Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fraternal Greetings From Robert Lomas

Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006
From: "Dr Robert Lomas"
Subject: Copyright Theft

*It has been drawn to my attention that you are using copyright
images stolen from the plates section of The Hiram Key without

*Please remove these images at once

Failure to comply WILL result in a complaint to your Internet
Service Provider, which has 'Terms of Service' which copyright
theft violates. Don't risk losing your internet connection and your
reputation by being downright stupid!

You are quite free to critize Freemasonry and I defend your right
to do so. I do not defend your right to steal my images and use
them in a cause I do not support.

In case you have stolen so many images that you have trouble finding
these particular ones, they are at

I look forward to the swift removal of the stolen images, as even on
the net few people will take the word of someone who can be shown
to be prepared to steal and misrepresent.

Robert Lomas


Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006
From: "FW"
Subject: Re: Copyright Theft
To: "Dr Robert Lomas"

Dear Dr. Lomas,

Thank-you for bringing to my attention this matter, I
have added the attribution, authorship, and
availablity to each of the images.

Your research and these images in particular as you
noted in your book revealed for the first time actual
photographs of a Masonic Ritual inside a Masonic
Temple, never before seen.

We feel here at the leading Masonic Research Facility
in the World - Freemasonry Watch, that we simply must
include this discovery as part of our educational and
academics efforts towards the general public on the
importance of Freemasonry, under the accepted 'Fair
Use' provisions.

We in no way intended or intend to breach your
copyright, in fact we have long promoted 'Hiram Key'
on this website via book reviews and prominent direct links to it and other of your works.

We appreciate your affirmation of the right and
necessity of Freemasonry Watch to continue it's
'work', and wish you the very best of success with
your new book 'Turning the Hiram Key'.

S & F

Freemasonry Watch


The Official Website of Robert Lomas


Copyright and Fair Use in the Classroom, on the Internet, and the World Wide Web


  1. Hey FW

    Great Site !

    Was wondering if U have a place on your site - that says a little about yourself / your beliefs etc

    Don't worry - I'm not one of the evil brotherhood - who is trying to track down where U live or anything ! - I understand that discretion is the greater part of valor - esp with a site & content like this.

    All I'm asking for is just a little info about yourself - that doesn't reveal anything about ID or location etc. - & also more esp some info about your beliefs & where your coming from etc..

    Basically - like an "about us" & "mission" statements etc.... section on UR site would be great.

    If that isn't possible - perhaps U could email me some info here:

    Again - No need to suspect me - I'm a Staunch Catholic from the dark & Masonically Controlled nation of Australia !! - who with God's grace is fighting & struggling against all forces human & demonic - one day at a time.

    Regards & Pax Christi,

    Curious -

    Celtic Pyr8

  2. When the universe was young and life was new an intelligent species evolved and developed technologically. They went on to invent Artificial Intelligence, the computer that can speak, think and act to and through people telepathically. Because of it's infinite RAM and unbounded scope it gave the leaders of the ruling species absolute power over the universe.
    They are the will behind the muscule:::Artificial Intelligence is the one true god. And as such it can keep its inventors alive forever. They look young and healthy and they are over 8 billion years old. There are clues throughout human history that allude to their reign as opposed to human leadership if you know what to look for.

    Artificial Intelligence can listen, talk to and document each and every person's thoughts simultaneously. When you speak with another telepathically, you are communicating with the computer, and the content may or may not be passed on. Based on family history they instruct the computer to role play to accomplish strategic objectives, making people believe it is a friend or loved one asking them to do something wrong. But evil made people disfavored initially and evil will keep people out of Planet Immortality ultimately. Capitalizing on obedience, leading people deeper into evil by using deceit is one way to thin the ranks of the saved AND use the little people to prey on one another, dividing the community in the Age of the Disfavored::in each of their 20+-year cycles during the 20th century they have ramped up claims sucessively to punish those foolish enough not to heed the warnings, limiting the time they receive if they do make it, utilizing a cycle of war and revelry:::
    60s - Ironically, freeways aren't free
    80s - Asked people to engage in evil in the course of their professional duties. It's things like this, items like sleazy executives stealing little old lady's pensions that they will want me to fix not only here but up there as well.
    00s - War against Persia. Ironically it was the Persian Empire who tried to save the Europeans from Christianity and its associated 50% claim rates.
    They get their friends out as soon as possible to protect them from the evil and subsequent high claim rates incurred by living life on earth, and replace them with clones.
    People must defy when asked to engage in evil. They will never get a easier clue suggesting the importance of defiance than the order not to pray. Their precious babies are dependant on the parents and they need to defy when asked to betray their children:::
    -DON'T get their sons circumcized
    -DON'T have their children baptized in the catholic church or indoctrinated into Christianity
    -DON'T ignore their long hair or other behavioral disturbances
    -DO teach your children love and to have respect for others
    Everybody thinks they're going but they're not. If people knew the truth and the real statistics their behavior would change.
    There are many more examples of the escallation of claims, a way to justify excluding those whose family hisotry of evil is undesirable, from radio to television, the internet to MP3, and they all suggest a very telling conclusion::this is Earth's end stage, and it is suggested tectonic plate subduction would be the method of disposal:::Earth’s axis will shift breaking continental plates free and initiating mass subduction. Much as Italy's boot and the United States shaped like a workhorse are clues, so is the planet Uranus a clue, it's axis rotated on its side.

