Friday, February 12, 2010

Bilderberg member caught on tape making Freemason Recognition Sign

(00:10 - 01:59)

The Masonic Play is the thing.

This video was filmed outside the heavily secured Hotel in Ottawa, Canada at the 2006 Bilderburg meeting held in that city. The attendee conducts a deliberate and obviously pre-arranged belligerant masonic parade while continuously making a Freemason Recognition Sign 'covered' by the purposeless concealment of the event security tag around his neck, as the brother wasn't wearing a tie or suit jacket to 'straighten' for the performance.

As an additional point of information the individual who recorded and posted this on YouTube (double click video) also recorded and posted an incompetantly staged 'Difficult Questions' 'ambush' on Albert Pike's Moral's and Dogma outside a Freemason 'seminar' in Toronto. The individual(s) also posted a number of video's of close interaction with protesters at G-8 and NATO events in Ottawa and Montreal. It is possible that the poster(s) is not an undercover agent provacateur member(s) of the RCMP or CSIS Secret Police.

Note: The Bilderberg Group is founded and controlled by Freemasons who use it to influence policy and profit in a number of countries by recruiting new elite Freemason Members among Government, Media, Corporate and Masonic Royal Circles while furthering the careers of 'up and coming' Freemason Politicians and burnishing the c.v.'s and contacts of already established Freemason 'Leaders'.


  1. Have to agree w the previous hard evidence there. Seems to me to be just an old guy taking a stroll around a parking lot.

  2. I'm a mason and this video is a load of BS. There is no secret recognition sign of any kind.

  3. The "purposeless" concealment of his tag was not a cover. It was clearly windy out. If you have a loose flap of plastic dangling from a cord around your neck, would you let it flap in the wind or hold it down? The Hidden Hand is performed with the right hand. He's holding the security tag with his left.

  4. I've just come across this site. I have been a mason since 1976 and it's always seemed that all non-masons claim to have the knowledge of what free masonry is about and it's all so laughable. Please continue to keep us amused.


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