Friday, February 11, 2011

Freemason Secret Handshake: Ron Paul is Bill Maher's New Hero

HBO ordered a copy of the following video annotated with Masonic 'cutsign' & 'grip' markers titled 'Freemason Secret Handshake: Ron Paul is Bill Maher's New Hero' removed from Youtube. HBO, or Bro. Maher perhaps, doesn't seem to mind however the long time and continued posting of the clip by the Ron Paul Campaign website. 'Libertarianism' is not a secret society, 'Libertarianism' is a society with secrets...

A Series of Masonic Grand Entrance 'Grips' and 'Cutsigns' by Bro. Maher and his Freemason guests

00:40 Masonic 'Cutsign' by Bill Maher
00:44 Masonic 'Grip' by Bill Maher & Ron Paul
00:48 Masonic 'Grip' by Ron Paul & Ben Affleck
00:50 Masonic 'Grip' by Ron Paul & PJ O'Rourke
00:51 Masonic 'Cutsign' by PJ O'Rourke
01:00 Masonic 'Cutsign' by Ron Paul
01:02 Masonic 'Cutsign' by Ron Paul


  1. Greetings to you,

    My name is Sean R Bailey, I've been an active Freemason for 10 years. I have written my first Manuscript on one of the many topics contained within the long history of the Order. The topic is of the Landmarks of Freemasonry.. It is a topic I believe any seasoned mason or non-mason alike can benefit from. The book gives many examples of the unwritten law, hows it's evolved and further how it helps Masonry survive through many trials and conspiracy's that have no start or end. I believe that the reader will enjoy knowing at the end of the book. Why we are ALL on the same level fighting similar battles and in the end reaching the same high of enlightenment that is past the mystic veil of the afterlife. This research has even helped me! It's shown me that each man is who he is.. What we do is EXACTLY that. And it is not my place nor anyone else to change ANYONE. As human beings.. The faster we learn to agree to disagree on our moral foundations.. The faster Peace and Harmony will prevail not only for Masons but man as a whole. You can secure your copy by visiting

    Thank you for your time!

  2. People have to stop saying that Bill Maher is a Freemason--In order to be a Freemason, you have to believe in a higher power. It can be God, Allah, Thor or Buddah.

    Bill is a CONFIRMED athiest, therefore he would not be admitted in.


    A member

    1. That is absolutely not true. There are many non-deistic lodges. The French Grand Orient, for instance.

  3. People who worship the Devil/ Lucifer don't usually advertise it in public - he is the masonic 'God' hence why they have been a secret society. Wake up!

  4. satan is not the mason god grow up you ignorant cunt. and nothing in this video is masonic there are no signs or handshakes. grow up people and quit trying to blame everything on something you know nothing about. Masons are highly religious people who do believe in a higher power and its not the devil. They maintain their secret society because they know that people like this retard above me could never grasp their level of enlightenment. Furthermore masons are not behind the NWO or the Illuminati, that would be the world bank and hidden powers behind the gov. People please wake up and stop spewing this ignorant bull shit, thank you.

  5. Thank you thank you thank you to all the educated comments regarding the true nature of freemasonry. I'm so sick of people spreading propaganda saying masons are evil and associated with NWO! Good to know there are others out there who actually have researched freemasonry. Though there's no serious proof that Ron Paul is a freemason, if it turned out to be he is one...well damn that just makes me even more solid in my decision to vote for him (:

  6. Freemason's only have to believe in a GREATER BEING. Doesn't matter "who" it is.

  7. Freemasonry was/is a satanic & subversive cult. Hitler had them put in concentration camps with the jews for that reason. They really were an insidious threat. If you Masons think you're a member of a righteous organization then you are even greater fools then the rest of us.

  8. Hitler didn't have a single 'regular' freemason put in concentration camps anywhere in europe. He was one himself, so were many of his key generals as well of course as the people who put him in power in the first place; the German General Staff and Bro. Von Hindenberg.

