Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Freemason Disinformation Agent Debates Freemason Agent Provocateur

A Television Debate on Freemasonry that appeared on a live call-in Christian Program in Britain recently.

The Lodge the self-declared 'Member of the Swedenborg Church' Freemason belongs to, Quator Corronati, is a big deal in British Freemasonry. The oaths the heavily rehearsed agent disinformator claims were removed never were, they are what Freemasons term 'exemplified', which means the Master of the Lodge reads them in front of the initiate. Martin Short and some other U.K. authors exposed this little piece of masonic deception some years ago, and a ex-mason caller to the show reminds him. Mason One says he left the Anglican Church around 1988, which is about the timeframe when the recent Church of England investigation of Freemasonry began issuing highly critical public reports on the incompatibility of Christianity and Freemasonry. There is a Swedenborg 'Rite' in Freemasonry, an 'advanced' series of highly occultic degrees, which the author-editor never bothers mentioning, even though he has written about the subject, his debating partner 'misses' this point as well.

The Circumabulating Irreverend, the supposed masonic critic in this warped little play about 'The Most Popular Religion in the World Today', the description he actually gives for Freemasonry in an early 'rebuttal', seems to be primarily trying to introduce uncritical freemason occult teachings under a wrapping of christiany sounding 'universal' masonic religious concepts to the Christian Audience while simultaneously attempting to coyly discredit/mock 'Fundamentalist Christians' to Secular and Masonic audiences using a heavily rehearsed agent provacateur buffoon act. Bro. Irreverend thought he was being craftily clever but thanks to the intervention of the Holy Spirit was unable to contain his evilmason smirking thereby illuminating one of the more twisted junior police-state techniques/tricks of 'active' freemasonry.

The Christian Host of the Program is real though - and excellent.

There is Seven Parts to this, after each part plays you should be able to navigate through the image boxes above to find the next segment. Incidently my view that both of these debaters are Freemasons comes from years of watching Freemasonry do this act on a wide number of forums and boards. 'Mason' number two starts out fairly conventionally but then quickly starts inserting pro-masonic propaganda inside the guise of a criticism. In fact if you listen carefully you will notice that he never actually disagrees, questions, or interupts anything Mason One is putting forth, he just offers some Freemasonry 'criticism' from Masonic writings that is actually an introduction of another warm and fuzzy freemasonry concept that sounds 'christian' which, 'oddly' enough, is how Freemasonry recruits new members inside the Church. How they both ended up on the same program is pure Masonry, probably through a member they have gotten placed inside the production chain. This kind of elaborate subterfuge is what the Lodge excells at and is why they are able to dominate the party system so thoroughly. Masonry will try and place members where there is any potential for political activity - or Opposition; Church & Parish Councils, Issue and Civic asscoiations, 'left' or 'right' political parties. 'Associate always associate...'

Then Jesus asked him, "What is your name?"

"My name is Legion," he replied, "for we are many."

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