Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Michael Jackson Freemason Handsignals in 'You Rock My World' Video

Suit Button Fiddle & Lapel Hand Sweep @ 00:04, 00:06, 00:33, 00:49, 00:58 etc.


  1. We encourage your readers to become familiar with the first lawsuit, in Canada, claiming a Freemason Conspiracy to obstruct justice.


    Due to a little known law imported ot Canada when it was a colony called the Unlawful Scieities Act 1799 - Freemasony is now a criminal organization in Canada due to its non compliance with the mandatroy rteporting provisions of the Act that has been repeled in England but not in Canada.

    Two Canadian Judges are no implication in a conspiracy and the case is moving forward.


  2. In Hungary, our flourishing subject of Freemasonry. Nowadays, more and more books are issued. The latest pre-processed by the Trianon.


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