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Barack Obama & Prince Hall Freemasonry

From a March 28, 2008 Post on the Democratic Party Website Blog


Re: Moreover/Obama Muslim? Not Muslim Prince Hall Mason!!!

Mar 28th 2008 at 3:35 pm EDT


There is not one shred of evidence that he is Muslim. Grandpa told me that Barack Obama is a 32nd degree Prince Hall Mason, and goodstanding member of Royal Arch Masons,and Nights Templary.

Reverend Jesse Jackson is a 33rd degree Mason.

Reverend Jermiah Wright is also a 32nd degree mason. There are many very colorful high profile people that are Prince Hall Masons, to include Louis Farrakahn. I just can not understand why Louis Farakahn has been accepted as a high degree Mason, if he is totally contrary to most of the requirements and precepts for acceptability as a Mason in most of the Masonic Orders of the Nation and the International Masonic Orders known as Universal Masons..

The Prince Hall Masons belived to be of the Afro American Community are extremely prolific in the United States. There is a memebership of over 300,000, not including the Prince Hall Eastern Star Mason auxiliary composed by women only. Women can not be Masons.

There are hundreds of auxiliary orgs. that are under Prince Hall Masonry which is composed by huge numbers of members that could not rate accepted as masons due to requirements that were very scrutinized as to their background checks.

Reverend Al Sharpton being one a major activist in said organizations and member there of along with a huge number of Obama supporters and people in his campaign staffing....

Grandpa told me that Prince Hall Masonry is not exclusively for Blacks, he told me that a select group of people that are not of black heritage, but yet not anglo european caucasian, are Prince Hall Masons.

Grandpa is very learned on Masonoic Orders and high profile individuals that belong to many Masonic Theosophic Orders both Universal as well as international and Universal Masons Brotherhoods.

The enlightenment grandpa gave me on the subject makes me wonder if his control and knowledge of several languages and the inside intricacate trappings as to function of the Orders, might be related to the possibilty of him being of the masonic Universal Massons Orders.

However I guess that If and when he wants me to know he will clarify this to me. I do know for a fact he wears a peculiar ring with an eagle emblem and a diamond in the middle of the eagle in a triangular shape . The Eagle has its wings pointing downwards, and it is engraved on the sides with greek Character letters. The ring is really beautifull, made of Platinum and Yellow gold. He has different jewlry and rings which I thought were class rings.

Does anybody know what the Eagle ring might stand for?

I have never asked grandpa about it.

Peace to all here little Dine'


  1. Man, are we screwed!!!!!! Another evil freemason at the helm, figures!!!!

    1. you are only screwed if you want to be.

  2. Please provide your proof that 1)Louis Farrakhan is a Mason 2) Barack Obama is a Mason. Saying "Grandpa told me" is not proof. These men are not Freemasons. Provide proof!

    1. Louis F, there's no proof, but B.Obama for certain is a certified 32degree freemason, you guys need to do your homework before speaking on things, u know nothing about, I've been a freemason for 20 + years...Prove to me you have the right to know and I will show you proof . So mote it be...

    2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/masonologyblog.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/is-barack-obama-a-freemason/amp/

      Very fairy Barry Soetoro Masonic hand shakes.

    3. butthead, prove they arent. your move...

  3. First off, I have never heard of Louis Farrakhan, but you can be assured that I will be doing some research on him, I just haven't had the time yet to do so. Second,my thoughts and or opinions have nothing to do with "Grandpa". I have learned what I do know about freemasonry through books, the History channel,and ofcourse the good old internet, and not everything is true, but then again not everything is false! You just have to connect the dots. Plus the fact that my neighbor's grandfather was a mason, and she has his mason bible in which I found to be very interesting! Now, we all know that masons do not go around boasting to strangers that they are masons nor do they talk about what degree they are. From what I have learned, they take an oath to not disclose what degree they are. That is supposed to be a secret, right? Bush Jr. and Senior are both 33rd degree masons among other famous people such as Walt Disney.I don't recall hearing them talk about being a member of any masonic lodge, but yet the History channel(as far as Bush jr. and Sr. go) has disclosed that they are. There are many famous masons, I got my list through the internet a long time ago. How about the fact that Obama, Cheney, and Bush jr. are cousins? Shoot, even John Kerry is in the mix! Now, I ask you, AC, with all of this information out there, how about you prove me and many, many others wrong and provide the proof that he is not a member of The "Prince Hall Masonry" or any other Masonic lodge? I would really welcome the information and would be very happy to pass it along! Please, prove me wrong!!! I have included a couple of links for you to check out,and welcome your opinions. Peace and prosperity to you and yours.


  4. P.S. Have you heard of "Club 33"? This is Walt Disney's baby. It is located at Disneyland in Ca. and the inside is full of masonic symbols Just google club 33. Alex Jones radio show on the net is also a good source of information. Wes Tarpley (I believe thats how you spell it)was just on Alex Jones's show talking about President elect Barack Obama and what he has instore for our future. People wanted change, and boy are they going to get it!!! You'll have to tune in sometime.

  5. P.S.S. I forgot to ask you. People are talking about Barack Obama not being born in the U.S. and that a birth certificate can not be produced to prove that he was. What are your thoughts on this subject? This is a new one for me. I, myself, will have to do my own research on this one!

    1. hes a liar, Trump called this out in 2015 and was told to take it back, Trump dii, but watch out. OBAMA is a gay president coacked to say wht the puppet mastets want,

  6. President Obama IS NOT a Prince Hall Mason. I'm a Prince Hall Mason and that discussion has been had multiple times within the organization. NO HE IS NOT! Tell your 'grandpa' he's wrong. Min. Farrakhan, too, is not a Prince Hall Mason neither.

    1. I'm a 32 degree PHA freemason as well brother and with all do respect you need to do your homework, B. Obama is a PHA freemason, Have your Grandmaster and the ones who are responsible or guiding and teaching you , discussions are one thing, what's on paper is another..... spes mea in deo est

  7. I am NOT little Dine'!!!!!!!! I am an anonymous viewer!

  8. Don't trust masons. If anonymous, the prince hall mason says obama and farrakhan are not members, they probably are. Masons lie to protect their fraternity and hide their influence.

  9. Thanks! I already knew he wasn't telling the truth. I guess I struck a few nerves with him!!! LOL!!! I have been researching masons for a long time,and I know that they will stop at nothing to get their way!!!! Even murder! I flip off any masonic lodge when I happen to drive by them!!! I call it "The Drive-by flip off" LOL! Again, thanks for the validation!!!!

  10. Last entry,(for now):I will be looking forward to inauguration day, to see how many bibles President elect Barack Obama uses to be sworn into office!! Peace out!

  11. I think Obama is probably a mason. But a mason or not change Obama wants change obama gets.

  12. Masons must only believe in GOD. Just because Obama is a Muslim does not mean he is not a Mason. My guess is that he is not only a Mason but a 32 degree and probably will become a 33rd degree. Masonry and all that is stands for is evil.

    1. ok bro you says that masons must believe god but what name of their god the anticrist dajjal the one eyed illuminati god of freemasons obamma is also 32 degree mason fucker mason .


  13. yeah! Their God, not our God!!

  14. Hy

    My name is Alex Sandro Ferreira Fernandes, I am brasilian. Barack is mason, wonderful, I also am then it I go to govern the biggest power of the world with equality principles, freedom and fraternity between whites and blacks. Yes or no? G::A::D:: is Jesus

  15. Mr. Fernandez, weather you are white, black, asian, italian, mexican, etc., we are all part of one race, the human race! Of course it would be ideal that we could all get along, and work together, but unfortunately there are many people out there that feel differently. I personally have no problem that pres. elect Barack Obama is black. My problem is that he is a 32nd degree mason. Masons have their own agendas. The lower degrees have no clue of what that agenda is, it's the higher degrees that know what that agenda is, and THEY are the dangerous ones! The higher degrees keep the lower degrees in the dark, and no, Jesus is NOT their god! Lets put it this way, "Today’s problems cannot be solved by the minds that created them"! My parents at one time were members of the Masonic lodge and were very proud to be members, until they were promoted to a certain higher degree. At this degree they both left the Masonic lodge and joined another, (a different lodge). What was really weird is that they never spoke of the Masonic lodge ever again, not one word, and the looks on their faces was one of disgust. When I asked why they were no longer members, they just told me that this was not a lodge that they wanted to be apart of, and that was that. Now that I am older, and have done the research , I now know why they had that look of disgust and why they left the Masonic lodge. Plus the perks that masons get, keep the rest of the population down. For instance, 2 contractors bidding for the same job, the one offering the job is a mason , and only one of the bidders is a mason. Now, even though the non mason has a lower bid, and is known to do great work, it is the mason who will get the contract because of the brotherhood! Masons only do for masons, the rest of us get the shaft. I also know about the “New World Order” to come, and it is the Masons that want to make it a reality. The wheels are turning at this very moment, and have been for centuries, and if people don’t wake up, and stop floating around in their little bubbles, they will soon find themselves in a nightmare that they will never be able to wake up from, because at this point it will be too late, it will be reality!!!! Remember when J.F.K. was assassinated ? At the time there was a conspiracy going around that it was our own government (USA) that killed him, (CIA), and I find it very interesting that George Bush Sr. was the head of the CIA at that time! Not to mention the fact that he was and is a member of the Masonic lodge and is now a 33rd degree mason!!!!!!! Makes ya wonder doesn’t it?!!!!!

  16. Another way for Masons to recognize each other in the business/financial world is the supposedly secret masonic symbols they put on their business signs, such as the all seeing eye, an owl,(or a statue of), triangles, etc. Some coffee cafe's, boutiques, hospitals, and prescription companys show these symbols (t.v.commercials). There is a show on the food channel called "Diners,Drive-ins and Dives" hosted by Guy Fieri. Great show, but again, he is a mason. He wore his masonic ring on his cooking show called "Serious Eats". This is just a thought, but, it makes me wonder if some or all of the restaurants he endorses on DD&D, are owned by masons. HMMMMMMMM! A great example is the advertisment below for Ines' Gloves! I myself keep an eye out for these symbols, and do not patronize these business's, and do my best to stay away from drug companys(and their new designer drugs) and hospitals that show these symbols and or statues. I do not wish to be their guinea pig!

  17. WHOOPS!!!! All of a sudden Ines' Gloves advertisement is no longer there! HMMMMMM, I wonder what happened! LOL!

  18. I am a member of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free & Accepted Masons, Jurisdiction of Massachusetts. The birth place of Prince Hall Masons and it is a shame to all the false info on this site. If our President Elect Barack Obama was I Mason of any form brothers all over would be more then proud to say he is a member of there organization.