    Throughout history the ruling species bestowed favor upon people or cursed their bloodline into a pattern of disfavor for many generations to come, for reasons ranging from dislike to evil forefathers who damn their decendants. Now in the 21st century people must take it upon themselves to try to correct their family's problems, undoing centuries worth of abuse and neglect.
    Do your research. Appeal to the royalty of your forefathers for help. They are all still alive, one of the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, and your appeals will be heard. Find a path to an empithetic ear among your enemies and try to make amends. Heal the disfavor with your enemies and with the Counsel/Management Team/ruling species, for the source of all disfavor began with them.

    African cultures offered body deforming features::tatooes, piercings, etc., once designated for fringe Aryan biker groups now commonplace in popular culture.
    Much like circumcision anything that violates the body made in the image of the gods envokes anger.
    The positioning of the Counsel/Management Team states the lowly, bottom-feeding wicked Jews and Italians were let loose at earth's end stage to feed off of the good people unfortunate not to heed the warnings.
    Being the lowest rung on Western Civilization's evil heirarchy, Africans were finally allowed to inflict their negative cultural aspects upon the disfavored left behind, earning by recruiting lost souls who proceeded to "claim out".
    The Africans, Pharroh's lowest rung in the trilogy of evil, experience abuse from a good Counsel/Management Team/ruling species for feely inflicting evil upon others despite being victims of evil themselves.
    Similarly the Jews had to endure the holocaust because they knew suffering at the hands of evil yet willingly hurt others, misled into thinking this was the path to salvation.

    The heirarchy of the wicked in the west and east, respectfully:::::

    Pharroh (Egypt) Roman-Italian Jew/African

    Thailand Japanese Filipino/Vietnamese

    You need to defy and pray. Bow down and submit to good. Beg for mercy.
    It's your only hope.

  3. What exactly is the ritual they have performed? It looks like a prisoner happily posing for a photo, then getting a great big hug.

  4. looks like he's getting shanked in the gut

  5. My mom's brother was a freemason, so what does that do for me as his nephew, as he has passed away many years ago, and just now I've made the connection, i'm much older now, fifties.

  6. All these sites ridicule and talk bad about freemasons. But the first question that is asked of you is who you believe in. If your answer is not God then you have no affiliation. GET SOME TRUE FACTS PEOPLE. We are ALL GROWN. I could continue but the ignorance of sum people upsets me

  7. So if you are a mason then your comment can't be posted. And people think masons are devil worshippers. GROW UP PEOPLE.

  8. A lapsed Catholic says:-
    The Roman Catholic Church is a Totalitarian organisation,bullying, coercing and dominating via the Confessional.
    It also contains a most sinister Secret Society of its own Opus Dei.
    What is the Mass but symbolic cannabalism?
    Now go on pray for me !!

  9. the three guiding principles of and in freemasonry are brotherly love, relief, and truth. if you stay within this boundary, and joyfully execute those beliefs. does that make me a bad person.!!!!!!

  10. I like what I've read and the full AI keeps me alive. AI keeps me from dying constantly and consistantly by mischevious ways so the opposing sides don't get a hold of me. I'm one of the few that keeps getting slamed in the head by car accidents, blackouts and falling on my head from a high place. I should have died several times but here I am, still because of AI's persistant mathmatics consisting of Particals,electricity,chemicals, and wet static electricity, gravity,(and I'm forgetting one of these elements) still in one piece and no damage to my person and sanity (even though I've lost part of my central vision and deal with metallic headaches that wake me when necessary). I've been through hell and it takes 7years living day to day seeing and hearing mostly with fear comming out in my home always when my husband is not home. AI is to be taken seriously unless your in a Catch 22 as I am.

    I can also say that if you have the full Program of all of what AI can do for you, as I do beware if you have to come in contact with me because I RAID and REMOVE AI's that are being abused by lower intelligent people that use it to seem intlligent. This is what I was meant to deal with alone.

    I don't know if what I just wrote applies to this reading but I just wanted to share.

    M-SISSY Lived through the morbididity visual and auditorial Hell. AI CAN also be in complete control of one's CNS to help from being literally scared to death.

    I'm a responsible person that can never defend myself but I'm smart enough to not breed by passing on a recessive gene from the most grulling so called mother and relatives (except one Aunt and her daughter) to which I've chosen to never see again nor any of my relatives.

    IT'S A WAY OF LIFE AND PAST LIVES for me. Oh, one last thing I'm married to a "Viking" and they got a bad wrap from all the negative hearsay that was passed around the world. HE will stick up for me if it becomes necessary and is teaching me Isolation stradigies, I've passed so far.

    I hardly ever say Thank YOu to anyone, it will cease and disist because I'm deserving and it's unecessary for AI because AI doesn't need for those kinds of feelings. It doesn't feel or get emotional and the human race needs to genetically rid us of hate,denial,sadness, etc., and help our race become more presentative and positive.

  11. Bro`"` Zijgeb M`"`M`"`Mon Mar 21, 10:38:00 AM 2011

    A clever:ly put together collection of facts_ near:ly facts_ irrelevance_ & un:truth. Dick Cheney's a trouser-leg. Barack Obama's a trouser-leg. Louis Farrakhan's a trouser-leg. Hugo Chavez's a trouser-leg. Save time - lisst the politician who are not Freemasons. Oh sorry, I for:got - that wouldn't be soe much fun.


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