Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photo of Rapper Jay Z in Masonic Dress at Freemason Church Funeral Service?

(Click to Enlarge) This image was recently posted at the ATS Secret Societies Page, a discussion forum with a large number of resident 'e-masons'. A Freemason who appears to be Jay Z is sitting in the second row middle with his eyes looking at the photographer with a none-too-pleased to being photographed expression. The photograph appears to have been taken inside a Church during a Masonic Service of some kind, likely a masonic funeral ritual. The Masonic Membership of Jay Z has been a point of contention and discussion for some time due to certain gestures and phrases made by the rapper. Many Ministers no longer permit Masonic Ritual's to take place in their Church. Of course many Church's still find themselves under Masonic control through their council, who will usually try and hire a fellow Freemason as the Pastor. In secret of course. Additional: 2007 Article - Is Jay Z a Freemason?

Masonic 'Grand Entrance' Recognition 'Cutsigns' @ 00:15, 00:23, 00:27

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Freemason Ron Paul A Serious Contender in 2012?

Sis? Candy Crowley interviews Bro. Ron Paul (R-TX) on the CNN Sunday Morning Program 'State of the Union' June 5, 2011


The Duegard of the Master Mason alludes to the position of the hands when taking the oath of the Master Mason, "both hands resting on the Holy Bible, square, and compasses."

 G Encompassed


 Main Entry: encompass Part of Speech: verb Definition: surround, circumscribe Synonyms: beset, circle, compass, encircle, enclose, envelop, environ, gird, girdle, hem in, ring