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Photo of Rapper Jay Z in Masonic Dress at Freemason Church Funeral Service?

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This image was recently posted at the ATS Secret Societies Page, a discussion forum with a large number of resident 'e-masons'. A Freemason who appears to be Jay Z is sitting in the second row middle with his eyes looking at the photographer with a none-too-pleased to being photographed expression.

The photograph appears to have been taken inside a Church during a Masonic Service of some kind, likely a masonic funeral ritual. The Masonic Membership of Jay Z has been a point of contention and discussion for some time due to certain gestures and phrases made by the rapper.

Many Ministers no longer permit Masonic Ritual's to take place in their Church. Of course many Church's still find themselves under Masonic control through their council, who will usually try and hire a fellow Freemason as the Pastor. In secret of course.


2007 Article - Is Jay Z a Freemason?

Masonic 'Grand Entrance' Recognition 'Cutsigns' @ 00:15, 00:23, 00:27


  1. he is a sell out sold his soul to the devil now please dont buy into this mug he aint worth shit plus u be helpin the free masons, skull and bones, bulider burg, illuminati or wot ever u wanna call them on there way to world domination money has no value just put here to enslave us wake up people and do sumit about it b4 its to late stand up today and not tomoorow the truth is out there people find out 4 ur selfs x peace x

    1. Anonymous, you need to get your a CAT screen of your head, if you believe anything that you just said here. Masons are your normal everyday citizens, just like myself, and i have been a member of the PHA family, since 1985.

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    3. Can you enlighten me more mason .

  2. I don't know who the other comment is...but his language and lack of grammatical skills point to a lack of intelligence. Therefore, his comment and viewpoints don't have much strength behind the. Also, most of these conspiracy theories on this site (the Skull and Bones connection to Freemasonry, Illuminati, etc.) can be debunked fairly easily.

  3. I just here to comment that I like what Andy said.

  4. This is towards 'Andy' i would just like to say that because someone isn't as smart as you doesn't give you the right to dismiss their veiw points by saying they have a 'lack of intelligence' so stfu and gf.

  5. secret society all we ask is trust

  6. this looks photoshopped.

  7. This definitely looks photoshopped haha

  8. Bullshit conspiracy theories about Freemasonry. Jay-Z a freemason, what do you base that on? A sketchy photograph, the fact that he made a semi-triangular shape with his hands at least once and the fact that the word 'code' is in the title of his new book?

  9. yall ppl need to do yall mason does no way shape or form mean that a person worships the devil my uncle is one and goes to church every sunday, wednesday and any other day there is ppl.. don't assume stuff...all media is propaganda meaning it persuades you to think the way they want you to... don't believe what you see or hear until you so your research...

  10. ANONYMOUS...... All i have to say is some will be able to see some will not. you will know when the time comes for you to take your last breath and you wake up in hells fire for being so blind while you were on this plane and had no knowledge of why you were even alive on earth cause u never took the time to get knowledge which comes from the creator who will have the last word of were your soul will end up.......

  11. Photoshopped! And stop trying to claim the masons or Illuminati are trying to take over the world. Its the world bank and a few rich old bastards that are behind it they have no affiliation with any of the fore mentioned. Dont fear the "secret" societies that you know, instead fear the ones that are yet unknown. Please stop being ignorant mouth breath retards and do some damn research, real research none of this wikipedia fox news bullshit. I would rather have the free masons in charge over whose really behind the curtain any day.

  12. and yet again their are no mason cutsigns or anything else masonic in the video post people stop reading into this bullshit

  13. if this was a masonic meeting then the women on the side wouldnt be there why dont you people jump on a different band wagon and get off the mason kick its a distraction created by the gov to lead you off the real truth. wake up and quit playing the role of sheeple being led from lie to lie. i agree with Andy and to the anonymous below Ayesha lack of intelligence is the perfect reason to discount their claims. You wouldn't go to a taxidermist to get surgery would you? No because they arent educated in that field. So you stfu and quit bein a troll.