  19. I could only wish that this info here was false! The history channel and Alex Jones have exposed your organization for what it really is! Once, every year, top degree masons/heads of state from all over the world, gather at the Bohemian Grove in Ca.(an all mens club) to worship and pay omage to an owl god! They dress up in these ridiculious robes, walking through the woods at night with tortches, bellowing out satonic chants, and setting fire to a doll (in a small boat) to represent a baby or child to sacrifice to an owl god!! I have this on dvd!!!! They were caught on camera without their knowledge by Alex Jones himself!! Bush Sr. and Bush jr. among others, have attended this ritual. The inside of the Bohemian Grove has owls all over the place! If the people around the world saw this, you would all be committed to a psych. ward! The "History Channel" has a show(documentary) called "CHRISTMAS UNWRAPPED". This is really messed up!!!!! Ever since I saw this show, Christmas has never been the same!!!!!! I also have a very large book that exposes everything about masons. The meaning of the two headed eagle, the reason why the furniture is arranged the way it is in the Oval Office at the white house and what the roses in the middle represent, hand shakes, etc. Shame on you, all of you!!!! You used the word "WORSHIPFUL", I ask you Sr. mason, whom do you really worship???? I already know, lets see if you have the guts to tell the rest of the world the truth! I doubt very seriously that you will!!

  20. The documentary called "END GAME" pretty much say's it all!! At least what your plans are for us non masons! Pres. Bush on June 26th of this year signed a declaration of national emergency due to the existance and risk of the proliferation of weapons-usable fissile material on the Korean peninsula. A national security threat was the only thing needed to be able to implement martial law in this country, which would be carried out by FEMA, which is also known as the "SECRET GOVERNMENT" by any pres. at any time! On a very early morning news cast, it was reported that Korea had given in to U.S. demands(I have this taped), so why does our country(President) still consider Korea to be a national threat? On May 9th of this year Pres. Bush signed a directive that grants near dictorial powers to the office of the Pres. in the event of a national emergency without so much as issuing a press statement. It is printed in the May 24th issue of Tennessee's Chattanoogan News paper(editorial page) with the heading "NSPD-51:Bush prepares Martial Law"/Bush makes power grab! I find it funny how this incarnation went unnoticed by the New York Times and other major media's! If martial law is put into place, "FEMA" has the power to suspend laws, move entire populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant and hold them without trial, seize property, food supplies,transportation systems, and can suspend the constitution! It is the most powerful entity in the U.S. and was not even created under constitutional law by the congress. It was a product of a Presidential Executive order. Now, this is not the U.S. military nor the CIA, they are subject to congress. FEMA was originally conceived in the Richard Nixon Administration, and was refined by Pres. Carter and given teeth in the Ronald Reagan and George Bush Administrations(Reagan and Bush= MASONS!!!!!) Just google "FEMA EXECUTIVE ORDERS". Also if martial law is put into place, it can also suspend any presidential election, which means the president of the U.S. at the time will remain president until martial law is lifted. I call this a dictatorship!!! There are over 800 prison camps in the U.S. and all are fully operational and ready to receive prisoners(us). They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but these prisons at the moment are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA should martial law be implemented in the U.S. and all it would take is a presidential signature on a warrant to which a list of names is attached( this is where the main core data base comes in). The main core data base is the name of the system that our government uses to listen in on, and document our phone calls to be used against us at a later time). Even if we just talk about this stuff, we can be considered a combatant and be arrested! After the REX 84 Program is implemented( this is Reagans deal)which means if there is a large mass of illegal aliens entering the U.S., they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention centers by FEMA. REX 84 has already allowed many military bases to be closed down to be turned into prisons. Operation Garden Plot and Operation Cable Splicer are two sub programs that will be implemented after the REX 84 program is initiated. Garden Plot is the program to control the population and operation Cable Splicer is the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government. FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state(The New World Order)and will head up all operations. The Presidential Executive Orders are listed on the federal register and are part of the legal framework for this operation. For more info on this subject just google "FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive orders". In order for the New World Order to take place, our government must get the population down to 500,000. This is shown (written) on the "GEORGIA TEMPLATES" in which it is said that it is a mystery on who built these templates,and whose land they are on. B.S.! Masons know!!! This is where the chemtrails come in, g.m. foods,etc. Just read "Eating in the Dark" by Kathleen Hart. If you decide to do so, be prepared for what you are about to read! It is said that America has a weight problem, gee I wonder why? High fructose corn syrup is high in sugar content and can be found in many food products! It also makes you crave more food, even if you had eaten a sufficient meal! But, they won't tell you that!! G.M. foods have been modified to create their own pesticide which saves farmers money, but can make us really sick!!!! for instance, the company Monsanto makes the product "ROUND-UP Weed Killer" and U.S. soybeans are soaked in this product!!!! Don't believe me, just read the book I mentioned above! Africa's government had refused these "ROUND-UP" ready soybeans and in turn the U.S. ended up sending them organic soybeans instead. People in Africa are starving and even they won't eat this crap!!! G.M. foods did not have to pass any FDA regulations either. They are not labled and the company's that are involved said that if they had to label which foods have been genetically modified, that they might as well put a skull and crossbones on the label! I know this sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but unfortunately it is true. You can google the things I have mentioned and do your own research. At least I give info that you can check on, masons just expect us to take their word for it. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

  21. 아 이런 오~ 밤아!

  22. By the way,you say that brothers from all over would be proud to say that Barack Obama was a member of the organization. Ok, if that is the case, then why hasn't the public heard the organization boast about past masons, (including the most recent), making it to the Presidency? As far as I know, lodges don't publicize their accomplishments to anyone, unless they are members. That would be like a child in grade school being publicized on t.v. for getting an A on their math test. Other than the immediate family and closest friends, who would really give a darn! So I ask you, what is your point?

  23. Whoa! What the Heck does that mean? Or is that a secret too?

  24. put it in english!!!!!

  25. not fair, I can't respond!! LOL!

  26. ok,this is Korean! (Oh like this five ~ night Oh)
    This is the translation I get back. What are you trying to say?

  27. whoops, I meant 500 million!

  28. google operation cloverleaf and this will tell you about the chemtrails!

  29. http://imageevent.com/firesat/strangedaysstrangeskies?z=3&c=4&n=1&m=-1&w=4&x=0&p=14
    The first one is about the chemtrails, the others are Alex Jones websites

  30. To the blithering idiots who think that Obama, GWB are freemasons. Tell me this. If you are so sure about their membership, then you should be able to tell me when and where, and WHICH LODGE initiated, passed, and raised them. I am a proud 32º Prince Hall freemason in Flordia. It is a FACT that Obama has NEVER been initiated in any legally constituted lodge of masonry (Prince Hall or othewise). Prince Hall masons do NOT make any secret of peoples membership. If Obama was a member, we would ALL proudly say so.
    If he is a member, then I challenge you to: NAME THE LODGE AND JURISDICTION where he was made a mason. Once cannot be mad a mason without a lodge doing so. That is like saying Joe Blow is a Doctor, but one cannot name the medical school where Joe Blow graduated from or the state where Joe Blow has a medical license.
    Also, our Grand Master at the last zone meeting commented about how he would like to see Obama made a mason at sight IF ELECTED. That can only be done by a Grand Master, and if so would be deferred to the Prince Hall Grand Master of Illinois Angelo Jones. If Obama was already a mason, you wouldn't have a Grand Master talking about making someone a mason at sight.

    There is precedence. in 1908 prior to inauguration, Then-President-Elect William Howard Taft WAS made a mason at sight by the Grans Master of Ohio. This was a recorded event. The GM set up an occassional lodge to confer the ceremony.

    There is no such thing as a secret member. And there is no prohibition as to telling your degree. I proudly display my 32º emblem on my car. So anti-masonic idiots need to get a life and start providing some REAL PROOF. So your homework is...
    1) Give me the NAME of the lodge and Jurisdiction where GWB, OBAMA, Biden, McCain were supposedly mad masons. EVERY MASON IN THE WORLD has these credentials. If thery were made a mason at sight, NAME the Grandmaster who did the ceremony, as ONLY Grandmasters can make people masons at sight.

    Patiently awaiting response ;-)

  31. Just check out his website, you should find your answers there!!!! And I have only one word to say to you, lets see if you know what this is! NIBIRU!!!!!! ;-)

  32. I meant Obama's website.

  33. P.S. You say that you display your 32nd degree emblem on your car, I'll bet it's the size of a quarter, and placed on your back bumper amongst a whole aray of other distractions, such as bumper stickers! Not to mention the fact that most people don't even know what it means, so why should they care, let alone look! People put all kinds of junk on their bumpers, windows, etc., it's all the same, and Masons know this, so no point made here! There are many people who are not aware of what is going on in this country,(the Big Lie), but that doesn't make them "BLITHERING IDIOTS", they are just uninformed! They are made up of mostly young adults (18 to 25 yr.olds), that haven't been taught the Constitution prior to graduation,(I found out you have to take a class in college to learn the branches of government and the Constitution of the United States, how sad is that? I remember a time when it was part of the curriculum!), and people from other countries don't really understand our Constitution, Heck, most of them don't even speak english! They see this as the land of opportunity, the "American Dream", thats all they see. Neither could even begin to fathom what it means to be a free mason, and understand it's teachings! I have also asked you,(masons) to come up with proof that Barack Obama is not a mason, so far, NO DELIVERY!!! You are the third mason to be asked this question! You want proof that he is, but yet you can not provide proof that he isn't! HELLO!!!! I get the feeling your ignoring the question! Plus, I never said anything about Biden and McCain being Masons. Their just related! I never said they were "made masons", "right at the sight" either! As far as G.W.B. goes, you should also ask the History Channel that question! I find it very interesting that out of all the things that have been mentioned on this website, the only dispute and or question any of you (masons) are concerned about is getting "proof" from any one of us non masons, that Barack Obama is a member of the brotherhood! And now G.W.B.! Here again, I urge you to ask the History Channel about G.W.B. You should be paying more attention to the documentaries that are on television these days, instead of watching shows like "Deal or No DEAL", and the "Wheel of Fortune"! The Discovery Channel is also a very good source of information! You also used the word "raised"....fascinating !!!

  34. Oh,I forgot, check this out "CODEX MAGICA" by TEXE MARRS, :-)

    1. Codec magica is not the only book on masonry and should be recongnized as an opinion

  35. REMEMBER, A picture is worth a thousand words!!!!!!!! and purhaps a bag of chips too!!! LOL!

  36. Now, how did that "U" get into the word "perhaps" LOL! :-)

  37. To lay any rest about the conspiracy theories about the masons, first I am a 3rd Degree Master Mason, which is the highest degree honored by the Blue Lodge. There are not conspiracy theory there. First, you ask for proof that Obama is not a Mason or Prince Hall however you cannot grasp the concept that you cannot prove something doesn't exist. I assure you Obama is not a Mason and if he was there would be record of it as every member documented as a Master Mason once they are raised. I read about Nibiru and think that you guys have way too much time on your hands it you can't think of anything better than alien lifeforms coming to earth from a distant planet.....give me a break! As far as the Masonic Lodges, they are a place for men and sometimes their families to get together and put aside all this crap that goes on outside the doors. All men in a Masonic Lodge meet on the level meaning that they are all equal and are treated as such during any meeting. Thanks for your time, May you live in interesting times....

