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Barack Obama a Freemason in Prince Hall Freemasonry say Message Board Masons

Barack Obama is he a member ?

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Barack Obama is indeed a 32nd degree Prince Hall Mason. This however is not a secret society, unlike Masonry's detractors would have you believe, in as much as Masonic buildings are CLEARLY marked, members readliy identify themselves with rings, bumper stickers, and lapel pins, I would hardly call the Masonic Fraternal Order , a secret society.

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reply posted on 5-3-2007 @ 02:56 PM by PrinceHall06

My source is having sat in open Lodge with Brother Obama.

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No better proof than experience..Is there?


  1. AF&AM does not hold to its members being a secret, call a Grand lodge, ask if a member is on this membership list, if HE is, they will tell you so ... PS lodges who admit women are not considered apart of the direct Masonic Lodges ...

  2. I smell a easedropper. I'm Prince Hall and Obama is NOT a mason. That is a fact.

    Princehall06....What lodge did he sit in on? The fact you made that statement makes you suspect.

    The burden of proof is on you.

  3. that isnt obama in the pic dumb.....

  4. "Barack Obama is indeed a 32nd degree Prince Hall mason."

    Proof that this is BS: there IS NO 32nd degree in Prince Hall. There are only 3 degrees in PH Masonry, since it's simply a counterpart to Blue Lodge Masonry which also has just 3 degrees. The 32nd degree only exists within the Scottish Rite; a separate matter entirely.

    And if Obama was a Mason, don't you think he'd want to let people know? After all, if you believe that there's some huge conspiracy of Masons to control the world, wouldn't "Brother Obama" making his status known have helped him get the votes of the 2 million US Masons? Considering he only won by 10 million votes, that would've been crucial.

    Your "source" is putting you on.

  5. I know some peolpe that are Freemasons

  6. Obama certainly shakes hands like a freemason, and his policies towards the 'Middle-East', seems to me he is Illuminati bought and paid for.

  7. Whoever wrote that 32nd degree is only through Scottish Rite obviously isn't a mason, and knows little about the organization. So commenting about Prince Hall is not credible either.

    1. in reply to anynymnous who wrote
      "Whoever wrote that 32nd degree is only through Scottish Rite obviously isn't a mason, and knows little about the organization. So commenting about Prince Hall is not credible either.'
      I AM a Mason, Subsitute Master at a Lodge in Edinburgh,SAcotland and I would say to you sir that YOU have no clue.
      IN Scotland the Blue Lodge actually confers 4 degrees with the Mark being an extension of the 2nd.
      Then you go into the Scottish rite when you join the Royal Arch.
      In England it's 3 degrees with the Mark being an appendant body as it the Arch.
      Princes Hall runs three degrees then it's off into either the Scottish rite route(4-33) or the York Rite Route(4-15) but with sub degrees and side orders offshooting those.
      It's hilarious when non masons shoot their mouths off at masons saying they don't know what they're talking about!..its a hoot!
      Bro A.G SM St Leonard's Newington 1283

  8. Brethren & Friends,
    Presiden Obama is not a Mason. He knows Masons and those who know him say that they would be honored to sign a Petition for him if he was to ask. If someone says they sat in a Masonic Lodge with him I think it would be best if that person identified himself as truly being a Mason. Masons are proud of their membership in this ancient and honorable fraternity. Politics aside, the man is our President and it would be an honor to know that he was a Mason. He is not though.
    Sincerely & Respectfully,
    Manny Blanco,PM
    Moreno Valley Masonic Lodge # 804
    Moreno Valley, CA
    Grand Lodge of California

    1. The PHA Grand Masters of IL, MD, VA, and D.C. have all said he is NOT nor has ever been a member of their Jurisdictions. Further, Pres. Obama himself has said he is not, but may consider petitioning for membership after he leaves the White House.

