Saturday, April 05, 2008

Three Six's are Eighteen

What can one say about Freemasonry other than it is the "gift" that keeps on giving. Case in point I was listening to George Noory interview Alex Jones on Coast to Coast AM the other night about Bro. Ted Turner's recent illuminations on the Bro. Charlie Rose show. A caller made the observation that if one looked at the logo for the Trilateral Commission one could see that the three curved arrows could be seen as three six's. Now I already had the logo posted on the site seeing the organization was founded by one of the most 'powerful' Freemasons in the World - the Rockefeller brothers, but I had never picked up on that. Yes it is three six's.

Also on the three six's subject this past week saw some odd doings. We have the start of the trial of the 18 accused terrorists in Canada, the start trial of the 18 accused terrorists in the UK, and the seizure of 18 girls from the FLDS Church(Cult Compound with Armed Men as reported by TIMEWARNERAOLCNN's Bro. Anderson Cooper).

A spooky coincidence, or a coincidence of Spooky's? Perhaps we are witnessing some kind of elaborate psych-ops stunt to 'shape' public opinion on 'the war on terror' by the brotherhood-of-spooks. I guess the images coming from this weeks Bucharest Conference in Ceaucescu's former Palace under N.A.T.O.'s "cunningly concealed" 'embedded' masonic-occult swastika symbol flag wasn't considered 'all-powerful' enough.

'A career in G overnment...'


  1. Significance of the number 18.

    18 in the tarot deck is perhaps the most ominous and pure representation of evil, more so than the devil or other cards. It represents the dark moon, and whereas even the devil card can present, in tarot, opportunities to lean for example to not be enslaved by lower forces, the dark moon card, while it does have a point of light reference for learning, is generally altogether an evil omen. The imagery at it's most pure is an image of justice blindfolded, walking between two towers or two dogs of hell that destroy any who pass that are with fear. Its light side is actually synonymous with truth: it sees to the very heart of things, but is absolutely destructive of impurity. It is not judgemental but absolute. Who knows why the masons are obsessed with it - but this insight may give some clues. It is referred to as the dark moon also, some kind of wholly unholy wickedness or misery, and then, at the point of light, the exposure of it. Ultimately the universe is good and intelligent. This synchronicity, no matter secrecy or symbols, will cause the downfall of the organisation and all organisations of evil. It is not even that God will come to dissolve them, it is simply that they are based on nonsense and falsities, and just because their reality can be maintained temporarily, it lacks the basic truths that require it to be able to sustain itself. It feeds on human energy human misery and lies and deceit. That has to run out some time. Even the devil knows this, as much as he fears it and tries to deny it. God, and the universal intelligence that God is, is so powerful and all pervasive, it does not need to take any particular care with this miniscule nonsense that is going on at Planet Earth. The fact is that naturally,like the way a river erodes the banks, it will perish and be washed away and forgotten. It is nonsense.



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