Saturday, August 13, 2005


Welcome to the FW Blog

The Freemasonry Watch website has been on the net for a number of years and has grown to something like a thousand pages, and who knows how many linked articles.

We've had a number of guestbooks and discussion boards on free services over the years, most have been shut down after co ordinated complaint campaigns by Masons, who have also directed similar efforts against the website itself, sometimes to success but most often not.

It seems Masonry has had a hard time adapting to the 'new rules of the game' provided by the internet, which seems to have had a similar effect as the invention of the printing press, the tool 'Brother' William Morgan used to such grand effect, before the Masons of Western New York dumped him in chains on the bottom of the Niagara River.

Today we are in the era of the 'blog' although many net old timers prefer the discussion board format, which we have kept as well.

As far as I understand it a blog is a place where someone writes their thoughts about issues of the day and others post comments or link to it.

Perhaps commentary for this post, the first, could focus on what you think a blog is, how it should be used or run, etc..