  38. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!! Same crap, different day! You are a third degree master mason, WOW!!! You have much to learn grasshopper!!! With each degree, comes more knowledge as you already know, so be patient, you'll catch up with the rest of us, someday! I thank you also for your time, and may you live in interesting times too!

  39. If any of you are more interested in the Evils of Masonic, visit the below site
    We also have a DVD of a recent meeting in Sept. where it is shown of the Pagan Roots of the Masonic.

  40. BTW, if "Masons" are such god loving people, why do they offer The Prince Hall Lodge. Afterall, "masonic" is supposed to be "universal" in it's acceptance of others, as long as they belive in "A Supreme Being".

    The God I serve doesn't see the color of one's skin and also doesn't keep out of Heavan those who are deformed or maimed.

    Yet the "Masonic" "Ahiman Rezon" states those very things, concerning one who is deformed or maimed. Why ? Because they say that person is "unable to do the works of a Mason".

    WAKE UP !! Masonic System is not of God The Father!!

  41. I was once a very high ranking Mason, and I can assure all the readers of this blog that Freemasonry is a Luciferian organization.

  42. YEAH!!!!!!!! Finally!!!! Validation is soooooo sweet!!!!! I don't know who wrote the blogs after "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH", but all I can say is thank you, you have made my day!!!!!

  43. P.S. I will definately check out the website posted, and will be passing it on to many!!

  44. To comment on the Prince Hall Lodges, they are not the only Lodges that accept African American members. My Lodge consists of many different people of many different races. When we meet on the "level" nobody is looked at by the color of their skin or their religion. As for the person who said that they are a high ranking Mason and can confirm that Freemasonry is is a Luciferian organization, I don't know what Lodge you crawled out from under but it certainly is not. Why is it that when taking an oath in the Masonic Rituals you place your hands on the symbol of your faith? When the president takes his oath of office, Why would this country allow him to place his hands on a Luciferian object such as the Masonic Bible of George Washington? You may want to educate yourselves on the Masons through history that have done good for their communities, countries and for all mankind. If it was such a "satanic cult" then we would not strive to make ourselves better people by teaching Love, honor and brotherhood to ALL mankind, not just Masons. I think that your thoughts are clouded with hate and misconceptions that you have come across on the internet instead of investigating them yourselves. I think that the people that speak negatively of Masons are ignorent people who only go with the flow and say what they hear or read in blogs like this. I think that it's sad that instead of looking into these accusations yourselves you lash out to everyone who is in an organization that does nothing but good. As for everyone on this blog that says they are a Mason or were....and speak poorly of the Fraternity, I seriously doubt you were at any time a part of Freemasonry or you would speak about it the way you do. As for me stating that I am a 3rd Degree Master Mason, which is the highest rank recognized by the Blue Lodge, I never stated that I did not further my progress through the Red Lodge. I happen to be a 32nd Degree Mason in the Scottish and York Rite and never have I come across anything that would be at all Luciferian or Satanic. We only speak of God, The Heavenly Father, Almighty God, The Creator of the Universe. I am a Christian and my faith is not compromised at all by my progression through Masonry. The rituals that take place behind the doors are only to teach men how to improve themselves through Masonry. It is no different than any other men's club that are out there. And to speak about how Masons do not accept anyone who is maimed or deformed....you really need to get with the times. If you actually do your research you will find that in the days when the Knight Templar protected travelers that were in fear of their lives, they were required to be able to defend themselves along with the people they were protecting, so YES at THAT TIME they were required to be fit men. These days however, there are many crippled men in my lodge and they are not looked at any differently than anyone else. Why don't you guys speak about groups that openly express their hatred for people like the Skinheads. I would worry more about them taking power in this country or any other country. That's something that scares me. As for Freemasonry, You guys can say whatever you want, but I just have to say that you are all misinformed.

    1. Ephesians 5:12
      For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

    2. You tube....jfk speech on secret societies

  45. From what I've read, freemasonry has been behind many powerful men, including kings and presidents.
    It must be a pretty incompetent organization if after all this time and with all those connections it still hasn't managed to establish whatever new world order it wants.
    The way I see it, if it can't get anything done with prior presidents, it won't with present or future ones.
    If my only source of enjoyment or validation was an obsession with masonic conspiracy, I would be just like some of you. But since it's not, I find this whole masonic conspiracy (wrapped up with alien invasions and satanic cults?), mildly amusing bordering on boring.

  46. If freemasonry is so secrective, How do you know about it? If lower degree masons have no clue of what's really going on, how do you know and your not even a member? You say you read books on the subject and it's a secrect how did you get them? If Obama is a freemason what lodge and jurisdiction does he come from? If freemasonry is so hiden why are there rings, jewelry, books at the barnes & noble, clothes, car emblems and decals, licens plates, car tags, ect.. on desplay? Your whole little theory is bullshit! First, theres no plot to take over the world, don't you think we would have done it by now, if all of the members were so powerful as you claim, you say that we show favor for our own, in some cases this could be true, but I also seen the same thing go on with people who attended the same school, church, other fraternities, law enforcement, firemen,hunting clubs, and so on. You say you got your info from the history channel and discovery, well you need to look at it again because G.W.Bush was a member of skull & bones not freemasonry and no it's not the same. The only defence you have, is that we must be lying because were masons, and you saw it on youtube or some other anti- masonic web page so it must be true, please do some real research, and that guy writing saying I was a high ranking member and it's satanic, is a lier, I'm a 32nd, R.A.M and Knights Templar and I never came across the devil, there is no rule stating that you should never tell what degree your in, the only thing secrect is the passwords and hand shakes and even thats not secrect for a nosey person you can find whatever you like at the local barnes & noble. Look get a life, I've been in since 95' all we do is make new brothers and do blood drives, food drives, toy and clothes drives for christmas, feed the homeless on the holidays, check in on the really old in the community even pay thier bills when they need it, visit churches, do fund raisers for burned out families, Yea. I can see how that can sound evil.

  47. I couldn't agree more with the previous post. All us Masons do is nothing but good for the community and people that can't do for themselves. We do all this for people that aren't even Masons. How can something so honorable and respectable be at all "satanic". I agree that the person who wrote that he is a high ranking Mason and he can confirm that it is satanic.....If he was and the key word is "IF" he was a Mason then he wouldn't speak about the Fraternity the way he does. There is nothing behind what Masons do behind closed doors. Any of the rituals and symbolism you can find in books....so, if it is so "secrative" then why do we have all these published books about them. Even Masons themselves write about the experiences and meanings behind the rituals. Yes, there is a level of secracy, it is a society with secrets, not a secret society. We open our doors to anyone who wants to know more about Freemasonry. If it were so demonic and satanic then we wouldn't want any outside people making their way into the Fraternity and certainly if we were powerful enough, we would have taken over the world by now. The truth is and will always be that we are an organization that strives to make men better. Freemasonry teaches us to live our lives with honor and dignity. I read somewhere about the purpose behind Freemasonry and I think it couldn't be said any better than:

    Yet, if we remember the admonitions of Masonic ritual we realize that Masonry urges all its members to become good citizens, to be active in civic work and in improving the community in which the Mason lives.

    He must also be a good father and spend whatever time is necessary with his children to see that they become good citizens.

    He is also to be a faithful to the FAITH of his choosing and support it with his personal efforts and funds.

    He is to take an active interest in the education of all children and should be a worker in all organizations for the improvement of schools and institutions of learning.

    He should be interested in the physical development of children through proper sports and other activities.

    In addition to all this, he must be a good worker and not neglect his job, his business or his profession, and he must support his family.

    So, those "too many other things," are the direct result of putting the teachings of Masonry into actual practice.

    Should anyone complain that a Mason is trying his best to follow the admonitions he has received, over and over, in the ritual of the degrees he has taken?

    It is impossible for anyone to be active in all these things and still be effective, so he must limit his efforts to doing those things which he can do best.

    Is he a good ritualist? Perhaps not, so he works in other ways to "add to the common stock of knowledge" and to put into everyday practice the admonitions of Masonry.

    Certainly, Masonry is not a religion, but it teaches practical, every day application of the most profound religious principles.

    It is not a political party, but it admonishes every member to be active in support of those fundamental facts of government and politics which have made this nation great.

    It is not an educational institution, but it promotes education at every level of society.

    It is not a civic club, but it teaches every member to be active in promoting the welfare of his community.

    It is not a welfare agency, but it emphasizes the duty of every person to assist the needy, the helpless, the widow and the orphan, wherever they may be.

    It is not a law enforcement agency, but it demands obedience by its members to all laws, and it insists upon the protection of women and requires that its members maintain good moral character.

    In short, it teaches all the finest principles of good citizenship and expects its members to live according to those rules.

    Some are merchants, some are physicians, others are lawyers, workers and men of all vocations.

    This is because different men have varied abilities and capabilities, being outstanding in one particular field of endeavor, but having little liking for others.

    Should we then require everyone to be poured into the same mold whereby they become good ritualists or workers in lodges?

    Let's be glad that our work in the lodge has brought about such fine results and taught so many men to become active in their communities. Let’s stop complaining and start talking about the marvelous results of Masonry's work over the years.”

    Bliss Kelly, Oklahoma Mason, (Reprinted in The California Mason)

    *To all those who want to speak poorly about Freemasonry, I urge you to read the above words and then ask yourselves, Does Masonry sound bad? Do you really think that we are just covering up or putting up a good front for such a satanic or demonic "cult"? I think not.....Educate yourselves a little more and open your minds to what is the truth about Freemasonry.

    I will agree that there have been bad people that have been Freemasons, maybe that's where all this bad feeling about the Fraternity comes from, but the truth is there are bad people in every organization. It doesn't mean that the organization itself is bad.

  48. The comments I posted above about "the deformed" or "maimed" not being allowed came straight out of the "Ahiman Rezon" that my fatherhad as a 32nd degree Mason.
    The same book, here in SC also stated that blacks were not to be allowed.
    That is straight out of the book, not some internet blog site.
    Should I go on about more of your rituals?
    Why not admit it, the secrets are well established even in the "Ahiman Rezon" that some things are to only be uttered, spoken in secret, never to be written, lest they be made public in a setting such as this.
    I have nothing to hide.
    Feel free to visit my site at;
    Better yet, if you are close to SC, come Dec13th and hear the second part of "The Masonic Deception". THIS AIN"T NO JOKE !

