terror, particularly its intention to crack down on homegrown terrorist suspects.

The jury in Miami found one defendant, Lyglenson Lemorin, not guilty of charges of conspiring to help foreign terrorist organisations including al-Qaida, and conspiring to blow up buildings and overthrow the US government.

Following nine days of deliberation the jury sent a third note to the judge on Thursday saying: "We believe no further progress can be made". After reading it in court, Judge Joan Lenard declared a mistrial.

Prosecutors said that they would seek to retrial the six defendants next year, with jury selection set for January 7.

The trial arose from the June 2006 arrests of the seven young men from the rundown Liberty City area of Miami. Prosecutors said the group boasted that it wanted to join al-Qaida on "a mission that would be as good or greater than 9/11"

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Donald Trump Secret Freemasons 'Grip' (Handshake) with Fox's Sean Hannity

Freemasons definitely do have a secret handshake but they won’t tell us what it is

8 Feb 2018

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