Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bro. Stephen Colbert's 3/11 Secret Freemasonry Handshake with Bro. David Aaronovitch, author of 'Voodoo History'

Secret Masonic 'Grip' is exchanged at beginning of the interview

U.S. -

International -


  1. can u tell me if there is any masonic handshakes on slideshow linked here

    its from meeting Tarcisio Bertone and Borut Pahor, slovenian prime minister

    thank you very much

  2. please, i realy need those infos !


    Yes, it's a Masonic Handshake, the 'Grip for the 3rd or Master Mason Degree. The 'name' of the grip is Tubal Cain.

    Not sure who the politician is but the Cardinal is the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertoni, who Pope Benedict appointed.

    Posted on Bertoni making Masonic Handsignals before, including standing directly behind the Pope on arrival in Australia.

    He is responsible for the Nativity scene fiasco two years ago where there were the masonic broken column symbol was insinuated and the place of our Lord's birth was placed in Nazareth not Bethlehem.

    Bertoni is an incompetent, which is another indication he is a Freemason. Masonic Career Cronyism at it's worst.


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