Friday, December 09, 2011

Bro. Alan Alda - Refuses to Sign Autographs at Live with Bro. Regis Philbin and Kelly...No One is Surprised

Update 12/22/11: Years old posted YouTube clip of very grainy vcr copy of his 1986 appearance on Letterman where Bro. Alda makes two Masonic handsignals during entrance disappeared 3 days after making this belated Freemasonry 'observation'. Bro. Alda Thigh Pat Masonic Recognition Grand Entrance ('Cut Sign' @ 00:18, 00:23) Update 12/22/11: Not to worry Brethren, found another one of Bro. Alda to 'blow his cover' with. Also a bonus 'blown cover' of Bro. Craig Ferguson as this Freemason gives it up as well. Non-Mason comedien's looking for a full time gig on late night tv need not apply. Bro. Ferguson tie 'cutsign' @ 00:52 Bro. Alda shoulder pat @ 01:49 Bro. Alda thigh 'cutsign' @ 01:52 Bro. Alda lapel 'dueguard gesture' @ 01:57 & 01:59 Freemason Alan Alda, memorable actor, unforgettable comedian. Bro. Philbin Tie Sweep Masonic Recognition Grand Entrance ('Cut Sign' @ 00:10)