Thursday, March 11, 2010

U.S. VP Joe Biden Freemason Recognition Hand Signals during Ramallah, West Bank visit

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    The problem this writer has (in the above link) is one that a lot of other ignorant people have and so they can be deceived.
    These symbols are not “satanic”, but holly. They are right out of Bible and Kabbalah from the founding knowledge of our forefathers all the way back (step by step) to Father Abraham of old. The Temple of Solomon had many of these symbols and the structures similar. Yes some Men drift and can use some of this in an evil way, but that does not have anything to do with the real meaning or intent of the originators of the US, Free Masons or the Bible and the Christian Churches.
    Yes the upside down pentagram is an evil symbol, but the ancient one’s understood that good and evil run parallel as a must (“Tree of good and evil”) and so they depicted it at times in their symbols. The choice of good and evil is of course given by God. At present I am sure that there are plenty of our leaders that are now using some of these sacred structures, ceremonies and symbols in a harmful way, because they have been seduced and corrupted by Satan as has been foreseen and foretold!
    As individuals, we are given freedom of choice and free will, until the day of reckoning and judgment comes. After that we will still have free will, but will only exercise it in Righteousness, because that will be our desire to do so.
    Josephus wrote about the Hebrews and the structure of the Temple of Solomon in his books and I have read them.
    Sincerely, Robert

  2. so you think 'abraham' is your father... not the indoeuropean, but a semitic thief that never existed, probably.

    interesting how you americans has gone down.


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