  49. I understand what you are saying, however you fail to realize that you are quoting a book that was last modified and printed in 1813. As I stated before, in the OLD DAYS, YES, maimed or deformed people were not allowed to become Masons, but times have changed. In my Lodge there are many older gentlemen and several cripled men that still have made through even the highest ranks of Freemasonry. The Ahiman Rezon was also written for the Ancient Grand Lodge Of England which was formed in 1751 who believed themselves to be part of an older and original Masonic tradition (which confirms exactly what I have stated before) and do not ally themselves with the Moderns Grand Lodge of 1717. Again you speak of something that you do not personally know anything about first hand. You choose to pick certain things out of a book and do not see the picture as a whole. The book of Ahiman Rezon also states:

    A Mason is obliged by his Tenure to believe firmly in the true Worship of the eternal God, as well as in all those sacred Records which the Dignitaries and Fathers of the Church have compiled and published for the Use of all good Men: So that no one who rightly understands the Art, can possibly tread in the irreligious Paths of the unhappy Libertine, or be induced to follow the arrogant Professors of Atheism or Deism; neither is he to be stained with the gross Errors of blind Superstition, but may have the Liberty of embracing what Faith he shall think proper, provided at all Times he pays a due Reverence to his Creator, and by the World deals with Honour and Honesty ever making that golden Precept the Standard-Rule of his Actions, which engages, To do unto all Man as he would they should do unto him.

    I do not deny that there are things that are only muttered in secrecy. As I stated before, Freemasonry is not a secret society but a society with secrets. You may want to educate yourself with other Lodges and their rituals before you so passionately condemn another. Also, you may want to speak to your grandfather because I'm sure if he knew that you speak of Freemasonry the way you do, then he would probably set you straight himself. Maybe you would respect his words a bit more than anyone elses. Also I am not at all urged to go to place full of anti-Masons who insist on speaking about something that they do not understand or know themselves and further more teach that there is any type of "deception" associated with Freemasonry. And by the way I think that seminar, or whatever it may be....is in fact, A JOKE!!

  50. I am qouting a book that was printed in 1965 right here in SC.
    It goes on to say that the reason the deformed shouldn't be allowed is that they couldn't do the works of the craft. It makes a later provision for if the person had artificial limbs etc.
    BTW, you must have mixed up some of the post when you mentioned my Grandfather.
    I did mention my dad, who passed away a couple of years ago. He BTW, quit the Masons a few years ago, and said that he had made things right with God.
    NOW, back to the "Ahiman Rezon", and your claim about God. Does it not state that as long as one believes in "a Supreme Being" that person would be considered?
    That recognizes, whatever God you believe in, doesn't it.
    If you are a Jew, then the God of the Torah.
    If you are a Christian, then the God of the Holy Bible, OT and NT.
    If you are Muslim, then the God of the Koran.
    What about Hindu ? Or what about Mormons ?
    Anything goes, as long as one believes in "a Supreme Being".
    Why doesn't the Ahiman Rezon make it clear that unless one believes in Christ Jesus and PRAY to The Father in His name, then one is lost. According John and 1 John, God is The Word and God is The Truth and God is Yahushua,Christ Jesus.

    As far as the seminar and whether you think it to be a joke, come on by and have a few laughes then.

  51. Also the speaker and teacher is a former 32 degree Mason on the Scottish Rite side and a Knights Templar on the York side. All qoutes and teachings are coming straight from the "Ahiman Rezon" and writings of the Masonic sites from here in the SC region.

  52. Freemasonry is not a religion, that is why they do not turn away anyone regardless of their faith. For you to say as a Christian (I assume) that anyone that doesn't pray in the name of Jesus Christ is lost, seems a little misguided to me. Some religions believe that Christianity is wrong in their beliefs because it states in the bible that thou shall not worship any other Gods before me.....So shouldn't you pray to God, not Jesus Christ. By you saying that anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus is lost, then you are saying that all Jews are what....going to hell? That doesn't sound very CHRISTIAN of you, does it? So out of all the religions out there only CHRISTIANS are going to heaven, right, because everyone else is lost? It doesn't matter how you live your life? So a Muslim, Budhist, Hindu, Catholic, Jew, etc. that lives a good life and lives by the golden rule is not going to heaven? I think that you should research Christianity as a Monotheistic Religion, guess what....it's not. You worship 3 Gods....the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (the TRINITY). Wow, sounds satanic to me, worshiping 3 different Gods....Now that would be very close minded and hypocritical of me to say that, wouldn't it? I don't speak bad about anyone's religion and my thought is that as long as someone leads a good life, does right to all mankind, be a good husband, a good father and most of all hold good morals, I think that person will find his seat in heaven regardless of whether or not he sits in church every Sunday or regardless of what book he reads and what God he worships.

    I am sorry that your father quit Freemasonry "to set himself right with God", but there should have been absolutely no conflict between his religion and Freemasonry because Freemasonry is not a religion. I think he might have been forced to quit when the paster of his church (being an anti-mason) found out he was attending Lodge and insisted that he quit. There are a lot of closed minded individuals out there like yourself.

    Honestly I'm getting tired of these attacks against Freemasonry and take it personally, especially when people say to me that because I don't pray to Jesus, I'm going to hell. I think by you judging me, you put yourself first in that line, right? I know where I will be sitting when Judgement day arrives. I hope you find the light on your distorted path and maybe I will see you there too.

  53. To Anonymous,
    If you and I are going to continue this conversation, then let's get everything out on the table.I posted a link to my site, where i you had taken the time to go there, you would find out that I am a non-denominational pastor of a body of believers of Yahushua,The Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Jake Kilgus and I have nothing to hide.
    I want you to understand one thing a friend of mine said that I have to agree with,
    "there are a lot of good Masons out there, BUT, there is NOTHING good about the Masonic system".
    You made mention, as I believe others have, that I am speaking from an old Ahiman Rezon and that it is not what you go by. While that may be the case, ALL things have a root, a begining. If you would take the time to study the books of the Ancient Free Masons and really study the history of these various lodges, I believe you would begin to see some things differently.
    Let me ask you a question here and now, before we go any further.
    What scripture do you study?
    The Torah?
    The Holy Bible, OT & NT ?
    The Koran ?
    I am asking in order to get a feel for where you are coming from on your remarks concerning being a Christian.

  54. To Anonymous,
    you misqouted me by saying, "Honestly I'm getting tired of these attacks against Freemasonry and take it personally, especially when people say to me that because I don't pray to Jesus, I'm going to hell. I think by you judging me, you put yourself first in that line, right?"

    I didn't say Pray to Jesus, here is what I said in this matter;
    "Why doesn't the Ahiman Rezon make it clear that unless one believes in Christ Jesus and PRAY to The Father in His name, then one is lost."
    Jesus himself taught us to Pray to the Father.
    John, the evangelist, whom Masons look to as one of their patron saints, spoke of Jesus and understood who Yahushua,Christ Jesus was.
    Why does the Masonic system not mention Jesus in it's writings?
    Why is the name of Jesus not allowed to be used in the Lodge during communication, as in opening or closing of meetings ?

  55. I was looking again at this on pg 117 & 118 of the Ahiman Rezon that I have.
    The one that really caught my first is the "Ionic", which has it's roots as such;
    "There is both delicacy and ingenuity displayed in this pillar, the invention of which is attributed to the Ionians, as the famous temple of Diana at Ephesus was of this order"

    This being the same goddess Diana found in the Book of Acts 19;
    Acts 19:26-28 (King James Version)

    26Moreover ye see and hear, that not alone at Ephesus, but almost throughout all Asia, this Paul hath persuaded and turned away much people, saying that they be no gods, which are made with hands:

    27So that not only this our craft is in danger to be set at nought; but also that the temple of the great goddess Diana should be despised, and her magnificence should be destroyed, whom all Asia and the world worshippeth.

    28And when they heard these sayings, they were full of wrath, and cried out, saying, Great is Diana of the Ephesians

    So this "The Ionic" pillar, which is one of "The Five Orders" of Masonic is clearly fashioned after a pagan goddess temple.

  56. Anonymous,
    As far as your position on salvation, listen to what God's Holy Word says;

    John3:13And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.
    14And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:
    15That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.
    16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    17For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
    18He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
    19And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

    God's word makes it clear in verse 16 the God loved the world, that is to say, everyone in it and that He sent His Son to save it. In verse 17 it is said again that the world through him might be saved. In verse 18 it tells us that if you believe in the Son, you are not condemned.
    SALVATION is ONLY through the belief in The Son of God.
    Good deed and good works can not assure one of entry into heavan. Listen to what Paul the Apostle had to say on good works to those same people at Ephesus that worshipped the goddess Diana:
    Ephesians 2:8-10 (King James Version)
    8For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
    9Not of works, lest any man should boast.
    10For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

    The Masonic system teaches that one is to work their way into heavan. This is completely contrary to God's Holy Word, as we have just read.
    The Master Mason is taught that his new level is similiar to being resurrected.Listen again to God's Holy Word on this subject:
    John 11:24-26 (King James Version)
    24Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.
    25Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:
    26And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

    My question for you my friend is the same,
    "Believest thou this".

    Brother, you need to wake up to the real Light, and His name is Yahushua,Christ Jesus, The Son of God !!

  57. First I will say that I read many books concerning all different religions. I consider myself a monotheist, Believing in 1 God, as I feel is interpreted in the Bible as well. The reason Masons do not pray in Jesus's name is because it would offend other brothers that are not of the Christian faith. I would think that as a pastor, you could understand this. The problem I have is that you state that salvation is only through Jesus Christ. I'm sorry but by saying that you are indirectly saying that everyone else in every other religion does not have their seat in heaven. I knew a man once that would sit in his room and read the Bible every night, raise his hands to God in church, pray more than any other person I knew and spoke in tongues the loudes....yet, he would go home and beat his wife and children. To you I say, NO, I think you are wrong. I think that your actions and the way you lead your life has more hold than anything else. I feel that people of every religion, regardless of what it may be, can find their place in heaven if they live a good and just life. I think it is wrong to think that 1 religion is right and all the others are wrong. To answer your question in an earlier post, I don't pray to God, I speak directly to him and he does speak back to me. I have all the answers I need in regards to my beliefs and faith and I certainly do not need someone, regardless of their position telling me otherwise. I must comment by saying that my assurance from God supercedes yours, no disrespect intended. I do not consider myself having just 1 religion, to answer your previous question, I study all of them and find 1 common truth in all of them. The Bible has very good and important teachings, don't get me wrong, but the most important teachings are the 10 commandments and the Golden Rule. I believe that as long as you believe in God, regardless of his name and live by the rules set forth, a person will find his seat in heaven. No, I am not an athiest, pagan, satanist or any other groups like that, I do consider myself a person with his trust and faith in God and God alone. So, I ask you this, because I don't pray in Jesus's name or pray to God through Jesus's name, are you saying that I am lost? Because by you saying I am lost, I take that as you saying that I am not going to heaven. If your answer is yes, then I ask you, who are you to judge anyone? Does the Bible teach you to judge others? I've read the Bible and I have never come across anything that says that it is ok to judge anyone.

