Saturday, May 05, 2012

¿Pope Benedict Masonic 'Grips'?

Pruebas que El Papa Benedicto es un Mason

Uploaded by ExponiendoGnosticos on Jul 14, 2011

Este video tambien prueba que las puertas del infierno prevalecieron sobre las vanas doctrinas del Vaticano y su falsa autoridad contrario a Mateo 16:16-19 promesa de Jesucristo a la verdadera iglesia cristiana que confiesa por Fe continua "Tú eres el Cristo, el Hijo del Dios viviente". El sistema falso de salvacion de los Romanos Catolicos no es la verdad de Dios. Y la prueba esta aqui, donde los masones y sus doctrinas que salen del infierno mismo, han prevalecido y han infiltrado la mas alta posicion de la Iglesia Catolica Romana. Esto prueba que poniendo Fe en las tradiciones del hombre a lo largo en las doctrinas inventados por hombres de la iglesia Catolica Romana solo traen las legiones satanicas (como los masones), que facilitan las ideas religiosas de hombres enganadores y corruptos.

Evidence that Pope Benedict is a Mason

Uploaded by ExponiendoGnosticos on July 14, 2011

This video also proves that the gates of hell prevailed over the vain doctrines of the Vatican and its false authority contrary to Matthew 16:16-19 Christ promised to the true Christian church that confesses by Faith continued, "You are the Christ, the Son of living God. "The false system of salvation of the Roman Catholic is not the truth of God. And the proof is here, where the Masons and their doctrines out of hell itself, have prevailed and have infiltrated the highest position of the Roman Catholic Church. This proves that putting faith in the traditions of men along the doctrines invented by men of the Roman Catholic church only bring the legions of satanic (as the Freemasons), which facilitate the religious ideas of men deceitful and corrupt.


  1. Its not prof that the catholic church is false. Coincidence, the pope do not know the cumpriment. The masonic is know by mainly by words. Luther is more like a masonic man.

  2. you stupid, stupid idiot, go to hell !!!
    now we have to be careful how we shake hands?
    I'm no Freemason, and never will be, but even I according to this video shake hands like that sometimes.

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