  9. Worshipful Christopher 32nd Grand Instructor Prince Hall AffiliatedThu Sep 03, 01:40:00 PM 2009

    President Obama is not a mason, and the so called signs that are being shown by the senator from Chicago are not signs at all. Its really ashame that people run their mouths about things that they know nothing about and assume. Some people just join to find out nothing, its no secret, why would you waste your money on joining, because it is expensive, and all you are going to do is nothing but be a member, who thought you knew something before getting in. Remember every politician is not a mason, every famous person is not a mason. Obama is not a mason, George Bush is not a mason, Bill Clinton was only Demolay, there are no members on the supreme court for a change. The last being Bro. Thurgood Marshall who was also an active 33rd degree mason in the scottish rite. Know your history before running your mouth.

  10. look maybe we should clarify our words. "mason" can refer to skull & bones, Demolay, etc. -- not just to "Freemasonry" proper. "builder fraternities, with aprons and handshakes, going back to templars, concerns with solomon's temple, all-seeing Eye, egyptian royalty, etc, etc. "MASONIC." the term can be used in a general sense. And do they not all come together at the top, anyway? Along with the Knights of Columbus & of Malta & on & on. "is" "isn't" -- please. almost all of these characters belong to one fraternity or another, and do they not all come together at the top. Obama flashes the horns like the rest of them. and talks the same gibberish rhetoric as the rest of them.

  11. Evidence? If so, this would place him in opposition to tyranny.

  12. I am a 3rd Generation Prince Hall Mason but it was not always so, before I became one I had the same criticisms and redundant claims that I hear people spouting out. First of all do you not remember why Satan was kicked out of heaven from the beginning, I was say that it is safe to assume that he covets Glory, there are satanic churches all over this nation- These groups are not hiding in secret societies so this notion that Masons are devil worshippers is unfounded. First of all because our organization is so vast we have a bit of everything just like you so called christians, we've got disloyal masons, disrespectful masons, Mason's that are of many political aspirations and influences there is no one brain washing doctrine for agendas within the Masons however I will say this because there's only so much that can be shared
    with none Masons and there are obviously on lookers in the house- the first Masons were noble men that feared being controlled by dominating imperialistic religous authorities.
    Well about Obama, I surely hopes he becomes a Prince Hall we would become a credit to this great organization. You know what I battle most being a PHA Mason, religous hypocrites- unlike the church thats full of people that put on presentations on Sunday Morning and live secret lives for the rest of the week Masons are however charged with living the principles and practicing the ones within our art, and My WM warned me that because we tend to be more respected than most men in society that it will steal away some of the thunder from the glory hogs in the religous world.
    And that they will preach against you, do bible studies about symbols in which they do not know the meaning and call you devil worshippers.
    Religous folk stop putting everyone in a hell you yourself did not build.............if God is the great builder of the world then he alone has the say on who enters hell and he can change it at will ...............if he is God, and he is.
    Christians..........advice........truly learn your bible and stop listening to sermons.
    Catholics..........the corruption of your religion where do we start.........
    Muslims...........dont even go there with
    You gentleman have a good day.

    proud Mason

    1. I.S.L.A.M. IT has become a real combersome task to accept the naught that has so readly become us as a nation of thoughtful individuals. Surly, like any and everything else we are going to find the good and the bad in anything. Man (humanity) is falsehood and truth strangly mixed and it should be taken as so. like the wheat and the chaffe.
      If President Obama is a Lustrious Prince Hall Freemason, so what!!! that's his business. My thoughts circumambulate the real reasons behind all this hoopla. I don't think these people (whom ever thy are) really care rather or not Mr. Obama is a Freemason more than they care about the fact that they lost the "WHITE" house to a person of Asiatic descent-let that truth be told!!!
      I have a very high respect for all members of such a loft organization such as the Prince Hall Freemasons. I have many family members that are adorned quite brightly.
      In closen, remember this. You can't call yourselves free if you still hold on to those misnomers that you were given years ago. A Freemason can't be a Negro, Black, Colored or Ethiopian. A real FREEMASON (FREE MA SON) has no title that shows him or her to still be subjugated to slavery.