  58. Anonymous,
    Please, I gave you the direct scriptures right out of God's Holy Word. Don't take my word for it, READ IT FOR YOURSELF.
    The Holy Bible makes it very clear that to refuse the Son of God, one remains in condemnation. I gave you the scripture above in John 3.
    I didn't write this word, It is from His Holy Word.

  59. BTW, Anonymous, you said you don't have just one religion,
    It isn't about religion anyway!
    Religion is man's feeble attempt to reach a Holy God, when God is about "relationship" not religion. That one on one personal kind of relationship is only available through the indwelling of The Holy Spirit in the Believer. A person must be "Born Again", in the Spirit realm and repent of their old sinful life, which is toturn away from ALL manner of evil! Including the paganistic rituals that go on in the lodges of yourbeloved masoni system.

  60. John 12:47-49 (King James Version)

    47And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.
    48He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.
    49For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.

    Here Jesus is saying that to reject Him is to reject the one who sent Him, which is God the Father. By your rejection of Jesus, the One that God The Father sent to save you from condemnation, you are in reality, rejecting God, in whom you just said you place your faith and trust in.

    Anonymous, I don't want to see you be under such a great deception. There is only one God, one Faith and one Baptism. This is made available through His Son, Yahushua, Christ Jesus.

  61. Would you agree that the Bible has been translated many times and that all of the books in the bible concealed in the vatican are not made public knowledge? I understand your point of view but you do not try to understand my point of view at all, it appears that you are very closed minded. The fact is, the Bible was written by men. The same as me and you. I believe that those men wrote the books as God spoke to them however even when I tell my children a story and tell them to write it down, it does get a little distorted. Again, I don't question your faith and beliefs but yet you insist on questioning mine. Why can't you just accept the fact that I know I am going to heaven. By you saying I am not is not right. For you to say that every Jew is not going to heaven because they believe Jesus was a great prophet and not the son of God, I don't think is right. So apparently everyone that lived in this world before Jesus was even born and started his teachings "as the son of God" are not going to heaven either, right? Abraham, Moses, Noah etc.... They do not have their place in heaven according to what you're saying. I think that there are exceptions to every rule and God has the power to look into the soul of a man and see the kind of person he is regardless of his faith. I think we will be judged ONLY BY HIM and I think it is ridiculous that you feel that you have the power to say who is going to heaven and who is not. You refuse to allow me to have my faith and beliefs and try to press your own views on me. I don't think that is right. I know my path. I know the light in my heart. I know the good of my life. You can say whatever you want, but I know where I am going. My Masonic Lodge does not interfer with my beliefs and I have never witnessed anything that would make me think that it is anything but a great organization with good men trying to make this world a better place. I think that you are just so blinded by your faith that you can't allow anyone else have theirs. I think that is very small of you, even as a preacher.

    Accept someone for who they are and let God judge them. Don't quote scriptures in the Bible to someone and make it sound like if they don't see the way you do, they are not going to make it to heaven. I don't think your God would approve of your judgement. And, yes, it is you making that judgement instead of allowing it to be decided by God alone. You see, the problem with organized religion is that they all like to point the finger to the other and say "you're going to hell if you don't think they way we think", "your God is not the true God", "You need to accept Jesus, Mohammad or whoever in your heart as your personal Savior to be saved". This is the wrong frame of mind. In my eyes you sound like a racist. You don't accept anyone who is different than you....believe it or not, that's racism. Why can't we all co-esist in this world and allow someone to lead their lives the way they see fit. I guess we'll find out the truth on judgement day anyway. Did you ever think that maybe Christianity may be wrong, Oh how could I ever say something like that though, right.

    Let me give you a little history 101. Do you recall the name of both men put on trial by Pontius Pilate before Jesus was crusified? It was Jesus Christ and Jesus Barabbas. Do you know what Barabbas translate to.....hmmm. Barabbas - Son of God. The problem at that time was that there were 2 men of the same title Jesus Son of God. Give me proof other than the Bible that you are talking about the right man. Did you ever think about the stories, literally, about Jesus. Lazarus was dead for how many days in the desert? Don't you think that "resurrecting" someone from the dead is a slight exageration? After several days....even after 1 day I'm sure the corpse would have stank to high heaven. But we are supposed to believe it because it is written, right? Do you know where Jesus originally started his teachings and under who. Or he just came into the world a full grown man and started going around teaching one day. I would love to have a nice discussion with you about this but first, stop attacking my faith, please. I'm not saying your faith is wrong, don't say mine is. Just agree to disagree.

  62. Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill. For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished.
    Whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others to do the same, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever keeps and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.
    For I say to you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.


    According to Jesus's own words, I know where I'm going.

  63. I don't read anywhere in there where it says "But whoever keeps and teaches them and accepts me as their personal savior, shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. It doesn't say that right?

  64. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

    Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.

    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

    Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.

    Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

    Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

    Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.

    Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

    I don't see anywhere, even in Jesus's teachings where it says that we need to accept him as our personal savior. He just confirms what I've been trying to state that God will look at the type of person you are, the life you lived, your good deeds, your pure heart.

  65. Anonymous,
    Please understand one thing, OK?
    I am not forcing anything on anyone.I can not "MAKE" anyone believe in The Lord Jesus, no more then you, for example, can "MAKE" someone NOT to believe. That is the "GRACE" part of this whole thing. Mankind is given the opportunity to believe or not to believe. Mankind is given the opportunity to think and reason things out in his own way. God doesn't force His Will on mankind and I AM NOT trying to force my belief on you.
    As far as the racist remarks go, YOU SURELY don't know me at all. As far as I am concerned, there is only one race, "The Human Race". As far as I am concerned, I look at the fact that if we are made in God's image [Genesis 1] and God is Spirit [ John 4 ] then we are really Spirit beings, living in an earthly vessel. Therefore our struggle comes from within as the worldly [fleshly] spirit being wrestles with the Spirit of God, in whose image we are made.
    The reason most people can't see these things is simply the fact that they are looking at things in the "natural", which is the fleshly [worldly] side of things. BUT, the things of the Spirit [ God's Spirit ] can not be understood by the natural man.
    As far as your mention about the books of the Bible and what is in the Vatican. I want to MAKE THIS CLEAR ! The Vatican DOES NOT represent Christiandom as a whole. If you think for one moment that what the Vatican says, holds true for ALL of Christiandom, then you are blatantly WRONG ! The "Pope" does not answer for me nor does he have any authority over me. I do not recognize the papal authority of The RCC.
    As far as your statements about Jesus becoming your savior. I gave you the Word of God straight out of John 3 If you choose not to believe, then you have already made your choice. Jesus also teaches His followers, that if tey go to a town [ person] and they refuse to listen to the Gospel of The Kingdom, Then we are to turn around, knock the dust off our feet and leave, SSSO, with that in mind, I am going to leave you for now, BUT KNOW THIS, you are still on my mind and in my prayers.
    Love in the name of Yahushua, Christ Jesus

  66. The double headed eagle ring is worn by some who are members in the Scottish Rite Lodge.It's a matter of personal preference what is on the ring.

  67. I was in a lodge years ago.I didnt find much interest in the meetings and for awhile i was allowed to cook up dinners for the refreshment.
    I made good dinners ,some nights tasty bar b que other nights pork chops,steaks,i served variety.I would cook fresh snap beans in bacon grease.Good tasty food. the brothers started really getting heavy from my eats and there wasnt one that did not come back for thirds.I even cut their food budget by 50% while taking all the brothers tastes buds for a ride.After about a year of cooking during meetings the lodge wanted to pull me away from cooking and to put me in an officership inside where everybody meets and start moving up to go East.I didnt want to go East or in any chair.I had created through long time and work my own officership as the lodge chef you see and i didnt want to budge from that self created position for i was happy where i was.Buddy one by one they started getting on my nerves till i just quit going.I checked back months later they were eating expensive junk foods for refreshment.I let them keep their power struggles i saw going on for many years over money,politics and who can do this and who can do that in the lodge but he cant do this in the lodge and rode away quietly,gracefully into the sunset.Lodge reminded me sometimes of congress on C-span in the way they gridlock and stalemate debate back and forth and accomplish really nothing. If they were not putting the knife in the back from without they were putting the knife in the back from within each other i believe from some of the childishness i saw.Inside Masonry was nothing original i found in man's behavior.Boring.

  68. I'm sorry that you didn't get anything from the fellowship and teachings that Freemasonry has to offer. I guess I have been blessed to find good lodges with good brethren who listen and talk to everyone on the "level". I've never heard of any politics discussed in Lodge and I certainly have never heard any brother speak poorly or badly about another. We are all equal in Lodge. I find satisfaction in the good that my Lodge does and wouldn't trade it for anything. There is more to Freemasonry than cooking and eating though. There are many good things that it has to offer. I'm sorry that you were unable to uncover and find those things. Maybe, instead of shunning away Freemasonry altogether, you should try to find another Lodge. The benefits are much more rewarding than anything I have ever experienced before. I think, and this is just speculative, but maybe they were trying to urge you to progress in the ranks and hold an office so you could try to make a difference in the world and the lodge. But, in the same turn, Freemasonry is not for everyone. Don't judge the entire Fraternity on a few bad apples. Don't get me wrong, there are some bad Masons out there. I for one, find myself living by the moral code that it requires and consider myself a good person and Mason.

    Let me just ask one question though. Did you ever experience anything "satanic" or "demonic" in Freemasonry?

  69. Interesting discussion.

    If I may add--salvation is not earned, otherwise there would have been no need for the Cross. Salvation is a gift. As such, it is only given through One, the only Door, the only Way. Living a good life to get into Heaven is akin to working your way in.

    Moreover, the Kingdom of God is God's government, His Dominion, His Realm, His Ways, His System. Jesus Himself described the Kingdom of God as a seed planted into ground. The system of God is His Kingdom, His System. You could include in that the whole principle of seed time and harvest, which the Word says will never end as long as the earth remains.

    Not to get into a semantics battle, I just have always believed it is good to let Holy Spirit rightly divide the Word, since He knows the Word, being its Author.


  70. I believe that the person who lives a good life, walks in righteousness with God, is a good husband, a good father, lives his life by the Golden Rule (a "RULE" set forth by God) is certainly going to find his place in heaven. I don't think that you must believe Jesus is your personal savior and the son of God to find your way through the pearly gates. I've witnesses people raise their hands to God, accept Jesus as their personal savior and then go home and beat their wife and children. So if the only salvation is through Jesus and as long as this person prays to Jesus and asks for forgiveness and believes in Jesus being the Son of God, then the man who walks in righteousness throughout his life and treats his body as his temple and speaks with God directly has no shot in making it to heaven? This makes no sense and I think that on Judgement Day God will judge each person they way he sees fit. I don't think that anyone (Jesus included) can tell God what to think or how to judge. It is for God and God alone. But that's just make take on this.