  9. For real? How many bullshit masons do I have to annoy to always trigger there pride into threading me about there supreme being.

    The majority of you have no clue about your own enlightenment process. You don't know why numbers are such an important scale.

    You uneducated freemason,always think your the smart ones. When Good gas made the weak to confound the strong, and the babes to surpass the wise.

    I tell you what freemasons if you guys can find anywhere in the bible where it says coexsist with other Gods, and that God has not had those who did hunted down and slain, purged out then you would have a little toe to balance on.

  10. Jews(world bankers/israel/kabalah etc) and freemasons work closely together, hitler had jews in concentration camps so he couldnt have been a freemason. now i suppose ur gonna say he didn't put 'regular' jews in concentration camps either, now this is when i tell you stop chatting rubbish and shut up.

    And you cant characterize the whole of freemasons in to good or bad, as it consists of many different people with different personalities, different people want different things out of becoming a freemason so get that straight. I have a few friends who are masons they are in it for whatever they want out of it they are nice ppl, they believe in god, would I become a mason if asked? im not sure depends on my circumstances at the time. The problem is the people at the top and its not just higher order masons, its everyone above middle class.

    From the day we are born theres only one thing guaranteed in life and thats death! wake up ppl take a long look around you, look at the world and tell me its not a miracle, over 1 billion different species on earth and we still speculate whether there are aliens or not.
    People need to open their eyes stop thinking about money and turn to their religion.
    Theres only 1 god and he's watching you no matter what religion you are, so the point is stay true to your religion and god will take care of the rest.
    P.S STOP WATCHING TV thats what fucks the way everyone thinks, taking away people's individuality turning them in to sheep who start thinking alike.
    I guess im not done yet, from a very young age we are groomed, we are "educated" we are told we have to wear a suit for a job interview told about all aspects of life, we are told whats right and wrong at school who decides whats wrong and whats right that's for an individual to decide for themselves not for someone to tell you. we are told about all the theories aka the infamous big bang theory, darwin theory etc in essence what i am trying to say is make sure you teach your kids and REALLY educate them and don't just leave them to school cos that is where every1 gets turned into robots, that is where we get our "respect" for the authorities, abit too much for my liking, i believe in the fact that authorities should be respecting US in order to even THINK about demanding our respect they are there for us and not vice versa. I could go on and on but im sure you guys get my point so im gonna leave it at that.
    Live Long and Prosper as they say...

  11. im back just seen the video definetely freemason signs in there, 1 not mentioned above is the 1 at 19 seconds its a obvious one surprised its not mentioned. definetely the handshakes too and 1777 lol too funny!
    Live Long and Prosper

    1. Does anyone know anything about the pin Ron Paul is wearing on his left collar?

  12. Everyone that reads this please watch this video. It is two hrs and 26 mins long but it will open yours eyes to so much. The guy who made it is vey educated as he self-educated himself; however if you listen carefully at the start of the video he did a very well job. Go to youtube and search "nwo secret socities and biblical prophecy" VOTE RON PAUL

  13. the masons are behind the NWO. it is their study of zohar/kabbalah which is causing harm to this world. They study the spiritual practices of the ancient underworld and of rabbi shimon bar yochai, but the torah is not the foundation for their study. In order to understand kabbalah and the zohar, one must first extensively study the torah and believe in god's word. The mason's believe that since the secrets of the spiritual world were figured out by Jews thousands of years ago that studying the form of communication in the geographical symbolism expressed in Hebrew but they don't even know the ways of god. They believe they can use the study of the secrets in order to accomplish their personal agendas and gain wealth and power. It is, however, this freemason studying of the Zohar which is bringing about the evil spiritual powers which now live in the abyss of our dimensions of time & space. The spirit was first manifested at Hitler, then as the "war on terror" and next it will probably be the Jewish people because the Zionists behind this nonsense have hijacked the Jewish identity and faith and turned it into a materialistic nationalism. Ultimately, however, God will reign supreme in his kingdom.


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