Saturday, November 01, 2008

Palin's Freemason Recognition Sign Use

Some may have noticed Sarah Palin repeatedly placing one or both of her hands briefly on her thigh. This is a Masonic Recognition Sign. Here is a BBC Clip of one of her 'grand' entrances.

First Lady Laura Bush has been using this one also, here is a clip at 26:03 during Pope Benedicts arrival at the White House Lawn reception this summer and during the Andrews Airforce Base arrival at minute 33:22 of this clip . If you wish you can start the same clip from minute 28:19 and watch the head of Pope Benedicts Security repeatedly make Masonic Signs like the variety in the picture below of Sarah Palin and First Dude.

Sarah Palin, Freemasonry

You may also observe both of these secret masonic recognition signs in official portraits of Lodge Officers and Grand Lodge Grand Masters on Masonic websites and compare them to line drawings in Duncans or other Masonic Ritual Work Books.


  1. oh come on.
    Complete rubbish!!!

  2. funny, bush,obama and gore are not masons!

  3. Americans of all walks of life (who are not members of the freemasons) place their right hand over their heart as they face the American flag and "...pledge allegience to the Republic for which it stands..."
    Also, it is common practice for anyone in an uncomfortable or nerve-wracking position to wipe their sweaty hands on their thighs.
    This is simply another example of misrepresentain by implication.

  4. I am a U.K. citizen and reading this and having a little gained knowledge over 50 years I have laughed at this for making 'something out of nothing'. (I hoped you were paid for this comic script). It is absolute rubbish.

    Signed "A poor Widow's Son"

  5. Actually Mason's hold their hand over their chest in a different way than non-Masons. The hand is held parallel to the neck and not angled as it would naturally rest. Try it yourself.

    Search for the free pdf ebook "Famous Freemasons Exposed: Masonry From the Vatican to Hollywood"
    By Eric & Intukan Dubay. It has hundreds of illustrations of masonic symbolism.

  6. I didn't know that placing one hand on your hip and the other in your pocket was a Masonic sign...guess you really do learn something new every day such as this silly website is obviously run by uneducated, paranoid, conspiracy theorist bent on spreading lies and creating fear, suspicion, apprehension, and panic among the good American public.

    I would be more suspicious of the true agenda of those who operate this website than I would be of the government, a candidate for office .... or... of a Mason.

    True journalists have obligations to report truth.

  7. OH MY GOD!! I myself have made these hand signs many times! I MUST BE A FREEMASON!!! At first it was difficult for me to understand how I can be a member without my own knowledge, but then I realized that freemasonry is so completely shrouded in secrecy, that I have somehow been able to keep it a secret from myself. I am impressed with how diabolically clever I am.

  8. WTF it's amazing how some peoples subconcious REJECTS THE TRUTH. Even palin's YOUNGEST DAUGHTER in that porttrait is forming an X with her arms and doing the HIDDEN HAND - showing her allegiance to freemasonry and she's like 6!!!!!! WAKE UP - they run the media. they run the police. they run you!

  9. Wow I do not know if I should laugh or cry. This is all rubish


  10. The major flaw in this proposal is that you have to be a man to be a freemason!

  11. It's called placing your hand over your heart for the pledge of allegience or the Star Spangled Banner!
    Women are not allowed in Freemasonry, all those groups like the Eastern Stars are considered irregular and to be avoided by Masons.

  12. Actually, Eastern Stars are wives and daughters of Masons that have nothing better to do with their time and invented this group to get together and do "good" civic duties, such as taking someone to a Dr. appointment, helping to carry their groceries....knitting, organizing parties and get-togethers ... etc.

  13. Only Obama is a freemason in this long group of folks, the handshake with obama and band leader is a typical stylish "withit" hand shake and nothing to do with masonry, also the easter star has no hand signs outside of masonry, none of the women mentioned here have anything to do with freemasonry or concordant bodies, and fyi, Free Masonry including one of the concordant bodies, the Eastern Star is the largest philanthropic organization in the world giving vast amounts of funds and resources to causes from childrens hospitals, to cancer research, to food programs in underdeveloped countries, a little more than just nitting

  14. The Bushes and Palin,Bho too are all free masons.Now really how hard was it to get Palin on the wrong side,she was not rich!They picked the right target to fool the USA,we CANNOT LET THIS WOMAN BE in ANY high office in the USA!Ever!She is a quitter and now she is dangerous too.

  15. WAKE UP PEOPLE,,PALIN IS TROUBLE.THERE WERE MANY GOOD CHOICES TO MAKE FOR VP..SHE CAME OUT OF NOWHERE! Even suprised McInSane when she got to run for VP.This post is very true,get a clue before we all lose our country,,and yes SHE is not on our side.Now she's on the side with the most money,cause she needed it.She has been a quitter all her life too.
    How many yrs did it take to get thru simple college for her,,what 5yrs!Then she quits being mayor,govt of Ak..


  16. look at all the Masons coming to use the Delphi technique and use the same old tired points to try to make the blogger feel cornered. Wouldn't be surprised if most of these posts came from the same few people.

    do you people realize that Sarah Palin, as governor, created a day to honor the Masonic lodge in Alaska? many women work for the Masons, perhaps not as card-carrying members but in the same way the CIA has "assets". many of them have family in the Masons. look at that picture that came out on March 3 showing the Queen leaving a hospital. the nurse by her side is wearing a belt with the Masonic square and compass alongside an inverted pentagram (the Eastern Star symbol).

    ever heard of the ritual charade where an Irish girl played "cowan" by taking a peek at the secret ritual being carried out by the men of her family at the lodge? the butler caught her and they decided to initiate her. it was made official and was a necessary charade in that it forever created a precedent in Masonic lore as to female initiation. So if its ever in their interest to do so, they can and they will simply cite the incident in Ireland as justification.

    most of the time they will bar women from the group. but women like palin likely have history with the web of secret societies that surround the Masons. but go on, put on your fez hats and furiously type away about paranoid schizophrenia. you guys don't know how funny you are. i wonder if even one of you really understands what you are part of.

    resurrect James Shelby Downard


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