Tuesday, May 01, 2012

VIDEO: ABC' Bro. Jimmy Kimmel Live! (JKL)

James Van Der Beek [who?] on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Anyways Bro. Kimmel is promoting or making the career of this Freemason and this Freemason responds by making a number of Masonic CutSigns during his entrance.

Masonic Recognition Signs (CS)

1. Taps thigh on entry to stage @ 0:22
2. Taps thigh second time @ 0:24
3. Taps thigh third time @ 0:27

[Incidently Sis. Sarah Palin was/is known for using this one, as was/is Sis. Laura Bush.]

4. Clasps Middle Suit Button @ 0:28 & holds until seated
5. Crosses legs Masonic Style @ 0:36

[You might also notice Bro. Beek's pants are floods, which is probably a reference to initiation pant length, i.e. the rolled up trouser leg. Bro. Prez HW Bush pulled this masonic 'comedic' stunt recently during his second -third? Mitt Romney endorsement. Can't say if Romney is a Freemason or not, only seen one other masonic 'incident' and it was done [CS] by someone walking onto stage in front of him during a campaign stop.]


  1. I have been a mason for seven years and I am a member of several invitational masonic orders. Invitational because you have to be an active mason and are a student of the esoteric symbolism of the craft to be considered for membership, which I am. As such I am VERY proficient in the rituals, all of the rituals that I am aware of and I have taken too many to count. There meaning is not lost to me. The manner in which a person walks on stage, sits stands or fidgets is in no way a masonic sign. The whole idea of such is completely ridiculous. Tapping your thigh,I don't care how many times, is not a masonic sign, holding your suit button which ever one or all of them is not a masonic sign, short pant legs is not a masonic sign nor is there any reason to give a masonic sign unless your trying to gain entrance into a masonic lodge or proving yourself to be a mason to someone YOU KNOW to be a mason. For the record 90% of your average mason doesn't remember the signs because they aren't used that often or outside of lodge. I read all these posts about politicians and celebrities supposedly giving signs during interviews or whatever and it only demonstrates the ignorance,complete and total unabashed ignorance, of the authors.READ A BOOK! in fact read "THE MEANING OF MASONRY" by WILMHURST. you know when somebody says it does something so stupid you feel embarrassed for them? That's how I feel towards the authors of these idiotic posts. If you want a better idea of what masonry is you can listen to BRO. FRATER X ON AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO. Or you could join, however the book I mentioned is an excellent source for the uninitiated. Again there is no reason to give a masonic sign in public to anyone. NONE! and Sarah Palin is not a mason. She is a woman. Freemasons do not share any of the same signs with orders that do allow women, you people are retarded. "THE LIPS OF WISOM ARE CLOSED EXCEPT TO THE EARS OF UNDERSTANDING"

  2. Lower freemasons are insulated from the evil done at the top. Here is how they get you at the 32nd degree.

    To gain this knowledge, a man must go through a series of Luciferian initiations and, as he
    progresses toward the top, he finds that he is trapped into keeping the secret, through threat of
    consequences, including death. Once gaining the upper levels, he believes that he or his family will be
    killed if he should ever divulge the secret knowledge. This initation where he is ultimately compromised
    involves blood ritual and rape. Now many of these men have had to "sell their soul to the devil," taking
    an oath through satanic ritual to serve and protect their fellow lodge brother regardless of the deeds
    done in order to accomplish that. Through the secret handshakes and signals they give to each other,
    they alert one another to the needs of a brother and thereby this fellow member who may be in court for
    charges of criminal activity, or apprehended by the police for breaking the law, is protected by his
    "brother." It may be a judge, who when a case is presented before him, sees a brother in trouble, and
    looks the other direction, allowing the lodge brother to go free or with light sentencing. Or, it may be an
    attorney who finds himself unable through the court system to really "defend" his client, as he secretly
    serves the system in which he is oath bound. Often in court cases throughout the legal system, children
    who are sexually or physically abused are sent back to live with a perpetrating parent while the other
    parent seeking protection of their child is sent away, alone and powerless to do anything to protect their child. All this happens because a judge or an attorney is part of an organization that has at its very
    foundation, protection of its members, right or wrong, and sometimes protection at all costs.

  3. Found in Morals and Dogma, the cornerstone of every higher Mason's library, in the 32°d Chapter
    (Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret) are subtle hints of the character of this 'secret knowledge,'
    specifically geared toward the 32°d Degree Mason (Master of the Royal Secret). Here, in the guise of
    acknowledging a Universal Equilibrium between good and evil, as the natural balance and harmony of
    earthly existence, it promotes the acceptance of the belief that evil actions are a necessary counterbalance
    to good ones and asks the aspirant to accept this dichotomy in human affairs. From this sublime
    seed of half-truth, evil is allowed flourish within the protective secrecy of the organization.


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