  13. Hope your masonic world empire crumbles soon,i for one am going to try make any of you char. a hard time....

    1. Dear Sir,
      May I first say that anyone who would speak ill of an organization and not identify himself seems to have something to hide. You have been asked your identity numerous times to no avail. As a fact President Obama is not a Mason. I know a prominent Prince Hall in Illionois and his word is gold to me. He is my Brother and would never tell me something that is not true. Regardless of our political views it would be a plus for Masonry to say the President is a Mason. We cannot do so. Sincerely, Manuel Blanco, Chino Valley Masonic Lodge # 427, Chino California.

  14. arry said...
    look maybe we should clarify our words. "mason" can refer to skull & bones, Demolay, etc. -- not just to "Freemasonry" proper. "builder fraternities, with aprons and handshakes, going back to templars, concerns with solomon's temple, all-seeing Eye, egyptian royalty, etc, etc. "MASONIC."

    I am a master mason of Briensburg 401 F&AM briensburg KY and Reno Lodge 13 in Reno NV the lodge of leadership. I have to disagree with Larry due to the fact that not all fraternities are the same. Skull and crossbones has no affiliation at all with the freemasons. That would be like saying all college fraternities are one in the same, they are not and in no way connected. The demolay is a branch of masons for young chidren to teach them great morals and virtues. If it wasn't for the masonic organization this great country with all of it's liberties would have never came to be. We would still be paying taxes to the British and crucified for our beliefs, be they what they may. The prince hall masons I am not quite sure about. I am not one, but it is my understanding that the blacks were freemasons but had a disagreement with the fraternity years ago and decided to break off and form their own fraternity using the masons name and what have you. We gave them our blessing and even let them use our lodge to hold ceremonies. Eventually they were able to build their own lodges and break away completely. I may be wrong but that is the way I understand it. I would have to research this further to make a definite decision on this. Also, as far as I know whites and blacks can choose to join either lodge, it is their own discretion. If anyone has better knowledge please let me know for I am curious myself. As far as devil worshiping, that's retarded. I worship God and believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ whom is my lord and savior. I will not let the lords name be taken in vain if within my power to prevent it. To whoever would like to "try to make me char" I live in Reno NV if you can get the funds up to come and visit me, I welcome it. You obviously are misled by your fears and don't know how to face them. I will pray for your insecurities and hope you change your heart and also follow the teachings of Christ. God bless! Tim Payne 310 W. 11th St Reno NV


  16. What type of garbage is that, "The great architech of the world?" He is Jesus Christ the Righteous, The Holy One, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Great I AM, Jehovah Yewah, Our Lord and Savior. He is so much more than you are making Him out to be. That is what makes me question this society. He said in his Word, "If you be ashamed of me before man I will be ashamed of you before my Father, which is in heaven."

  17. PM KIng David # 151 Dallas Texas
    To all of us who are and claim to be Masons, have you forgotten your charge and you new name???
    Peace be unto you.
    Past Master
    Kenneth C. Portley
    MWPHGL of Texas

  18. The Grand Architect of the Universe is a better way of saying it. How you label it in your religion is your business, not mine. If your religion is not capable of answering your questions and is leaving you frustrated and confused about other religions than it is probably a good idea to look for another one. Good luck and bless you.

  19. Obama may not be a mason but have you ever noticed he's always surrounded my senior, white, balding men, chance are at least a few of them are.

