Friday, October 02, 2009

Freemasonry Secret Sign & Signal Watch - The CBS Late Show

Bro. Letterman throws two Freemason 'cutsigns' in succession,
the first at 00:13 followed quickly by one at 00:15.

Later while making a reference to Bro. Obama's appearance
on that nights program Bro. Letterman will make the two handed
square & compass gesture at 03:33.

During the show intro can also be seen Paul Shaffer
and the CBS 'Orchestra' standing on steps between twin
globe & pillars, all three of which being used as
symbols in Freemasonry, while if you watch closely you
can observe one of the band members quickly 'cutting'
a masonic recognition handsign.

Link to CBS Late Show full episode clips


  1. your full of crap,

  2. Hey watch the New Jay Leno show, when he first starts his act, watch what he stands on. What does the symbol mean. It has a 10 on it, does it have to do with the local channels number?

  3. Hi,

    I am educating myself as to the Masonic influence over all forms of government and their push for the NWO.
    In doing so, I have also been curious about their handsigns and 'hidden' meanings of letters, words, numbers, etc.

    Therefore I watched your clip of Letterman hoping to learn something about the signs he uses as a Mason. But I did not see anything out of the ordinary at the times you mentioned for the above clip. Is there a chance the times are wrong? Or that this clip is different from the one you meant to post? Would you please review it again and make corrections (if there are any to make)?

    Either I'm really not seeing things like I should, or something is wrong here.

    Thank you,

    Kevin Ryan

  4. Firstly to anyone in the know of certain signs within Freemasonry it is quite obvious. But to anyone that is not, i ask you to look at the time 0:12-0:14 seconds. The "gesture" the Letterman does is very fast and unnatural. Ask yourself this... Is he really fixing his jacket? No he is not. This is Freemasonry symbolism. The symbolism used at the time of 3:25 - 3:30 is also a VERY unnatural hand gesture. Try it! See if you can do it? The middle and ring fingers are "Level" and "Parallel" to one another. This is symbolism that all masons are one and the same regardless of stature within the order. All masons are equal. Known as the "level"... A masons tool. The line (Joining the fingers beyond the knuckle) between the index and little finger represent the "square" in mason symbolism. If you cannot see this, you dont need to look harder, you just need to delve deeper into the secrets of this ancient, elitest, organisation.

    Feeding You The Truth. Just eat the right fruit

    True Pieces of Eden

  5. first of all he is doing absolutely nothing haha! if you want to know about freemasonry go by your local lodge and ask for a petition just like all who have come before did im a 32 degree and seeing nuts like you crack me up i love it! want to know what we do behind closed doors? drink scotch, smoke cigars, and talk...SECRETS OUT!!!!

  6. Please don't tell me that mere handsigns are bringing the world down.

  7. No wonder they are tearing the black man down, Tiger Woods that is, for having a few affairs on the side (and what girl wouldn't succumb to Tiger, the fine looking gent he is), and no one is breathing a word about Letterman repeatedly abusing his power and getting his way with subordinates. The funny looking geek getting all his subordinates to spread their legs for him or get the boot is I guess a non issue but a good looking black super star athlete succumbing to a few temptations along his way is a reason of slander and defamation of his character.

    As for all the posters attacking the op, I am sorry, but masonry is supposed to make good men better, not bitter and aggressive, if you think the op is pointing at a non issue just ignore him. To name call him a nut speaks volumes about you. And in any case you are going to be letting steam off in another closed doors meeting with brothers against the profane, why vent it out on this guy who is going solo? If he is a nut, then so be it, why all the hatred, he is not hurting you or your families by his conjectures.

  8. Ok the first one was him fixing his tie and the second is a very common gesture.

  9. He was adjusting his tie. Thats not a MASONIC sign.

  10. It's the pinkie finger. Watch the pinkie 00:13. And anyone you know who drinks with the pinkie outstretched, copy them for a laugh and see what happens. Hahaha... Courtesy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. :) But really, who gives a toss? Everyone is entitled to do what the want to, and follow whatever path they wish.. If you're that obsessed, join up and find out.... if they'll have you. lol.. Me personally, it's all a load of BS. I aint no freemason, never will be, and I'm doing just fine. I do like winding people up though. Freemason or not. Now there's a fun belief worth hanging on to. lol...


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