Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sis. Oprah's Personal Chef Cut's Secret Masonic Hand Signal To Avoid Getting Voted Off Top Chef 'Masters' TV Reality Show

Unfortunately the masonic producers edited out the more aggregious examples of Oprah's personal chef (two-handed downward hand sweep) from the posted clip.

e.g. @ 04:30 & 06:22

It seems one had to be a member of Freemasonry to get invited onto this program, with the possible exception of Mr. Bayless. You can view Masonic handsignals being employed by contestants throughout the program including the opening credits. Of course there are thousands of qualified non-mason 'master' chefs in the United States who have not been established as famous tv chefs. There are also thousands of qualified non-mason Journalists, Writers, Actors and Directors who have a much more difficult time of getting hired thanks to the Freemasonry Network operating inside the entertainment industry secretly giving preference to the careers of Masons.

Membership in something as sleezy as Freemasonry shouldn't be a qualification for anything.