  20. Aretha, seriously........I know the Jesus Club is like the new fad, it's the cool thing to do but what is it about calling God the Grand Architect of the World that indicates we are decreasing him in any of his Glory?
    God is older than time itself his name has changed according to the many cultures and peoples that have populated this earth:
    God can be called Architect amongst many things-do we not call him, the healer, provider, the comforter............etc???
    Then why could he not be called the builder: The Primary builder of this tender civilization we call earth.
    I mean praise Jesus saints, that's fine I do too, but don't be ignorant christians!!!!
    The Bible says study to shew thyself approved a workman that needeth not be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth:
    I find it absolutely amazing that these so called religous folks will go to any extreme to put down Masonry:
    Prince Hall gives young men a chance to learn leadership, learn a craft that will teach them and reward them for the rest of their lives: What do you do besides sit your fat butts on pews........enjoy the music, toss your head up in the air as if you look good or something, gossip, be messy, and put on your fake face for the preachers.
    In a society where damn near 1/3 of the black men of age are incarcerated or dead you've got something negative to say about an organization that promotes leaders amongst our people.
    Here's my advice:............ Some churches thrive on fear teaching, hell, damnation, carnality, repenting, etc, etc,.....
    and they hardly have anything to say about success!!!progress for the world in general. I believe that hell is going to be full of church folk if it is real............
    Meanwhile there's plenty of things to condem out there that are bad for our society!!!!!
    Do the world a favor and earn the air you're breathing and argue about something worth arguing about:
    Anway who cares if Obama was a Mason:
    What is he suppose to be........A backbiting, tongue talking on Sundays but lying and Gossiping on Monday Saint, A religous Jackass with no real principals- or A Dog and Pony show for the so called religous elite:
    (SMH).................and (LMAO)

    I Hail from where I was raised

  21. To you men who are saying that we can call God by any name that fits our religion you misunderstand Christianity. God is Jesus and there is not other. There are Christians who are Free Masons and these men must come out once they realize that they are part of a group that pays no alligiance to Jesus Christ. Romans 10:9-13 (King James Version)

    9That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

    We are either loyal to Jesus Christ alone or to a harlot. Free Masonry is a false religion simpy by it teachings. Once a person puts their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation they have come out of darkness and into the "Light".

    1. God is not just Jesus its obvious you dont know what you are talking about. In the beginning was the word, and the word was God.. Now the correct term to use would be Elohim, meaning the true God, strong one, SUPREME DEITY! But even this word is in plural form, indicating plentitude of power and majesty. The Holy Trinity. Get your knowledge up beforeyou knock any organization. If freasonry is truly helping open the minds of young men and women across our nation who am i to condem them?


  22. Obama is a Masonfrom which order I dont know but my sources coming from a worshipful Master mason.

  23. There is a lot of mis-information and spin going on. The importantant thing is the craftiness of the people. why do you have a phynx in your temples?
    What is eqypt always doing in your places?
    There is a lot of spin but you still cannot answer honestly. a lot of what you do and you try to discredit but you lie when you say you do not have certain handshakes. Fraternities just like other brotherhoods do the very same things. why do you lie? Why do you mis-inform. what benifit do you have mis-informing and tiki-tacking on specifics? why do you lie? Why be so secretive. why only certain people are entrusted with information. If you have nothing to hide why then does someone have to join to grow in the structure and be trustworthy? why have people been killed when they explain certain things? If you are 33 degree Mason you will better be able to explain those things. We simply have to look at any organizational structure as the people get higher up they get more compromising and corrupt. what makes this structure much more different than any other? when men have gotten all they wanted they want more power. what's with the grove and coven worship and secret rituals? I say I speak about these things because they are real. So before you try to lecture people on what your organization is get to know about your own organization. anybody that professes that they are good and have only done good well check them out to see if what they profess matches up. This country was founded on free masonry and it didn't come from Europe like you are saying but from eqypt so don't be fronting like it's european and don't lie either. enough with the mis-information. We will not buy into your lies anymore we will not listen to your soothsaying. Enough!

