Monday, March 10, 2008

Freemasonry's Version of Democracy

Recently it has been drawn to my attention that the online 'encyclopedia' Wikipedia will not allow any links to articles on the Freemasonry Watch website to be posted to it's site. This appears to have been 'arranged' by Masonic Editors, who evidently control all the entries and pages on Wikipedia related to Freemasonry.

Today it was noticed that the search engine Yahoo! was not returning Freemasonry Watch in any of it's search results. Previously the site had been in the top three for a number of keywords. In fact on conducting a search using the keyword Freemasonry Watch the site itself did not return at all. In other words the largest website on the internet that has articles critical of Freemasonry has completely vanished. Quite impressive.

This is how Freemasonry operates, it does not tolerate criticism or dissent. A great many webpages critical of Freemasonry have disappeared over the years after continual organized complaint and intimidation campaigns by Masons. Don't believe, then try creating such a website sometime and see all the problems you have keeping it online. This is the reality of Masonic 'Liberty'. From the 1820's arson of Capt. William Morgan's print shop to the World Wide Web masonic thought police very little has changed when it comes to Masonry and it's critics.


  1. It does not tolerate criticism or dissent because it is a scared little bitch that uses the cloak of secrecy as a weapon against others, in a most disgraceful, un becoming of humankind, cowardly method. They lose. I hope you get your hits up. At least Google is the main engine these days at least they are not under control yet.

  2. I looked Freemason up and this site is on yahoo.

    Oh wow your # 7 big deal. get over it. This site is full of half truths any way.

  3. You need to take a look at the recent planning of Washington, D.C.

  4. What trash. Freemasonry's greatest secrets are handshakes and passwords. You guys need to get over yourselves and try to actually contribute real thought rather than hide behind this illusion that the Wizard of Oz is out to get you. It's really easy to make tired claims about something that isn't real because, other than the few bored idiots like myself who have 5 minutes to kill, our policy is one of not responding to such clearly uneducated attacks and fear mongering. Freemasonry's history is one of spaghetti dinners, hosting community events, patriotism, and supporting it's charitable programs for children.


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