  71. At least there was an admission that there are bad masons out there, 33rd degree especially! Everyone has their opinion, and it's nice to see those opinions being expressed! "Cities of the Underworld" on "The History channel" has been showing alot of biblical shows lately, in which I find facinating!(things I didn't know!) Click on to the website below and scroll down to "More play lists" and click on the arrows."Please select a video" will then be the title. Scroll down to "Free Mason Underground" and click. These are full video shows. I find this to be a very informative show! Enjoy!

  72. LOL Idiocy. Min Farrakhan is. To my knowledge, Obama is not yet. However, all Presidents do become Honorary Freemasons if not Actual members of the Craft. Philosophically, politically, morally and spiritually there is a historical difference between the way white Freemasons and Black ones practice the craft.

  73. I am a different Anonymous than the other..I amde the comment about the difference between white and Black Freemasonry

  74. Why is it, that when an opinion is expressed, that maybe perhaps not everyone agrees with, that some have to resort to insults, and name calling? I find this to be very disrespectful and immature! We are all adults here, aren't we? We don't have to agree with each other, but we don't need to insult each other, or resort to name calling just because of a difference of opinion! This, from my point of view, is one of the biggest problems today! People have forgotten how to talk to each other, and or debate respectfully! One would think, that if you wanted someone to listen to you, to your view(s) on whatever, you would speak with respect and dignity, not only for the person(s) your speaking to, but for yourself! It saddens me, that people can be so callas, hurtful, insultive, insensative, and flat out disrespectful towards each other! "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is what I was taught. I have had many disagreements in my time, and not once did I feel the need nor the want to belittle or hurt anyone on purpose, period! When did people get so angry and so hateful, that they can't even express themselves in a dignified manner? Can anyone out there answer that question for me? No matter what, we all need each other in some way, shape, or form, and if people would just realize that, we could, and most likely would, solve alot of issues and or problems that Plague our world today! Signed, Disappointed

  75. I've noticed more insults, and such, coming from the mason side. The rest seem to be just expressing their views. If the masons are so upset about the way others view them, then maybe they should do their best to discredit the information that people have expressed here, from it's source, with evidence that supports their findings and or views that people can research for themselves, instead of discrediting others in a manner that is disrespectful, just for voicing the information they have read, viewed, listened to, experienced, or otherwise. These objective views that have been expressed here on this website against freemasonry are just a few out of millions who most likely feel the same way, so why not take the views that have been expressed here and ask yourself, "why do people have these views and or feelings about freemasonry", and do some reaserch of your own to discover "Why" people have these views and or feelings? Or not. If these were the opinions being expressed about my lodge and it's members, I would do my best to find out why, instead of being in denial and just throwing everyone's opinion out the window. Your lodge members, brothers, should be concidered family, and in my family, we find out the truth, no matter what, no matter how much the truth might hurt, before expressing one's self to others, and when we do express ourselves it is in a respectful manner. No one listens when one is being rude, angery, and hurtful! But they do when one is respectful, conciderate, and understanding!

  76. No comments? Hmmmmmmmm! If thats the case, it truly is a sad world we live in!!

  77. First of all, how are your parents both masons? As far i knew only in Britain can women be masons. Secondly, John the Baptist and John the Evangelist were the ONLY honorary masons to ever exist. No one said anything about denouncing the Recognition of Jesus. However both Johns are quote on quote patron saints is because they are MERE MORTALS who is virtually without sin. Thats why they are looked at with high regards. As far as the IONIC PILLAR, have your dad tell you about the 5 orders of architecture. As for the Ionic pillar is one of the greek pillars and it denotes WISDOM. Shoes hoe educated you are on the subject of Masonry. You mentioned without a relationship with God your good works mean nothing. That rings true as is taught in the very first degree in Masonry, when it talks about charity. And the 32nd degree mason remember that if he remembers the teaching of the marked master. There clandestine lodges i agree, and im sorry that your family has come across them. However they did identify it and walked away from the particular lodge. But there also lodges out there that do great things. Masons are known to donate milions of dollars to various charitable organizations worldwide. Yorkrite is known to donate for the blind. Shriners who are a upper level house in Masonry, has an entire hospital devoted to children. The fraternity as a whole is not bent on religion but for the moral teachings that ALL monotheistic religions encompass and convey. It is not about recognition somuch as it is about bettering the world around us. Many of us prefer that no one knows the works we do as an individual. Even as a group. I was raised in Texas where the works that we've done have gone without recognizing the lodge. I have also done works in Germany where the lodge was not recognized. Now in SC where i currently reside I have encountered many brothers here who choose not to do work here because of how local lodges conduct business. In all places in my travels I have spent time defending the Freaternity because people ask what we do. Only then do I ever say what the fraternity has done. The Ahiman Rezon may have been reprinted in 1965 but when was it actaully revised? It was mentioned in that book that blacks were not to be made masons. The only place that IS is among the George Washington or four letter masons which only exist in the US mostly in the south. Whereas if you up north as far as four letters are concerened and anywhere else in the world as far three letters are concerned you will find that you are amongst people of all race, creed, religions and backgrounds. one of the beautiful things about this Fraternity is that your status whatever it may be in the outside world is nothing upon the entrance to the lodge as we mee upon the level. So you being a pastor has no relevance as you wouldn't be giving service. Since your status in the outside world is now void, politics has no factor. The only thing that you carry into the lodge is that you are a good man who is trying to be a better man and better the world around you and carry some of those teachings of morality and uprightness in your everyday works.

  78. For those those who truely denounce freemasonry. I implore to research what it with an objective mind before making a bias statement. There are things you do and say on a daily basis that have a masonic origin. Those that made reference to the discovery and history channel should not have fallen asleep during the show as you would have seen even the way court is proceded has a masonic origin. Not to mention that just about evey courthouse in the U.S. has a masonic insignia on the NE cornerstone. Furthermore there isn't a country on the face of the planet that hasn't been influenced by masonry in some way shape or form. So if you feel so strongly about masonry being such a bad organization you wouldn't be such a bible thumper. Again talk to your father for if he truely was a mason he would have told you about the teachings of masonry in the bible, e.g. Matthew 7:7,7:8.

  79. This is to the anonoymous's, that wrote just below the comment, "NO Comments, Hmmmmmmm" You are getting your anonymous's mixed up!!!!!! The part about my parents being a part of the masonic lodge,is true, but I was very, young at the time. My parents were very protective of me, and answered my innocent questions very carefully!, but even at my young age, I was no dummy! I remembered the things they told me! I'm sure they didn't think at the time that I would remember anything, but I did!!! I even remember the pictures my mom showed me!!! Pictures that were taken at lodge meetings, when awards, and degrees were being acknowledged, and that was on both the men's and women's side, but seperately ofcourse. These pictures were in black and white. Women play their part in masonry too! They are just represented in a different manner, inconspicuously. I wish I could ask them more details about their experiences with the masonry, but unfortunately that is not possible, my parents have since passed on, and as far as the History channel goes, I have definately not fallen asleep!!! These channels just add pieces to the puzzle. There are many other channels, internet sites, books, and dvds that are being released and sold, that are a good source of hard to find information. You can find other useful info from outside the U.S. too! The info is spread out all over the place. Unless you know where to look, you will have a hard time finding what you seek,(as far as the extensive research goes.) Now, as far as things we do on an everyday basis and say on an everyday basis having a masonic origin is true! Thats because it has been inbedded in our society in the way of commercials, concerts, movies, t.v. shows, etc., giving the signs, symbols, and expressions a sense of normality, A form of mind control, if you will. This method has been in practice for years!, and don't think we don't see the masonic insignia's on certain buildings and business's in the U.S. and also on many bulidings and business's in other countries, because we do! As far as the bible goes, that was someone else speaking, and you really shouldn't call anyone a bible thumper either! I thought masons aknowledged all religions RESPECTFULLY?!!! Again, it seems respect is only given if you are a member of the brotherhood! As far as doing great things for society,(charities to help the sick, the poor, the mentally challenged, etc.) is mearly a distraction of whats really going on!!! It's all good, until you get a peek behind closed doors!!! Alot of the population has no clue on whats happening behind closed doors, BUT, there are many, and I do mean "MANY" that do!! I'm not just talking about everyday people, I'm talking about scholars, archiologists, professors, historians, etc. Highly educated people! Now, last, but not least, you mention the bible ( Matthew 7:7,7:8), Yes, those of us that have asked, seeked and knocked, has received, found, and has had the doors opened to the information at hand!, with still more information to come!, and again, my parents did not want me to know more than I already did! They wanted to leave that part of their life behind, in the closet so to speak, never to be spoken of ever again! Period! Now see, you use a biblical reference at the very end, should I or anyone else refer to you as a "BIBLE THUMPER"?

  80. You people who think you know what a Mason is from tv and books are all but wrong. You can read the books, but you will never understand what it means until you become one. Neither one of you negative writing, falsifeid tv junkies and computer nerds will ever get the opportunity. Just from reading your blogs itss evdent you all are the evil. Stop writing about what you dont have a clue about. An idiot will make his own sense out of what he doesnt understand.

  81. This is so wierd. Masons, please save your soul, get out of this ridiculous stuff and come to God.
    "What would it profit you to gain the whole world yet lose your souls."
    And i beg of you ex-masons warn others about your experience so they wouldn't make such a mistake again. And may Satan be shamed and God be glorified. Jesus loves you.

  82. LMAO! ya masons! satan be shamed uh huh and God be glorified AMEN! lol... of course ex masons would talk smack about masonry. hello EX MASONS! EX being the important part! hmmmmm wonder why they would?! duh people...

  83. Freemasonry: the rituals and explanations of how God (the Black Man) took the devils (white/cave man) out the European hills, and civilized them and taught them to build. Since this can't be told in the light of truth, it is hidden in the darkness of "Freemasonry", and its rituals and ceremony. "Crossing the burning sands"--when we initially drove them away from us, into the hills and caves of Europe. After being stooped over in these caves for centuries, and being literally "in the dark", we "took them to the northeast corner of the lodge, where they were made to stand upright like a "man"--(the ORIGINAL man). All you brothers in Prince Hall--come out of the darkness. Why do you pay all this money for these degrees for them to tell YOU who YOU are?? When they get to the 32-33rd degree, that's when they get the truth of who they really are. Stop feeding these lies and darkness. I KNOW THE TRUTH ;) so....stop lying to yourselves and the world. Come clean, brothers. Be proud that you are Black Man---God

  84. This is in response to the comment above mine: For the exception of signing it "GOD", I definitely agree, "AMEN"!!!!!!!! Now, no matter what nationality you are, the truth is the truth, and your mason secrets are no longer secret. More and more people are becoming aware of what free masonry is all about, you think that your so secret, so "ingognito", and I can't tell you in words how ridiculious all of you look to the general public! We have had some pretty good laughs! What is even funnier, is the fact that you think that the rest of us are soooo stupid, that we don't know anything about free masonry! LOL! This is your downfall!!! We are all very informed about the "shananigans" you masons have pulled throughout the centuries! Most of us don't say much, but then there are some of us that just can't help ourselves!! LOL! Can you tell I'm one of those people?! LOL! Oh, and don't think your going to get the last laugh either, we've got that in the bag!!!! We know about you, but you know nothing of us!!!! While you have been busy trying to take over the world, LOL,(so to speak), we have been busy watching and learning about what makes a mason tick!! So far, it's been a pretty easy lesson! You can't hide the obvious! If you have to live in secrecy, you must have something or many things to hide!!!!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out!!! Oh, and all those secret handshakes, and signs that you make with your hands, well, let me tell you, we've got some secret handshakes and signs we'd like to show you you too!!!! LOL! The triangle is getting old! You need to come up with some other secret ways to communicate! Give us so called dips***s something to do! Here's laughing at you! Signed _ _ _ _ _ _

    (sorry, the name cannot be disclosed due to the fact that it's a (BIG STUPID SECRET!) LOL!

