Saturday, August 13, 2005


Welcome to the FW Blog

The Freemasonry Watch website has been on the net for a number of years and has grown to something like a thousand pages, and who knows how many linked articles.

We've had a number of guestbooks and discussion boards on free services over the years, most have been shut down after co ordinated complaint campaigns by Masons, who have also directed similar efforts against the website itself, sometimes to success but most often not.

It seems Masonry has had a hard time adapting to the 'new rules of the game' provided by the internet, which seems to have had a similar effect as the invention of the printing press, the tool 'Brother' William Morgan used to such grand effect, before the Masons of Western New York dumped him in chains on the bottom of the Niagara River.

Today we are in the era of the 'blog' although many net old timers prefer the discussion board format, which we have kept as well.

As far as I understand it a blog is a place where someone writes their thoughts about issues of the day and others post comments or link to it.

Perhaps commentary for this post, the first, could focus on what you think a blog is, how it should be used or run, etc..




  1. Here is where you may leave your comments

  2. Smart move FW, the blogs are the hot number today with millions of folks doing it as a way to express themselves in the control mainstream media....Will say something as time goes along..Congrats for taking it to new level as the brothers say....

  3. hurricane katrina hits new orleans? hmmm.... mardi gras and gay parades... the LORD does not always work in mysterious ways, sometimes they are obvious

  4. I am a Freemason and take offense to the lies laid out in your web site.

  5. How can you conduct a Freemasonry Watch? Who are they? If you have found a list somewhere, then what is the bible? A list of holy people that may or may not have existed that have been misinterpreted, manipulated, and used a a hood wink as to not alert religious commoners as to what extreme fundamentalists are trying to carry out to squelch our freedom. Freemasonry does not appear to me to be a religion. Organized religion is the root of all evil. Christians can't even define if Satan and Lucifer are one in the same. If this is not the land of satan, how did he have the authority to offer it to my personal "Lord and Savior" in the wilderness. I know God. I don't need some freak that simply regurgatates what he or she learned in Seminary. Find something to do that is Truly worthy of the teaching of "Christ". This site is full of hate and venom. I think Jesus was opposed to that, according to the Bible anyway. I have used the net for years. this is the most worthless site that I have ever encountered.

  6. I am a freemason and refute all the vindictive lies written on this site. Try doing something constructive with your life and let others live their. You obviously will never know the real meaning of freemasonry.

  7. This BLOG sucks. You never update it. Maybe its because hot air can not be typed!

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  9. Boy, these freemasons sure are overly sensitive. They're so secret they don't even have the balls to use a name other than ANONYMOUS. Kinda makes you wonder what they have under their aprons.

    Keep up the FW. The more you piss off these jackasses the better I like it.

  10. Is there not a part of our social world that Freemasonry has not sunk its slimy tentacles into? Even the Vatican at times has been invaded by this plague of mankind. To not consider Freemasonry a religion is absolute poppycock (what's the difference between a temple and a church). Hey Frat Boys...wake up and decide which master you serve!

  11. Thank you for your efforts! Freemasonry needs to be destroyed if humanity hopes to survive another 100 years.

  12. A church is a place to worship God.
    A masonic temple is a place to learn about the craft (no worship).

    You people honestly believe that Freemasonry will ruin the world? I can only shake my head in disbelief at how naive a lot of you are.

  13. I haven't seen many blogs. I think I will get one of my own...
    Anyhow, the one thing that really jumps out at me as I read through the comments (on this blog, and other web sites as well) is the anger spewing forth from the mouths of masons. But, I must say, it is refreshing to HEAR what masons from around the world have to say. Here, where I live, there are many, (I think) but they are very secretive,... very sneaky. I call them, "fall-downs".

  14. I would welcome a chance to tell someone the horrific details of the last year and a half of my life. I no longer believe in "coincidence".
    I have become fairly well read on the subject of Freemasonry and the Illuminate. Also, "chaos" magic.
    I dare not tell to the public, en masse, much, at least until I know how I can make my family safe. On the other hand, being "safe" might simply be a state of mind, or perhaps telling as many as will listen to my story, will be what keeps me and my family "safe". This town seems over run with masons, and no one seems to DARE do anything about it.
    L'il Bit O'fraid
    (I keep saying I'm gonna write a book; the only other one who tried that, was made to bear witness whilst her son was forced to perform fellatio to another man)

  15. Assuming that your understanding of Freemasonry is based on your approach to Christian Scripture, I can only shake my head in disbelief. If Freemasonry vanished from the face of the earth, folks like you would find some other group to rant about and be fearful of, for you have made fear and suspician part and partial of your particular "brand" of Christianity and your reason for being. You see Masons, Catholics, Jews, devils, libertarians, and God knows who else hiding behind every stone. Insecure in your faith, you lash out at others because it makes you feel strong and holy and righteous.

    The horrors inflicted on humankind by religious fanatics like you fly more in the face of the gentle teachings of Christ than do organizations like the Freemasons. Clean your own house. (At the end of time I know where I'll be. Look up and I'll give you a wave.)

    Nick Kirkeson


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