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VIDEO: The New Israel Supreme Court Building, Jerusalem: Masonic Signs and Sights

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Uploaded on Apr 17, 2011

Series exploring the coming New World Order from a Christian perspective. In this part, more evidence of the Rothschild influence in the Israeli Supreme Court.

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Out of Egypt?

Here's a Google Map of the area with the surrounding streets.

As you can see one of the streets beside the building is Rothschild Street.

As we were reviewing the material for this re-post I found I had a great deal of difficulty in determining the actual legal street address of the building, as one of the games sometimes played by Masonry in their buildings is locating them at 'cute' street addresses.

This is all that is included at Google Maps and other sites, including the Israeli Supreme Court Website itself.
Sha'arei Mishpat, Jerusalem, 91909, Israel
+972 2-675-9612 ·

No Street Address.

Perhaps someone on the scene can solve this little mystery. Is it a big secret or something?

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