    1. If you researched you would knoe thst tge garden of Eden, the cradle of life was im modern day Africa.. The first four rivers mentioned in the Bible are in modern day Africa and whst we now know is the Middle East. Egypt is in the middle of all tht
      There first civilization were refered to as Cush later refered to as Cananites and Ethiopians witch means Dark faced people. Research your roots and cross referencw w the word. Dont be fooled by paganism.. Dont condem free masonry when you as a christian have been miss informed


  24. My question is if you want to worship any God then it is perfectly fine to worship the DEVIL. See you never say whether you worship HIM or not. All our oaths and all our pledges which as Christians we shouldn't do in the first place are to country and to God. but I ask again who is this GOD you speak of.
    You try to speak of a christians hypocrisy which I do not deny because there are many who are hypocritical but I ask again what do you believe in terms of GOD?
    Since anything goes with respect of who you worship that leaves procedures and processes left which without a knowledge of GOD amount to zip. You may say this is my opinion and rightly so because i speak from the paradigm of GOD first then everything else second. If you do not know who you serve and I ask again for you say He has many names and yet with all HIS name s why is not one of them LUCIFER? So you must be in some way specific as to who you serve secondly intelligent design would show forth an architect as you so coreectly said but then how does that matter if the Architect is but vaguely described and you know Him by many names and irregardless of your religion and background He is. For different religions and backgrounds have different ways to which this architect and creator did so create.
    Are you as eucomenical teaching pool the sum and bandwidth of doctrines and teachings into one common blob and concuct by your architectual design this new form of God from your own vain imaginings. How can you rebel against the Most High? Denying Him Himself in you? How can you rage against the Lord with your own understanding and those of the ancients before you. They have since the beginning of time raged against the most High and since then till now they have come and gone. Even the giants of men. so what makes you and your system believe that you can prevail against Him. Crowning yourself with another who neither has the power to resurrect or to save but only to divine and by devices deceive those who are simple. For none will escape the wrath of the Lord and though He is merciful and slow to anger yet His hand is extended still.

  25. Wow, what a discours on this blog.......... Here writes a freemason from The Netherlands, Europe. Why do you internally in the USA bicker over the membership of Barack Obama of the Freemasonry? If he truely is a member, then that is goodness for you all, as the moral standing of Freemasons is such that all efforts need to be directed to serve our community; to serve the creation of the Grand Architect of the Universe. How is the rest of this world going to accept the USA as a world power, as a leading country and a partner, if you internally are arguing over these type of matters. Accusing each other of being "power-collectors". Supporting each other sercretly with funds, votes, and whatever. You are creating your own conspiracy theory and are feeding it so it will catch fire seriously, untill it burns you up from the inside. Why don't you all start to work together as one nation, one country, one people? Or are those who are putting all these false rumors out there looking for the power themselves ...... ?
    Our universe is a complex yet extremely detailed clockwork, the world is a magnificent creation and is a simple part of this ever expanding space and time. Mankind is a piece of art on its own and unique from my perspective. Being only a small part of the Grand Work, yet we find ourselves so important......
    Lets join hands, be a global brotherhood of mankind, protect mankind wherever and for whatever threat there may be, lets join forces rightfully in protecting our planet (even if it is not for ourselves, let's protect it for future generations) and let us all listen to our hearts, where love starts and lets not listen to false interpretations of books that were translated too many times in a totally different era (with a lot of completely different philosofical behaviours behind them) to make any sense whatsoever in these modern times. Wake up!! JR.

  26. Only those of the highest degree of Freemasonry understand what is being said about the order.....the rest of you are lackeys who do not have the faintest idea of what you say.....Freemasonry is a secret society in every sence of the words....just look at the list of notables...Billy Graham, Robert Schuller, Winston Churchil, EVERY President of the U.S.A except Lincoln and Kennedy....heads of state, Kissinger, Alan Greenspan, The Rothschilds, The Rockefellers..the list is long, and the connotation is astounding....The United Nations is bringing the world together under one law, one economy, one religion, under the banner of the ENEMY....and who is at the helm? HIGH DEGREE FREEMASONS, JESUITS, ROMAN CATHOLICS, AND ILLUMINATI.....ALL CUT FROM THE SAME CLOTH, THE CLOTH OF INIQUITY. Study the King James will see in the book of Revelation what is at hand, and what is at stake, and the World Leaders, who are ALL in cahoots with one another, will lead the world to hell. Only one people will stand before God, those that keep his commandments, ALL of his Commandments, the ones in the KJ Bible, not the others that are changed, and have the testimony of Jesus....the Real Jesus, not the head of the Roman Catholic Church, will be able to stand before the Lord. The New Age yoga heads and spiritists and healers will beg for the mountains to fall down on them on that beautiful day, when Lord Jesus comes back for his faithful people. So do yourself a favor.....GET OUT OF BABYLON, STAY OUT OF CULTS LIKE FREEMASONS, GNOSTICS, SPIRITISM, ILLUMINATI, JESUITS, CATHOLICISM, AND THE NEW AGE CRAP!!!! Start to keep the Commandments of God, including the 4th Commandment, Remember the Seventh Day Sabbath!!! God Bless us all