  85. NO NWO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. there is nothing like masonry. the new world order exists though, for the future "pharaos" and that is by leaving us stranded in the bubble of confusion. we might spend our entire lives wondering about who a mason is and who is not and get into more and more confussion. lets not be dicckheads and just worry about what is relevant to us. follow the simple, modest and absolute true path of islam. it is the soution for humanity..........watch peace tv for guidance

  87. My BF became an eastern star and I urged her to do her research before joining this organization. She joined anyway saying that she sees nothing wrong with it (satanic). She says that they use the bible in their meetings or whatever. But my question to her was if you use the Bible how can anyone from any religion join as long as they have beleive in a supreme being? Seems weird to me and doens makew sense. If I were not a Christain then why would i want to read and take lessons from the Bible? I asked her do they pray and she said yea. To whom i asked she said Jesus because shes Christian. But what about others who are not Christian, whom do they pray to? how can they say a prayer together? Say I had a friend who was Muslim and she invites me to a mosque and i break down and go with her, Im not going to chant or pray with them because im christain and i dont believe what she does. O sont get it. My BF mistakenly left a timeline lying in the floor that traced the order of the eastern star back to its roots (which came from masonry according to the timeline) and at the very top it said ancient mystery religion. It had a pharoah's head beside it and ??? for the date. What is the ancient mystery religion? Someone tell me. For her to have that timeline that clearly said where it derived from gives me all the proof anyone should need. People have joined an organization that does all these rituals and sings all these chants and dont know the history behind it, yet alone who they are really chanting too. Some think theyre chanting to Jesus, some Allah, some Buddah, etc. Doesnt make sense to me. People are being blinded and really chanting satan. You have in your mind one thing but youre doing another. This world is coming to end sooner than we all think. Everything that is happening in the world has been predicted in the Bible and as time goes on more and more of what the Bible says in Rev. will come to pass. The mark of the beast is coming upon us and the NWO will come to pass. The microchip that is to be planted in under the skin that is being marketed as a way to prevent indentity theft, a way to travel internationally, a tracking device, a way to pull up everything about you including medical records, criminal background etc is the mark of the beast that Rev. predicts. This microchip was broadcasted on CNN a while back and it has a website dedicated to it. (IDK the site just google or youtube verichip or mark of the beast) Rev. states that no man will be able to sell or but without the mark but choosing the mark will bring damnation to your soul. I urge all to read Revelations and see for yourself.

  88. Listen to the reverse speeches of Obama. Listen to what jesus have said when (lighting come from the heights) satan comes to earth.
    Lightning is in the oldest jewish language baraq and heights is obama.

  89. Guy Fieri is not a Freemason.

  90. I amazed by all of this. I am a mason in what is called mainstream freemasonry (white). Prince Hall is black. In recent years, mainstrem Grand Lodges began to recognize Prince Hall Lodges. Since 1717 when the Grand Lodge of England was formed, careful records of meetings, who was conferred a degree, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or otherwise are maintained. I see posts, that we masons provide you proof that Obama is a mason. That is a matter of public record. I suggest that you contact the Grand Lodges of Hawaii and Chicago (as a first start). We cannot hide who are members in either mainstream or Prince Hall lodges. Some masons have tried to find this info for you. We cannot. I suppose you call this "proof" of conspiracy. That we hide people behind a veil of sorts. No, we do not. You allude to our having secrets. You mean you do not? You mean your church does not? You mean the government does not? Is secrecy blessed by god? When you pray in secret to god, it is counted towards your blessing. When you pray in public, you have recieved your reward in front of men. See Paul. The ridiculous arguement that we as masons provide you proof that Obama is a mason (which we would gladly do) is a socialist twist on circular arguement.

    I also saw this in a post you made. "They are made up of mostly young adults (18 to 25 yr.olds), that haven't been taught the Constitution prior to graduation,(I found out you have to take a class in college to learn the branches of government and the Constitution of the United States, how sad is that? I remember a time when it was part of the curriculum!), and people from other countries don't really understand our Constitution, Heck, most of them don't even speak english! They see this as the land of opportunity, the "American Dream", thats all they see." If you are such an expert in the constitution or any part of the founding fatehers, acts of the founding fathers, or the Declaration of the Independance you would realize that it was "we" the Freemasons that gave you those documents and this country. The last thing as a citizen, or as a mason, is to see this country, constitution, and liberties destroyed. It makes no sense that we would create a country such as this, where common people are educated, afforded opportunities, gauranteed liberties, but on the contrary according to you, as initiators of a One World Govt, bent on destroying all of that we created in the first place in order to enslave everyone into the exact opposite.
    The last thing I want to see is a one world govt ruled by the antichrist. I have no allegiance to that. My allegiance is to God, the Constitution of United States of America, and my family.

    I am not a newbie to all of this either. I have been involved in Masonry for 56 years. I have been involved in many of the areas of masonry. I have heard every allegation and distortion.

    Again, if you want proof of Obama being a mason, I have given you a start for your search. Unfortuneately, we have not been able to find this proof. Speaking for myself personally, I would hate to see this proof. The One World Govt. that you and I fear, will not be brought about by Freemasonry, but by Obama and hissocialist frieds. It will be after that, that Freemasonry will be outlawed, imprisoned or executed as has been done by all other totalitarian regimes. Much to the delight of Christian organizations who will also suffer the same fate.

    May God help us all.

  91. I see you have accomplish your mission, having a bunch of know it all talk about something that doesn't matter. Everybody shaking in their boots about what somebody is or not. What does it matter, if any of these people are Masonic or not? Are you really that caught up on internet terrorism, that you feel the need to gossip and pass on some jumbo crap of my grandpa said. How much sense does that really make? I am glad you love your grandpa. Hey, he could say he dated Marilyn Monroe for all we know. Words are a two edge sword. Good job on starting a BLOG and having people comment on nothing and especially nothing that effects them. What idiots. That includes you also, "Mr. Dummy". Who truly cares about this bullshit. When the Lord returns, all this man made false doctrine to include your opinion, means absolutely nothing. Good day , my good man.

  92. Oh Farrakhan is a Shriner...he SAID SO in a speech in fact. Quote:

    I am a Christian. Did you hear me? Farrakhan said, I am a Christian. I am a Jew. I am a Muslim. I am Pentecostal. I am of the Church of God in Christ. I am a Jehovah's Witness. I am a Mason. I am a Shriner. I'm all of that and then some, because I refuse to let things limit me as to who I really am, and you should not allow that, either.

    If Farrakhan is "all that" he must be utterly psychotic by now LMAO!!!

    "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." :-D

    Speech here: http://www.cephasministry.com/nwo_nation_of_islam.html

    Nice to find this site. BTW, The Mason from Florida who posts, if he is a 32nd degree, must at least be a Royal Arch Mason, so tell me...what does JAHBULON actually mean, 32nd?


  93. Obama at graduation...pics!!!

    Masonic handshake PLUS "G" in the background?

    LMAO!!! Puh-leeze...


  94. Sorry...link here:



  95. well this is true it is so secretive they would do anything to protect their bond.. my bf is one and he lied about everything and come to find out he is 32nd degree also.. they are liars distorters and worshippers of the devil.. "2 be 1 ask 1" it will be to late.. Oh yeah and if they give info out they would get killed so of course they wont tell us the truth.

  96. Master Mason , 3rd Generation Military, StudentFri Dec 11, 02:19:00 PM 2009

    So there's something wrong with having a bond now?..........You all's premise for attacking Masons is weak because you can't prove anything you're saying: The guy with the story about the bohemian owls or whatever. It may break your holy rosary little heart but there's factions and corruption within every religous sect, organization, and fraternity in the world. I wouldn't doubt it if there was some level in Masonry in which people began to think of themselves in an exhaulted above God manner: First of all it doesn't take a Mason to betray God, I think we all know that there has been plenty of non-masons successful at doing that- Let's start with the San-Hedrin Bastards that murdered Jesus:
    I've yet to see anything that remotely indicates serving the devil- I made a promise to the Lord and my fiancee that if something didn't feel right or sound right that I would seperate myself from them but I haven't.
    All you Johnny so called sanctified saints on here- you are not God so you don't have a hell or heaven to put someone in: Show me in scripture were using symbols is evil- God has used symbols himself since the beginning of time, how else could he communicate with humans. And for you that are talking about paying money for degrees: What are you paying for when you stick your money into that collection plate? You're given it as unto God huh- is that not what the preacher tells you- then why would you want to serve a God that needs money?
    And spare me that its a condition of the heart and he wants to see where your heart is because whats the difference between a Mason giving unto the needy and you throwing your dollars in a collection plate that most of the time dont reach needy people because churches always got there own projects going on......buidling funds in which a building is hardly ever built......this..........that:
    People what we are dealing with is humanity: The Devil is not a human and I don't ever think we will be judged as harshly as him:
    He says that even his elect would be deceived- none of us are immune to making mistakes:
    As of yet, I haven't seen anything evil about Masonry- Hell we only meet twice a month- my lodge grants me leave because I am working for a university out of town- I don't even attend meetings- its a group of men that want to serve something, causes, and organizations bigger than themselves: That's constructive- I don't give a damn what you all say: You can spend all day trying to tear down Masons and you will only find men that Love God but will not be punked- for lack of a better word by Religous tyrants that have the same objectives as your so called illumanti- they are just not called illumanati and their movement is not called the New World Order:
    But tyranny and control is tyranny and control- I don't give a damn what you call it:
    Watch Rome...................whats going on in Rome has nothing to do with Masonry: You people- get off the damn internet and get some-real earned knowledge and stop repeating everything you hear:
    Half of the so called Evanglican world is the so called ultra liberal construct but indeed it is a liberal new crossbreed of people that is using religion to gain political and social control: If an illumanati is one that cherishes the freedom to read or study something else outide of control preaching and indoctrination then I will proudly call myself one:
    Does that make you better than me- No I still love the Lord but I don't think he raised me to be a slave: I don't think he gave his son on a cross so that I would be a slave:
    Opression is opression even if is enacted by the Pope of Rome don't you idiots see that: Or are you just so bent on uncovering this non-existent Mason boogie Man:

  97. well my dad is a mason and he is a good man and my friends are mason they do good things and i understand why ibolm feel the way he do he makes a good point also and the other person whoi wrote that mason should check up on why people are saying bad things about them.