  14. Money has no value? Really so what do YOU use to buy groceries? You must be the type that's warning everyone of the big bad boogie men, the Freemasons and the "New World Order"..pssst heads up...too late its called the United States of America!

  15. That hand sign (triangular shape with his hands and showing one eye) and THE FACT that it's on the dollar bill IT'S ENOUGH PROOF that he's on the side of the people that rule the COUNTRY ! (and the World)
    Those are CONSPIRACY FACTS Not just 'theory'


  16. That's what all Freemasons want to do. They all want you to believe they exist in a perfect bull shit world. These guys don't want us to believe they sold there soal for fame and glory. They want us to think how they want us. Its called mind control. And guess what we are products f their environment which is the world. Barely anyone in the world thinks how I think and it is not a miracle or stupid. I did studies about them since 2008 and it turns out that a person needs to do a little more then nothing to no this stuff. Its simple and if ur a lazy person all you have to do is search videos about them. Every one shows proof that they exist and are bad. But please do not tell everyone every single secrete about them cause u might get ur ass killed by them.

  17. Sure looks like Jay-Z doesn't it?

  18. Please spare with they r good, when albert pike stated and wrote the book called morals and dogma, a masonic tool which they go by, said there worship lucifer in his purist form

  19. If he is so what, If he isn't so what. We are a product of our enviroment because we produce our enviroment and allow others to manage it. STOP being skureered of something that can't harm unless you let it. Knowledge is nothing without works. (something comes from nothing) Practice what you preach.

  20. Albert Pike never said any such thing, and anyone who thinks otherwise is taking a quote out of context. Lucifer as used in latin text was not a proper noun, and meant "shining one" or "morning star" (which Jesus HIMSELF refered to Himself as).

    Revelation 22:16: I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star

    Nowhere in the bible does it say that Lucifer is Satan. MEN made that mistaken connection, but it doesn't make it true. Read more, regurgitate what others say less.

    Pike was a VERY DEVOUT Christian who happened to enjoy studying other faiths and writing about them in extreme detail.

    Furthermore, he was never a Grand Master of any Masonic grand lodge. He was merely head of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, a group that is NOT a part of regular Freemasonry, just affiliated with it. His "authority" spanned no further than 35 southern states. The rest of the Masons of the world have little or no knowledge of him because he was not an authority, just a very verbose author who wrote down every little though in very eloquent and often confusing prose.

    I could go on and on about all the errors and flat out lies being posted here, obviously posted in ignorance, but I'd be typing all week.

    Start with the Lucifer stuff. Check it out for yourself. Google "Taxil Hoax". See for yourself. By saying these falsehoods, you are perpetuating a lie about a group of good people.

    Exodus 20:16 - Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

  21. " I did studies about them since 2008 and it turns out that a person needs to do a little more then nothing to no this stuff. Its simple and if ur a lazy person all you have to do is search videos about them"

    Regarding the above quote...since when has it become acceptable to google some videos on youtube and call it "research". Very sad. If youtube is your source for knowledge in life, hang on - it's going to be a wild ride!

    I can make a video saying your mother has a purple tatoo of elvis on her scalp under her hair. I can photoshop pictures, I can superimpose quotes for multiple sources all taken out of context, and I can even make up a bunch of stuff, but put it in quotations so it sounds real and could probably make a pretty convincing video - but that doesn't make it true.

    Again people, try thinking for yourselves and stop repeating what others tell you.

    Youtube used for "research" - zsheeesh! (slaps forehead)

  22. There has never been proof about Jay-Z actually being a Freemason. He may put his hands up in the air to where it forms a triangle, but that has absolutely nothing to do with Freemasonry. This picture of Jay-Z in masonic dress at a funeral could have easily been "photoshopped". Jay-Z's face is slightly more illuminated than anyone else's, in the row that he is sitting in. However, there is also a possible chance that it is him.