  27. Obama é ou não é Maçon.....

  28. Helton - Betim - MG - BrazilWed Apr 21, 03:08:00 PM 2010

    Hello friends of America, after Barak Obama is or is not 32 degree Freemason.

  29. Stop the white genocide in South-Africa!! This problem is directly contributive of the communistic, humanistic, new world order orchastrated by the catholic regime who believe in the antichrist pope!! Organised by the free masons!
    The white people in South-Africa are being killed daily in great numbers!! The communists want to impliment the African Union directive which is the united states of africa! Whisch is a step in the plan for the new world order! We will not accept this as we belive that no one can go to the Father without going through Jesus Christ! We rebuke the globalism approach! We rebuke the forced communism! And we rebuke the new world order!!
    We are being killed as we oppose this ideal, and because there is no place for us in this african revolution to impliment the fourth leg in the worl unions!

  30. Most People really don't know that every President has to become a mason before they take office. Think about it. The people who are just dumb, then take a little while drink a beer, and just THINK.

  31. I am amazed at how those who know nothing about Freemasonry, so easily try to spout out false facts.
    I am also amazed at how many self proclaimed masons prove that they are not, by giving completely false information.

    It is far better the world to only think you a fool, than to open your mouth and prove them right.

  32. This is really good stuff..I wont pretend to know much, so I will be listening..later then maybe I will talk..

    But keep it way up...

  33. please leave catholics out of this cant u see that the greatest opponents of the freemasonsis the catholic church and still is,sabbath man or woman,remember that it was a convenant to be circumcised before u were to be numbered among the choosen in the old testerment,didnt that change,didnt the church change and waznt a requrirement anymore to be choosen,wasnt it replaced with the circumsision of the heart which is baptism,moving the sabbath to sunday is in the same order, the victory of the Christians was confirmrd on a sunday,since Christ came to fulfil the old testement,the old testement is now the root and the new testament is the fruit,so please,knw ur christian heritage and stop for a second on ur attacks on the catholic church and reason,only then will realise how wrong u have been.peace of Christ be with you.

  34. Brother Brian Miller - Wisconsin
    Upon my entrance I prayed to Jesus Christ my savior -- I took an oath to God the Supreme Architect of the Universe -- Was given a King James Bible to guide me through life -- All this was done in a Lodge dedicated to the Holy Saints John --- I am not a devil worshiper!! Nor was my Grandfather!! As to any other F&AM brother I would stand up til death comes to defend them and our moral teachings. I will not make condemming comments to anyone about what they are saying or doing for it is not my place unless it affects Myself or my family.

  35. Barack Obama is not a mason by any means. I met him once and asked him point blank if he was and the answer was no. I got the answer to that question straight from the horses debating it.

    1. You didn't ask me that question because I am a mason an if you ask me I would have told you yes

  36. thats because no one is allowed to talk about it. do you really think they would tell you if they were?! that's just like asking a murderer if they killed someone, what do you think their answer is going to be?

  37. My dad doesn't hide that he is a mason and if u ask him he will tell u that he is. I come from a family of masons my mom was even a rainbow as a teen. There is nothing evil about them. All I know is it's a lot to do with Solomon and what the knights Templars discovered. People need to stop making such a fuss.

  38. Dear Princehall06, Might you please show proof such as a Dues Card, Dues Receipt, Tyler's Register or Grand Lodge information that shows President Obama to be a Mason. Thank you in advance.

