Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jay Leno Secret Masonic Handsign Watch

Brethren & Brethren Career Agency Watch

At 00:56 of this clip of the March 16 NBC Tonight Show monologue Bro. Jay Leno coyly throws, ala Sis. Sarah Palin & Sis. Laura Bush style, a secret Freemasonry Recognition Handsign.

Bro. Obama is a scheduled guest for Thursday, March 19th.


  1. The blind leading the blind, I love it.

  2. Blind? its you in the dark!

  3. bring up the confusing issues to people around the world....
    freemason definitely making people believe the lies as the true things....
    lets make people around the world band freemason!!!

  4. i dare say you all are blind

    we will not fall

  5. you will fall, when the true savior makes his second appearance. freemasons are doomed for blasphemy.


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