  98. its me again who just was up here who dad is a mason and barack obama is a mason he is a 33rd degreee mason and thats the truth my dad told me he is a 32nd degree mason and was very proud one of there own a black mason is president and prince hall so for who the dum masons up here stop denying it he is its not a big deal to hide it some of your secreats are anooying just keep 100 with people thats why i told my father i wouldnt join i come from a blood line of them my grandma who is 99 is a eastern star my father father father were all mason and eastern star and only a mason can be both because eastern star need a maon there to start there meeting but my point is this none of the mason now practice like it was originally practiced so just keep it real with the people but barack obama is a mason and thats a fact and his wife is a eastern star.

  99. On the ring, it's not an eagle, but a phoenix!

  100. Freemasons/Prince Hall is not of God and anyone who follows this type of false carnal teaching,is not in the will of God. Jesus Christ introduced to mankind God's plan of salvation for humanity to follow. Any other doctrine is considered to false doctrine. When Adam disobeyed God in the garden of Eden the entire human race was affected by his sins.If you read your Bible,it was said that Satan in the form of a serpent misled Adam wife into Adam disobedience to God. This is why Jesus had to come into this world to teach and demonstrate what God wanted us to learn about life. If these individuals who follow masonic teaching believe the Bible they should question their lodges about their true purpose.

  101. who cares about this

  102. Yes I have one or two of those particular rings with the eagle that you speak of and they are high degree mason rings. I work at a pawn shop and recieve many Masonic items from relatives of members(Most likely inherited) It is also true they do not declare their degree or membership unless they know you are in the Masons or a similar Organization(Rosicrucians,etc.,etc.).
    But it all comes down to the individual person whether they say or don't. It is all about free choice whether that path be good or evil.

  103. That's a lie Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad were and is a Mason. I have a Picture of Farrakhan as initiation process and coming into the fold of being a Mason. So stop your Lies, his leader Elijah said he was a mason in his own book called "THE SECRETS OF FREE MASONRY" It's either a black book or the green book on p.16 in the green book paragraph 1 Elijah said he was a Mason. Which "WAS" is a lie he was still a mason when he ran the NOI. Just look at their clothes their question and answers flag etc.

  104. The Bible is full of masonic codes which was ciphered in it by Sir Francis Bacon aka William Shakespear. Christians read the bible and don't know what they are reading but when a Mason reads the bible he see it as codes.
    for example:

    Acts 21:16
    16 There went with us also certain of the disciples of Caesarea, and brought with them one Mnason of Cyprus, an old disciple, with whom we should lodge.

    Did it say LODGE? Who in the heck is MNASON? No Christian can say this man has a mother and father, siblings, when he was born and when he died, what type of job he had, what did he actually do opposed to showing up and walking with some people. The word LODGE means SECRET PLACES. No one knows nothing of this man, it's just an illusion because it's just coding that a Mason and apprentice that is replaced by DISCIPLE! The bible and it's many contradictions and Masonic codes is not better than the Masons themselves!

  105. nobody have anything else to do but look up and read false thing's look if you really want to know join and see for yourself cause everything is with in it's self trust me thank god i had the sense to check for myself and not trust everything i had read it took back to church and help me understand alot of thing's and help me stay out of trouble so insted of thinking you know everything talk to a real mason watch that mason and see the truth trust me it's the man that is what he is and not the name peace and see for yourself and if you really want to talk about it forget the links talk to the men

  106. very nice Post ..
    thanks for sharing lol :)

  107. I am not sure if Farrakhan is a freemason but i can tell that he knows a lot of prince hall influential person From A.Sherpton to j.jackson till some boule amongs the congressional black caucus...so you shouldn't be shocked from that i tell you in that "level" people use and are used each others...just reflects who give Farrakhan his information?? surely Black people who counts and even white people themself ...i don't know if you remember an interviewer asked farrakhan why he said that jews are handling black entertaineurs and he responded because a jew director tell him so...so why a jew director whould like to tell that to farrakhan a man that they community say he hates them. you be agree that the director say him that because he know farrakhan will use it and also because he want that farrakhan knows and uses it !!! other example look at we count the black agenda on youtube pay attention on the signs j.jackson make when farrakhan is talking that are boule signs nothing more or less ...the truth is farrakhan is usefull for black leaders and even white leaders...farrakhan knows that and he uses it to his advantage...people are now mad about the fact farrakhan met Amadinedjad and like always happen the press(fox news)villified that meetings but people must know that farrakhan met amadinedjad in a hotel whith others muslims personality of america...farrakhan was there also to talk with the autority of iran about the issues which worring the americans and not on the behaviour of that country ...now you should know that j.wright and p.plefger were behind some questions farrakhan asked to Iran rappresentatives are you impress ?? i am teling you why two christian reppresentant can talk and frequant farrakhan and the church let it happens the answer.... because the church needs to know what farrakhan is planing or thinking ecc....the man knows that.....average people couldn't understand but i hope you can !!! in that reality there are a hand full of trusted emissariers that are used by both groups to "pass the message" one of them was Khallid Muhammad...about Obama is him a mason ? probablY cause i think that it's impossible that an intellectual black man on Illinois the land of prince hall could become a personality so influent in few years without the "will" of a particular group in that case Prince Hall lodge because he is black and all of his precursors were or are prince hall members ex: j.jackson , p.randolph and so on.....

  108. you know in that " level" ( be in front of black folk ) you have to be a prince hall members or you must studied it till the bottom....that why i believe all the black leaders from the left wing to right wing are or studied the prince hall's rite....so from van jones ,jackson to malick shabazz ,farrakhan and all the reppresentant of N.O.I like Chrystopher Mohammad etc....even some black celebrity like Will smith,bill cosby,denzel washigton,the crazy jay-z,Russel simmons,nas,tyler perry,busta rymes , eddie murphy,chris rock,farrah gray they all know what is it or they are super secret's members
    that the way it is people ...


  110. S.W.,W.C.Smith,St. joeseph Lodge #117, Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Great State of N.Y.. To all of them that dont know , u dont know !!To the one's that speculate, or go off of what u heard, please be smarter than that. If u arent, the sky is falling, & i have something for sale on the way to Brooklyne!!

  111. All Masons beleive in One God and MUST SAY SO before they are accepted to be a Free Mason. The Christian candidate MUST swear on the Holy Bible in front of the Lodge. The candidates are also investigated by a group to make sure they are of good moral character before they are allowed to enter inanition.

  112. Anonymous said...If you don't know, then ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened unto you. If you have not the courage or are not willing to pursue first hand information...SHUT UP!

  113. to those of you who thinks that freemasonry is evil, think again... look in the mirror and try to look at yourself... are you not a sinner? you guys are not educated people that's why you guys tell other people that freemasonry is evil even though you just heard it from other people, oh hear sa, oh hear say! enough! oh well, if president obama is a brother... i am very proud of him! he is the best president, he is very intelligent person, and i think he is a nice person... i am very interested to attend a lodge meeting of a prince hall masonry... i wish i can get an invite here in san diego, hooah!

  114. freemasonry is also considered to be a good person..And thanks for sharing this..And i also like some of the qualities of Obama..

  115. For all of you that are saying that Barrack Obama is a Freemason please provide more info! What lodge was he raised in, what color is his lodge in winter and what is his Grandmother's age?? Tell me that and I'll agree with you that he is a Mason, but until you actually do, stop the hearsay!! Many Masons here have told you that he IS not a Mason...why lie when many great Presidents were Masons? I am a Prince Hall Mason and was once a "REGULAR" Mason (Polar Star Lodge #114 Bath Maine) and I can tell you that his name does not appear on any grand lodge roll. If he was a PH Mason you all would know because we would PROUDLY TELL YOU!!! Contrary to what some of you believe, have read or heard negatively about us, we have nothing to hide and we're not going anywhere!

    So mote it be!!!

  116. "Tis better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth (in this cae blog)and confirm it!" I've read some of the biggest bunch of pure buliferous stuff that a person can create on this blog. I just happen to stumble across it and now I hope to forget it! Get educated on what you speak people!

  117. FIrst off I think if you are NOT a Mason, then you need to shut the heck up. You all are spittingo out information that is a untruthful as the devil is god. I'm a 32nd Degree Mason with memberships in a total of five differnt organizations including the Eastern Stars. The Masons don't hid their identity as being of the Craft. If Barack is a Mason, it is his choice to say so. No one, not even I will punish i.e. kill him if he does let everyone know. There is nothing wrong with saying "Yes I am a Free Mason". You all need to get your facts right about what is secret within the Order and what isn't.

  118. I know there is a lot of speculation but...nope, sorry, Mr. Obama is NOT ( with a huge exclamation point) a Mason. That includes both of the Bushes (not Masons) and Ronald Reagan (who was an honorary 33rd but that is like being given an honorary doctorate from Yale), none of these men were or are Freemasons. Last Masonic President we had was Gerald Ford.

  119. Both Bush's and Obama are Freemasons.

    Carter likely was one as well.

    You're right about Reagan though.

  120. As a member of the Order of The Eastern Stars and as a proud follower of Islam (the Nation of Islam by the way) I MUST say, brother (if you are one) you are false about the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. I cannot confirm if he is a Master Mason or not; however I will say that if you read YOUR bylaws that it says that one must believe in a Supreme/Superior Being (meaning GOD) in order to join FreeMasonry or the Order of The Eastern Stars. Don't say it's against rules/regulations for him to be a Mason because that is FALSE. As for other comments that were stating about him or others with their "degrees,"..their degrees will never be blasted for the world to know. That's all.

  121. First off what most "Christians"don't understand is that the Bible is not a Christian book. .. It is a book from the East (Africa. . Iran. Iraq) with concealed knowledge and written in a code for those who are in the light. Jesus himself never mentioned that he was a "Christian"that title was given to followers after his death.And masonic symbology is all through the bible or the book of Bel...Bi-Bel

  122. Join illuminati order online today, to meet your demand and acquire wealth, power,protection and influence etc. Also get instant sum of 1 million dollars with a free home anywhere you choose to live in the world, 2,500.00 dollars monthly as a salary, if you are interested contact us now via email: illuminatiorder.co@gmail.com

  123. Well,if Louis Farrakhan is a Prince Hall Freemason, according to the grandpa, then he is a weird one. Here is a video of Farrakhan condemning Freemasonry - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmt5-1yrwmQ

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. Omg, what happen to having educated debates and everyone stating their opinion without the racism and disrespect, I am a 32 degree freemason and half of this garbage some of you put on here honestly show your like of knowledge in reference to freemasonry....haven't seen one comment condemning organizations like the KKK etc...May God be with some of you, come judgment day your going to need him.....SMIB


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