    Manny Blanco
    Chino Masonic Lodge # 427
    Chino, California
    Grand Lodge of California

  39. Lol speak on what you know Obama is a mason that ain't him in the pic there are 33 degrees an I can't speak on the rest

  40. This world is full of Mysteries

  41. BRO. Le'Roy L. Scott II A.K.A Bro. Morpheus ZILLAH 167 PHA13Thu Jun 07, 10:48:00 PM 2012

    Wow! It's quite amusing how one must use theory to protect, the efforts of complacency within oneself. What's sad is we live in an era of information. How hard is it to do research, whether it be through internet or taking the time to read a book. THE MOST HIGH, or THE GRAND ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE, made humankind to be equal. Yes, some four to five hundred years ago, we as Black Men from African heritage were enslaved. Now The United States of America Has A Black President! My Friend "FREE" starts within the MIND! As long as we, a "NATION of PEOPLE" think like slaves, then we are still proving Willie Lynch right! On another note,

    Remember you're a Mason
    When the pressures of recession
    Make us conentrate on greed
    Take heed, a worthy Mason
    Cares about another's needs
    Don't let pressures of the moment
    make your "OB" sway
    Stop & help a fallen BROTHER
    or another by the way
    What you give is like a bubble
    Whenever you assist, what it cost
    in time & trouble is, soon after,
    never missed
    Brother bear that "OB" you accepted on your knee
    It's in direct relation, To your own security
    Never hesitate, my brother SQUARE your actions now and say I'll remember , I'm a MASON and behave like that today
    With regards to human kindness and the "GOLDEN RULE"; I pray, I'll remember I'm a MASON and behave like behave like ONE today
    Author Unknown
    Thus explain
    We need not to attack one another dirctly or indirectly for we are one in the same
    PEACE & Greetings

    BRO. Le'Roy L. Scott II
    A.K.A Bro. Morpheus
    ZILLAH 167 PHA

  42. #1. If masons dont worship the devil(lucifer) why has so many former master masons come out and said by the end of your journey you will be tricked into leaving the religion you entered as and start worshiping lucifer the bearer of light?
    #2. Ive had plenty of masons tell me that obama is indeed a mason & plenty of PH masons tell me he is one of their brothers.
    #3. If obama isnt a mason, he sure acts the part. He is always caught wearing his masonic ring or the american flag pin with the squar & compass on it. Dont believe me? See it for yourself.... Its one thing believeing what these so called masons on here tell you. But hey secrets will be secrets. Heres the photos of obama acting like a mason which is frowned uo if your not one.

  43. Typical potty mouth... Devil worshipers, we in fact acknowledge GOD and all ceremonies refer to the Volume of the Sacred Law (this can be the Bible, Koran, Torah or the book of your faith

  44. I understand history. Seeing the history that allowed me to be free today as a black woman. And the history of PHA and PHO. I'm PHO...I chose to be PHO because of the works that are being done. The teachings of loving one another and maintaining sisterhood. The helpful hand during study meetings. The support we give each other when in need or anyone else that is in need. The strong prayer warriors we are. We come dressed in our uniformed (dresses/skirts) attire. The elders that help the younger women know their roles by being an example. I'm not saying PHA doesn't, but at that time they weren't. My great grand mother was PHA and so was my grandmother. It was my grandmother that said, "make your priority God's priority. Where He leads you is where your work shall be done". They greatest advice I was given so I chose PHO. We don't down anyone because of their past, no matter how they came about (at least, not my chapter). Hence why our history as black slave changed for the greater of our present and future. I'm okay with PHA not wanting to exchange conversation, as long as, they treat me with respect. What your lodge or chapter requires is what it requires. If your first priority is God where does treating people different because how they were established line up with His Word? Never the least, I have some great friends that are PHA, their chapters hold them accountable. My Chapter holds us accountable for our actions, as well. ' For every action there is a reaction.' That is all!! Have a Blessed Day!!!


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