Sunday, December 18, 2005

E-M@sonry For The Uninitiated (Update 1)

It seems within a week of making the 'FW Blog' entry below
the 'Masters of the Craft' shut down TLR (The Lodge Room)
Discussion Board, the largest unofficial Masonic discussion
board on the net. As I indicated in the post below and will
briefly expand on here TLR had become the home of a group of
'e-M@sons' who have "terrorized" internet "anti's" for
the last few years. The group which consisted of U.S., U.K.
& Canadian zealous(hothead) Freemasons were run off a number
of Masonic and Non-Masonic Discussion Boards recently. The
admin at TLR had a brief posting before hotlinking to
another of his online masonic enterprise pages that described
his disgust at the behaviour of a number of Brethren
including the language and attacks against supposed 'brothers'
who disagreed with their tactics: 'The Lodge Room',
several of whom had been already banned from A.T.S. and
other Boards.

So what was the reaction of 'e-m@sonry' to having TLR shut
down? Did they take a moment to reflect, to change
their attitudes? Nope. The promptly resurrected a
discussion board off the previously banned and
shut-down site M.O.M.: 'The Lodgeroom U.K. Forum'
and continued on where they had left off before, after dismissing
the creator of TLR, who wrote in his announcement of
trying, and failing, to stop the extremist rhetoric by these same
individuals. The 'operator' of the new board is believed
to be closely associated with the late great 'Freemasonrywatchwatch',
an effort to slander and demean the noble efforts at this end
of the Masonic rainbow. It will be interesting to see what transpires
next, but the forum appears to be the new central hive of

On another matter there is now a group of a dozen or more Masons who have take residence at Wikipedia frantically deleting any and all entries related to the History, Teaching, and Rituals of Freemasonry that are not regurgitations of info found on dozens of Official Masonic websites . We've seen this sort of swarm activity by upset Masons before on the net, whether on alt.freemasonry or on many public 'conspiracy' or 'esoteric' discussion boards. It usually goes on for a while until the board operators or the public gets fed up with the Brethrens complete intolerance of viewpoints contrary to their own, and putting a stop to the
'encompassment', thereby digging the 'society with secrets' hole just a little deeper than it was before.

"They came on in the same old way and we stopped them in the same old way" – Duke of Wellington

Saturday, December 03, 2005

E-M@sonry For The Uninitiated

One in a series of periodic installments on some of the the current cyber enforcement doings by the self-appointed net-nannies of Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry.

A brief summary: was the old FW url they hijacked after bombarding the admins with complaints & was the url of M.A.S.O.N.(Masons Against Slanderous Offensive Nonsense)

The Website 'Freemasonrywatchwatch' has also disappeared. The M.O.M.(Ministry of Masons) discussion board which was associated with Freemasonrywatchwatch now also appears completely inactive and it's aggressive banner and mission statement have been removed.

However the operators of these projects appear to be currently active on Above Top Secret Discussion Board in the 'Secret Societies' section , and seem to be using 'The Lodge Room' group of boards 'The Lodgeroom Forum' which has an on again off again tyled policy in some of its section'(only open to posting and viewing by made Masons) as a base of operations.

Perhaps the Masters of the Craft determined that these 'ZEALOUS' Brothers were doing more harm than good to the reputation of the Fraternity.

The continual spamming of vulgarity filled posts to FW guestbooks and discussion forums and their twisted complaints to the same provider admins citing the posts they just made anonymously themselves, being one of the more noxious examples of their conduct.

Who knows exactly how many websites or forums which contained material related to freemasonry they disliked they succeeded in getting removed from the internet.

Or perhaps their efforts to 'silence the enemies of the craft' were deemed not sufficiently 'cunningly veiled' and the efforts continue still elsewhere in different forms?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Masonry on the Internet.