    If this picture is legit, he would be the "Worshipful Master" of the lodge. Because if you click the picture and zoom in, you can see that the lapel pin on his suit is the symbol of the Worshipful Master. The symbol on his pin is what's called a "square"; not the shape, but the measuring tool that looks like a 90° ruler. You can also see that no one else is wearing that same pin.

    The WM(Worshipful Master) has to have a lot of time on his hands, in order to be elected. He has to attend most charitable funding events, and other things that masons do for their community. He also must be present in every lodge meeting, in order for it to run smooth. Jay-Z is a rap artist, continuously touring the world, and writing more music. He barely has enough time to go to see his wife and child. Oh wait, you know what? His wife is Beyonce, a famous music artist as well, who is always on tour.

    So what I'm trying to get to is that Jay-Z is in fact, not a Freemason. The brothers of the lodge would not vote for someone that has no time for masonry. I also know that they would never let a highly uneducated rapper, that smokes weed on a daily basis, take the 3 blue lodge degrees in the first place! Besides, if Jay-Z was a mason, he wouldn't be hiding it. There is no secret in being a Freemason, however, there are secrets that Freemasons know.

    Many people are/have been very open about being a Freemason. Many famous people as well, including Brad Paisley, Buzz Aldrin, Louis Armstrong, Ernest Borgnine, and Shaquille O'Neal. There is and have also been many different U.S. Presidents and government officials, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, John McCain Sr., and many others. Wanna know something else? I, myself am a Freemason. That it why I am sure of all of this information.

    Why I really wrote everything here is to tell you the secret of Freemasonry; THERE IS NONE! Our secrets are composed of a handshake and a password. Yes, just like a club you made when you were a toddler. Only men allowed too! Although there may have been a couple of evil masons in the past, Freemasonry is not a religion, we don't sacrifice babies to the devil, and we are not trying to take over the world! We can't even figure out what scent of dish soap to use for our lodge's kitchen!

    Learn about what you're reading before you believe it. Especially things you hear about Freemasonry. There are a lot of negative/untrue things said about it, coming from former-masons(that have been expelled from masonry), impostors, and just the people who have heard the things from the fake masons and the ex-masons! So stop reading and believing the "Freemason's & Illuminati's Satanic NWO Agenda" conspiracy, and figure out for yourself what it's really about by talking to a mason at your local lodge! You might even want to join yourself, just like me! ;)

    -W:.B:. Anthony Pomilia
    Metamora/Hadley #210

    P.S. For those who like to argue with their opinion, you can contact me on Facebook!

  23. Jayz is not the only popular figure in that picture and the NWO is real so let no body get on here and sweet talk. By the time you attain the right stage, ur master will be unveiled to you and he will be called adonis, a corruption of the word Adonai. At some stage, it will seem as if it is all about knowledge and I'm not surprised u're attributing d qualities of ur master Lucifer to jesus. That's what d whole idea of ur existence as a society is based on. Corruption of the truth. But u just don't see it yet

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  25. Um ok people masons are a very old secret society of luciferians!most of them don't EVER go deep enough into it to find out there is many levels each one is designed to make sure you are loyal in secrecy,even swearing upon death to not tell anyone including family about what they do,it has been leaked by many ex masons,there is tons of evidence do a little research,anyone on this site defending masons is either one of them or has family that is one and doesn't believe that family member would lie to them,well all I can say is they swear on oath under penalty of death to keep the secrets of the brotherhood,so of course they are going to lie to you who if you are not one of them are considered profane!jus do a little research on your own,trace the roots of freemasonary you'll soon find many ancient traditions that date back thousands of years if you don't believe me spend a little time on Google or you tube and try to prove me wrong,but whatever you do don't defend the freemasons if someone thinks they are good they are either lying or believe a lie period and that's the honest truth!

  26. Oh yeah uuuuh blue degrees huh? Gee how coincidental that his kids name is blue,I guess he just really loves that color,again they are liars!

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