Saturday, December 27, 2008

Masonic Election (Admission) Notice

Came across this Lodge notice posted on the Liberal Mormon Blog, it was from the Freemason Applicant's Prospective Lodge Secretary, with his full name and signature, home, business and cell telephone numbers (that I have now removed). I find the use of the word 'elected' quite illuminating. Manipulative Flattery. Cultish Love Bombing. Wrap the member in a cocoon. Your New Brother. Your New Sister. Your New Masonic Family. You were in darkness but now you have the light. You are special. You are chosen. You are Elect and Elects Lead. Go forth in zeal Brother annointed. It goes a ways towards explaining some of the psychology behind the huge number of Masons who swarm into political life and government.

Also a day after linking to the six month old post the 'Mormon Liberal' removed the image and 'asked' that I remove the link to his blog. The Mormon Church doesn't approve of Freemasonry, does it? Even though the founder Freemason Joseph Smith ripped off Secret Masonic Ritual for the Mormon Temple's Secret 'Endowment' Ceremony, telling folks it had come from 'the Angel Moroni' and 'the Golden Plates' he found by dowsing and digging.

Freemasonry Leadership.


I know you have somehow linked my blog post that I was accepted into my local lodge on your lame website. Please remove it and stop sending people here to look at my blog. I am asking nicely.

Update 28.12.08

The Liberal Mormon Blogger has started a thread on a Mormon Board frequented by apparent Mormon Masons about his blog being linked to by Freemasonry Watch.

Update 31.12.08

I guess Brethren since I replaced the original direct link to your Bro.'s blog with this post you are now technically unlinked, or unblacklisted as he 'Masonicly' put it...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winston Churchill Quit Freemasonry Says Churchill Society

R.A.H.Morrow Esq
The Grand Secretary
United Lodge of England
Freemason's Hall
Gt Queen Street

Dear Mr Morrow

Thank you for at last replying to our letter dated 19th February 2004. We are much distressed that our original letter of February 19th has led to this deeply unhappy state of affairs.

To digress for a moment.

Last year we e mailed the librarian at Freemason Hall asking to see a copy of Churchill's resignation letter from the Freemasons. She replied that Freemasons Hall library had no records of Churchill's membership and it would have been unlikely for them to have been kept as he was little known at the youthful age he joined.

You now produce the Freemasons Members Journal No 3 dated 2002, the cover page of which is a blatant piece of cheap PR hack work using a life size image of Churchill's face in the late 1940's with him wearing a homburg hat and with the specious title: WINSTON CHURCHILL Public Statesman Private Mason.
Winston Churchill Freemason Magazine
The art work for this cover page was deliberately done to create the impression that Churchill was a Freemason in the 1930's and on through the war, when in fact he had publicly resigned from the Freemasons long before the First World War. The photograph of Churchill is one taken during the war and his homburg had clearly gives a fashion date from 1938 onwards.

The inclusion of Churchill's date of birth and death so prominently on your web site is again - we suspect - meant to imply that he was a lifelong freemason.

Both inferences are deliberately dishonest.

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pres. Czech Rep.: Climate Change a Vehicle For Global Government Advocates

Financial Post

Global warming: truth or propaganda?

June 13 2007

Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, argues in the Financial Times that ambitious environmentalism is the biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity.

Freedom, not climate, is at risk - Jun-13Mr Klaus writes that “global warming hysteria has become a prime example of the truth versus propaganda problem” and the issue “is more about social than natural sciences and more about man and his freedom than about tenths of a degree Celsius changes in average global temperature.”

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