Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bro. Conan O'Brien Secret Freemason Handsign Watch


Hand placed on Thigh. Sarah Palin and Laura Bush use this one alot. Leno started using it recently and Letterman's been using it for a while. This clip is from Bro. O'Brien's first Tonight Show episode, the next night (Tues.) he did it again. There are no set rules outside of lodge. You can do it on the chest or on one or both waists or thighs, stationary or in a downward swiping motion. There are some pretty decent photo's on Masonic websites of new Masters and Grand Masters in this pose in full regalia.

Jobs for the Brethren, but it's more than that, the media is an important part of the secret masonic political machine that exists in a number of western and not so western countries.

In exchange for 'success' a deal with the Devil. Literally.

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