Friday, October 02, 2009

Freemasonry Secret Sign & Signal Watch - The CBS Late Show

Bro. Letterman throws two Freemason 'cutsigns' in succession,
the first at 00:13 followed quickly by one at 00:15.

Later while making a reference to Bro. Obama's appearance
on that nights program Bro. Letterman will make the two handed
square & compass gesture at 03:33.

During the show intro can also be seen Paul Shaffer
and the CBS 'Orchestra' standing on steps between twin
globe & pillars, all three of which being used as
symbols in Freemasonry, while if you watch closely you
can observe one of the band members quickly 'cutting'
a masonic recognition handsign.

Link to CBS Late Show full episode clips

Rep. Alan 'die quickly' Grayson (D-FLA) & CNN's Joe (D-CNN) Johns Exchange Secret Freemason Handshakes On-Air

Secret Freemason 'Grip' Between Congressman Grayson and CNN Commentator Johns @ 00:32

(Doubleclick video for full screen)