Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dune Buggy Hits Crowd at Shriners Parade

Eight people were injured including some children receiving broken legs by out of control Shriner 'mini' cars in a parade in Tennessee. The 'mini' cars don't appear to be so 'mini' from pics and video of the accident. One police officer interviewed didn't think the Shriner mini cars were very safe for the parade spectators.

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  1. The news report did not mention any broken legs only leg injuries.

  2. The accident occurred when one Shriner, who stopped to speak with his family and friends, was accidentally hit by another Shriner in the parade. The injured people were all associated with the Shrine, not members of the general public, and none were seriously injured.
    Through our parades, fundraisers, and other events, Shriners do everything that we can to help children. No family with a child suffering from burns, spinal / skeletal injuries, or even facial deformities like cleft lips will be turned away. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, nationality (our global reach increases annually), or financial means. We are committed to providing the very best medical care available at absolutely no charge to the patient's family. We burden all of the expense: transportation, meals, lodging, and medical (mental & physical). Rest assured, you will never hear a Shriner ask for your insurance information and you will never visit a hospital as dedicated as ours! Please take a tour of one. You will be amazed by the quality of the medical staff, the facilities, and the amount of love expressed to our children and families. But I warn you, you will be completely disappointed in every other hospital you will ever visit afterwards!
    Please, do your homework on our charity! ( You will find that we are committed to helping our communities through research, local prevention programs, as well as direct medical support. Ask the families of the children that we have helped about our intentions and goals. Look into the smiling faces of those children who can't wait until their next hospital visit and you will understand what drives Shriners to dress up like clowns and ride around on go-carts!
    I am a twenty year military veteran of two wars. As a result, I have volunteered in countless civic related charities world wide. Through my private business ventures, I currently give to local shelters in my area. And as a Christian, I regularly support many church funded charity organizations. But, none of my experiences compare with the profound sense of accomplishment that God rewards me with every time I get to help a family. I am truly blessed. I am a Shriner, and I love helping kids!

    May God Bless You,
    David Cole


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